Friday, August 31, 2007

At times like this, we shout!

The KL ShoutOut Meet! Well, not exactly at KL, but that's what we shouters call it. Well, it was fun meeting up with so many shouters and bloggers. I'm looking forward to the next one! And yeah, I might even go to Penang to join them in some fun. Any KL people want to come along? lol~

We first had a karaoke session at Sunway Pyramid's Redbox.

ShoutOut Family photo

Even Shaz and smashpOp joined us. And my pose err, never mind.

Sc_Bone singing with the remote control. Hmmm~

1 (480 x 283)
After the karaoke session, an all-guys photo.

Smashin' pOpstar Jason

smashpOp's "weapon"

Group photo at Sunway's Uncle Lim

The "swt-musketeers" of ShoutOut - AlvinC, Benjipapa and I.

Cousins! I'm the eldest, so sit in the middle.

Minny from Penang!

Angeline from Penang, but studying at KL. Why my pose so weird one? And we have smashpOp behind, spoiling the photo. Haha~

Wendy from Ipoh, studying at Penang.

And then we decided to go somewhere else for dinner and to hang out. After spending hours thinking, some decided to go home, some had other plans going on, and the rest headed to Damansara. And Andulu joined us, but didn't take any photo.

The Curve

They wanted to jump with smashpOp, but he left, so...

Spotted a fountain.

What's this?


It's water. Machine-gunned by the fountain. Nice, no?

I like water.

Then after that, they left for The Sanctuary. Me? I went home. Somehow, clubbing is not my kind of activity. All the smoke and alcohol. But the next day, before they return to Penang, they came down to Klang to claim their Bah-Kut-Teh from me. And Benghan joined!

ShoutOut Family photo again.

IMG_1171 (480 x 360)
Then photo-taking session at Klang Parade.

Chee Hsien posing!

And then they returned to Penang. Sad, but we'll meet up again for sure!
And that's it!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Food + Art = Fart?

My sister went to KLCC and took photos of really interesting food. So this time around, I'll show you a few photos that I think are really cool. Well, not just a few. lol~

Chocolate flowers anyone?

Teapot cake, woo~

That's a lot of chocolate!

This one don't look like it's edible, no?

How to eat?!


Welcome to my house.

Check out the details.

A bee hive?

Not a tree.

Nice. Got furniture in the house wei~

How come don't have Spider-Pig?

This one is cool. Like real toy.

Alien VS Predator! The label looks tasty, too.

Again, the details. So nice.

Golden Paradise? lol~

Mini Rugby.

Looks rather gloomy to me. I don't like octopuses.

Placed on a mirror. Actually only two layers of white.

I see buaya!

How come don't have tiger?

That's it, for now.
More to come soon!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The score of my music~

This is a true story, based on the history of a boy, who had always been mediocre in everything.

IMG_0874 (360 x 480)
The story of a boy

He was born in 1987, in a land called Malaysia. His first two years were spent like any other kids, he learned how to talk, learned how to crawl, and then walk. And by 3 years old, he was already attending classes at a kindergarten. Unlike others, he cried whenever he lost sight of his mother. That made his mother really frustrated because she had to accompany him until his classes end. And so, the third year of the boy was consisted of 1+1=2, biscuits in strawberry jam and Milo, and a lot of tears.

When he finally reached four years old, his sister, only at age two, joined the same kindergarten. And so he was convinced that it’s pointless to cry, mommy is not going to stay by his side all the time. He did what he had to, in fact, better than any other kids. He’s all natural, he never had to study. He spent a lot of his time reading story books and listening to classical music. And when his parents realized his musical talent, they brought him to the music school. They loved music and wanted him to learn more about it. Being a music lover himself, the boy joined the music school without second thoughts.

Years gone by, the boy reached age seven. That’s the age when kids must join a primary school and study for real. He learned a lot, made new friends, played all kinds of games and sports, and like any other kid, got punished for silly mistakes. And he was all average. No one noticed him, no one really talked about him. Even if they did, it was all bad stuff, like how stingy a person he was. But was he? No. They wanted to start a party at his house, he refused, but that’s because his parents wouldn’t allow it. Simple things like this caused him his loneliness. He began to hate himself for every minor mistake he made. His studies deteriorated. Teachers wonder why and called up his house, but could only talk to his grandmother because his parents were working. And so, his grandmother took charge of things, went to the school to see the principal and teachers, found this boy a tuition teacher, and things became good again.

On the final year in primary schools, the big exam was the most feared by all students. Everyone studied, but still played. The boy did his homework, played his games and sports, and even brought Digimon to school. And when the day finally came, he gave them his best. But the school teachers had to find out the answers to the questions and gave most students a nightmare, thinking they couldn’t make it, especially the boy. He was all down, but he had to put a smile on his face. And when the results came, he was shocked. In fact, everyone including the teachers was shocked. How could it be? He was number two for the whole of that years’ batch. He almost cried in front of the whole class.

And the time moves on, he’s already in secondary school. Due to his very small size, he was afraid of most of the bigger students, so he stuck with his old-time friends, who came with him from the same primary school. And when the homework became heavy, he couldn’t carry too many things, he dropped his music lesson. As time goes by, he learned that everyone wants to be a friend. Who would want enemies? So he started knowing more people, and participated in more activities. Life changed for the better. People bring more people, he started knowing people from outside the school, went to tuition with a whole bunch of other students, learned what an internet cafĂ© is, hung out with friends during the weekend, and when girls came into the picture, relationships sparked.

Things became more and more complicated. Other people’s problem became his problem because he was being too helpful. That’s when he thought that he should always sit on the fence, to give only logical or rational responses, but stuff like this can’t always work, especially since it’s about relationships. As for himself, well, he was always alone because of his shyness. He’s the quiet guy when he’s in a group of people. He knew nothing about socializing with people. But his friends were good enough to help him. Teachers saw his problem and gave him more opportunities to go outside of the school, by letting him handle certain jobs, allowing him to participate in various events and so on. That’s when he realized his interest in organizing events. He joined the board of directors in the Interact Club in his school, participated in drama, helped in the Chinese Language Society’s event, was an emcee in many events, took part in a charity held by English Language Society, and he enjoyed all those.

When secondary school days were ending, everyone scattered. Some went to work, others went to further their studies, and life once again changed. The boy entered a new society, met more people, different people. With nothing much to do, and no one to hang out with, he started working on his music again. And when he talked to his long-lost friend on-line, he was introduced to this thing called Blogger, and he now blogs.

Surely, you’d realize who that boy is. And, I think that’s it, for now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ding Ding, Dong Dong: The 2nd

Remember this - 1st Play? Yeah well, this post is my 2nd play. I've improved quite a bit.
Eh? You still don't know what I'm talking about? Never mind. Check out the video below.

The Truth That You Leave

Yeah. I'm experimenting on more songs. I hope I can come up with something fresh the next time. Peace!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ze Garden

Photos taken at the garden of my grandparents' home. I don't know most of the plants. lol~ Let's just look at the photos.

Looks cute to me.

Err, yellow flower?

Bitter gourd?


Another one!

What's this plant called?

Nice, no?

Cool plant!


In Malaysia? Yeah! It's in my grandpa's garden! Very sour, though.

End of post~

Disclaimer Note

Please take note that, whatever be my topic, I mean no offense.
All are plain thoughts that crossed my mind.
And err, no human beings or animals were harmed in the process of making this blog. Peace to the world!