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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From Wat to Wat - Cambodia


The weather is freaking hot these days. Not a single day spent without feeling sweaty and sticky. I'm trying to cut down the electrical bill, so I don't turn on the air-cond as often. Plus Earth Day and all that, I suppose using less electricity will help. Doing my part as an Earthling. lol~

Aaaaaand, yeah still in Cambodia. Unending it seems. Perhaps something different in the next post to change the mood in my blog a little.

This time around, I'll be posting a few photos of temples. I don't remember exactly which is which though. Maybe I'll bring a diary in my next trip, suppose it'll help me blog better.

Satkuru, Angeline, and LeeMay checking the stuff she bought from the craft center.

The very famous face of Bayon.

Angkor Wat during sunrise.

It felt awesome to be there. The view was spectacular. You think you've seen it in photos and all that, but it's nothing compare to seeing it with your own eyes! I was like, woo... WooOO! Wowww.. Whoa! lol~

That's Ai Ling. This is actually the area in front of Angkor Wat.

With this and the previous post, I've linked all six bloggers who went on this trip with me.




An Algerian Orange-tailed Skink.

A lizard-type animal. It's very cute as its tail kept moving, kinda like a dog wagging its tail. I suppose it's a type of warning to possible threats or predators. Maybe I'm wrong, but most animals with striking-coloured skin are like that, no? lol~


Friday, August 1, 2008


My sister has left home for training in Hilton Hotel, KL. And with both my parents working overseas, I'm home alone all the time. Having the whole house to myself is kind of nice. Anyone want to come over to party? ................... Just kidding.

Two weeks ago I blogged about photos. Well this time, I'm going to blog about photos too. Hohoho~ Yes I'm still blogging about Redang. A lot of delaying, I know, and I don't want my posts to be too long, so I have to break it up into many posts. And I said there are going to be more words in this post. Well, I'll try.

So, Redang has this very blue sky with nice clouds. I used to spend hours shooting photos of the sky, but I'm not that noob anymore. lol~

The most famous spot on Redang Island, I think. Forgot what is it called, Laguna or Long Beach. Hmmm...

And then when we had nothing to do during the night, we tried our hands on anything we can find, including...

Scrabble. It was fun to watch them play. lol~

A very big Gecko, was like half foot long. Came out from the dark to feast on the insects. It was raining, therefore, many insects gathered around the lights.

Alright, time for more photo sharing.

A very blue post.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Morning's Glow, Kanching

I've not update my blog for a ridiculously long period of time. I'm dedicating a lot of my time to my college life and stuff. Assignments, projects, photo-shootings, presentations, you know the drill. The most unbelievable thing is that I have to do colour studies. Like you know, the artist's colour wheel thing, mixing of colours, it's exactly like what I did in secondary school. Only this time, more challenging.

This post is on Kanching Waterfalls. I joined a group of bloggers and we went there together. It was a rather tiring drive. The journey is not that far, but traffic was slow moving and the car in front of mine, the one leading, was driving slowly, so it took us quite a while to get there.


There are seven main waterfalls if I'm not mistaken. This one above is the second waterfall, I think. Didn't take a lot of waterfall shots, simply because, well, they look all similar to me.

Next up, as usual, the life I managed to capture at Kanching.

Monkey model.

There were many monkeys around the place. I took many photos of monkeys jumping and climbing on the trees. But I'm not going to post up too many of the same photos, so I'll just put up a few of my favourites.

A female monkey.

Posing for me to take photo? XD

The next one is rather scary. Some won't like it, some won't be able to stand it, some would think it's gross, but I'm going to post it up because it's rather unique to me.

The March of Million-Ants

Most of the people who saw this got pretty freaked out. Must be due to the many legs and weird shape. I think the world of insects is interesting. It's so alien-ish. I hope I get Macro lens! It's gonna be so nice shooting insects with macro lens. Sigh~

Thunder Lizard? lol~

Giant mosquitoes mating?

A Giant, Black Ant

Final shot at the longest waterfall.

Don't mind the people in the photo, they were having fun, and I couldn't wait for them to leave for the shot.

That's all I have on Kanching. The outing was rather short. We finished and left after this part of the waterfall to take our lunch and then returned home. And errr... The lunch wasn't good. Therefore, no food photos. And finally, the ending of this post with my photo.

arron1 (700 x 525)
Peace to the World!

Next up in line, Gua Tempurung trip, with my photos.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Deep In Greens

It's Monday and feeling a little blue. My father has left home for work, so the house is quiet all over again. Anyway, more photos of Semenyih.


We went into some forest, I don't remember the name. Well, here comes the photos.


There were all kinds of weird plants that I've never seen. Too bad most of the animals are either hiding or camouflaging.


There's a frog in the photo. Uh, I'm sure you can see it. It's not that hidden.


This is supposedly some kind of flying lizard. The black thing under its neck can expand, like wings? Of course, they don't actually fly.

Those are camouflage cases. Hiding cases, well, maybe in their nest?


A bird nest with no sign of birds. Maybe they were out for food.

Some plants are just hairy.


I wonder what are the functions of the hair.


End of post.

I'm still learning a lot about photography. And I've been thinking about this blog.
Should I continue posting a lot of photos, or should I write more? Hmmm...
Anyway, thank you readers.

Disclaimer Note

Please take note that, whatever be my topic, I mean no offense.
All are plain thoughts that crossed my mind.
And err, no human beings or animals were harmed in the process of making this blog. Peace to the world!