Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From Wat to Wat - Cambodia


The weather is freaking hot these days. Not a single day spent without feeling sweaty and sticky. I'm trying to cut down the electrical bill, so I don't turn on the air-cond as often. Plus Earth Day and all that, I suppose using less electricity will help. Doing my part as an Earthling. lol~

Aaaaaand, yeah still in Cambodia. Unending it seems. Perhaps something different in the next post to change the mood in my blog a little.

This time around, I'll be posting a few photos of temples. I don't remember exactly which is which though. Maybe I'll bring a diary in my next trip, suppose it'll help me blog better.

Satkuru, Angeline, and LeeMay checking the stuff she bought from the craft center.

The very famous face of Bayon.

Angkor Wat during sunrise.

It felt awesome to be there. The view was spectacular. You think you've seen it in photos and all that, but it's nothing compare to seeing it with your own eyes! I was like, woo... WooOO! Wowww.. Whoa! lol~

That's Ai Ling. This is actually the area in front of Angkor Wat.

With this and the previous post, I've linked all six bloggers who went on this trip with me.




An Algerian Orange-tailed Skink.

A lizard-type animal. It's very cute as its tail kept moving, kinda like a dog wagging its tail. I suppose it's a type of warning to possible threats or predators. Maybe I'm wrong, but most animals with striking-coloured skin are like that, no? lol~


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Craft of Cambodia

Still in Cambodia, and this time, I'm gonna post here photos of sculptures and carvings. We visited a place, I can't recall the name of the place. There are many centers like this over there anyway. I suppose they are all almost the same? Hmmm... Maybe not all, since this place I went, they train the mute and deaf to draw, and other works. You know, the usual.

And now, the photos!



From left: William, Satkuru, guide (I errr, forgot his name), Statue, LeeMay, Angeline (lol), & Emily.





It's fun to actually watch them at work, seeing a piece of wood or stone slowly change into a certain shape, and eventually become these work of art. Awesome! This usually take years to train. So if you like their work, maybe you can show them support by buying their work. Although for that to happen, you have to visit Cambodia. lol~


Friday, April 17, 2009

Where They Live

I'm updating again. Rare huh? lol~ More Cambodia photos.

Can you guess where this is?
Yes? No?
This is the largest lake in Southeast Asia - Tonle Sap.
This is how the dry season looks like, imagine when it's wet.




Them kids are cute, but they were asking for money as they posed for the camera. I didn't give them any money though. The tour guide told us not to, because if we gave the kids money, they won't go to school, and will spend all their time asking for money. Good point, but I feel sad for them, I think.

Last one, a happy photo. Koreans I think, funny people. Gave us the V sign, so we blasted our cameras at them.

Now now, when will the next update be? lol~


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Filler

Short update, just to keep the blog alive. Notice I haven't been updating for a while now, been rather busy with quite a few things. Maybe now I do shorter but more frequent updates.

Well, breakfast in Cambodia, pretty healthy stuff, I think.


Usually I don't even eat breakfast.
There, they serve breakfast for free, so I whacked everything.

I kinda miss Siam Reap. It's probably the full body massage. It was a rather funny experience. Now I feel like I need a massage.

No not this one, although I don't know what this really means... Birdy massage hmmm...

AaronWoolala out~

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