Thursday, May 22, 2008

Coming back to life, with food!

Hey yo! I'm back for more blogging! I've left my blog with no updates for almost a month now. I got people complaining about it. Anyway, since I'm back now, I will update again like old times, and I errr, think I need a new header. Yes it's been long over Christmas but it's still there because I like it. So, any ideas about what I can use for my new header?

I'm going to fill this post with food photos. I'm going to start with a restaurant at The Curve. However, I can't seem to recall the name of the restaurant. How typical of me. You don't need me telling you this too, but, I don't remember any of the dishes' names either.

I didn't eat all that, I had the one in the second photo. The food there was not bad, and the price was OK, I think.

And now, photos of Malacca food. It's nothing much, but my point is that they were tasty. I would love to travel to Malacca again for more food hunt, but unfortunately I have limited resources, the sadness.

Sungai Melaka?

This, I know! Air Batu Campur with Gula Melaka. In English, Mixed Ice with Malacca Sugar? Malacca Sugar doesn't sound right to me.

And then there is this famous Baba & Nyonya style Curry Laksa. It's rather different from the ones I normally eat. They added Tuna fish in it, and I like theirs a lot better.

The last one I had at Malacca, Curry Chicken Wantan Noodle. This was the best Curry Chicken Wantan Noodle I've eaten so far. Do you know a good one in KL or Selangor? Do let me know, and I will hunt it down.

Well, I think from now on I'm gonna start hunting down all the good food. Any suggestions, anyone?


Now then, what is next?


Bell said...

OMG so cruel! All that food!!! *drools* LoL

anyway... Gula Melaka is palm sugar from Melaka... usually just called Palm Sugar but there's all kinds of palm sugar around, so that's why we call it Gula Melaka in Malaysia. There's no mistaking the stuff from Melaka is top notch!

HH said...

wahhh i want to eat la... >_<

FireWire said...

malacca rocks! i want to go back malacca...kekeke

Elvie said...

put ur woolala face on the header! :D

angelinemiss said...

yay~~~ u blog liaooo~~~
anyway.. i love ur last pic.... it's very captivating..

Anna said...

Make me crave for cendol nia...ish...

I agree with elvie...Put your face
at your banner...

Satkuru said...

@_@ food everywhere, LOLOL. finally woolala is back. suddenly got cravings for mlk food >_<"

Wendy said...

ROARRRRRRRR I want go Melaka again!

And when am I only gonna have my dry bak kut teh! @________@!!!

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Whoa! Informative :D and yes Gula Melaka is very nice.

You at Malacca no meh? lol~

I wanna visit Malacca again! Be my tour guide can? XD

My face will scare people away eh! lol~

Yay! XD Yeah I like my last pic too. :)

Cendol at PJ also got what. lol~ And errr, I still think my face gonna scare people away. lol~

Good! We shall go hunt down Malacca's food! You in? lol~

Yeah let's go! XD
Dry BKT, whenever you want also can, just come to Klang. lol~

Thank you for commenting my friends! :)

Ichitaka Leingod said...

Good to see updates... I tasted one famous Nyonya Curry Laksa in KL before and really nice! somewhere in Subang Jaya...

Anonymous said...

Gula melaka = brown sugar

U missed the most famous chicken rice ball?!

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Oh Subang where??? :D

Gula Melaka is not just simple brown sugar ler. :)
Yes I wasn't in time for the chicken rice balls. It was an evening trip :)

kyliemc said...

omg..i miss malacca too...so sad...esp the food...

kyliemc said...

omg..i miss malacca too...so sad...esp the food...

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Oro?! You posted twice. lol~
Go Malacca trip! :D

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