Saturday, June 28, 2008

Into The Blue

Haven't been blogging for exactly two weeks now. This time I have return, with more photos! I'm gonna skip the Bagan Lalang's photos for now, to show you a little something on my latest trip - Redang Island.

Once again, a Shouters' trip! Who went?
KL's side: Daniel, David, Lisa, Satkuru, William, and Woolala.
Penang's side: Angeline, Elise, HugoLim, Lasker, LeeMay, and Wendy.

KTM, my only option. lol~

A photo I shot while I was inside the train, well yeah I took the train to KL Central to meet up with the rest of the KL gang, and then from KL to Kuala Terengganu by bus.

Inside the speeding bus.

It was rather fun traveling by bus. Talked and laughed, shot a few photos, and slept all the way until we arrived at our destination.

Shops, at Kuala Terengganu Station.

And then we joined together with the other six from Penang, who were waiting for us because they arrived earlier. We went around to look for a little snack since everyone was hungry.

Photo of the Moon, shot during snack time at the station.

And when the transports arrived, we left the station and headed to the jetty. And in about 30 minutes time, we arrived and waited for a while before the boat was readied. And then...


We were on the boat! Off towards the island! And that point, it was really exciting. Thinking about it makes me miss the place. More photos!


Next up, shots taken on Redang Island!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bagan Lalang, Fishy Food

Continuing this post: Bagan Lalang, Sepang Outing. Also about the food we had there, none of us liked it. Here are the photos.

Milo Shake, and Steven in the background.

It was made to look like a tiny mountain, normally people would think it's more ice than the drink, but this one was totally not like that. It was superbly-crazily-overly sweet. And there were other drinks too, but they all look the same so I'm not gonna post them up one by one. And yes they were all very sweet too.

Mich shooting Jess shooting my drink.

Nath shooting his Ultraman-face-lookalike-drink.

Nasi Goreng USA:
Looks - OK
Smell - still OK
Taste - not anywhere near OK

And then we tried something common, which can be found in most restaurants at beach areas - Ikan Bakar. When the order came, it looked like this.


Not too bad looking, couldn't smell the food though. So like usual, we dig ourselves in.


And KABOOM! It tasted like some rotten crap, stinky fish, dead meat, gosh it was yucky! And that's it, I'm never going back to that particular restaurant. Maybe we'll check out the Sepang Gold Coast area instead, if there's a next time.

Anyway, what happened next, in Bagan Lalang?
I'll show you, in the next post.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Squeeze

Interrupting the Bagan Lalang trip flow, to show you this. Summer Splash at Sunway, Entrance. Was suppose to meet up with many other people, but didn't get to go in. I queued with Anston, Fattien and HungWei for about an hour and then we decided it's not worth our time, so we left the place.

HungWei and Fattien in the lower right corner. Anston hiding somewhere.

This wasn't even half of the number of people we saw there.

To have this kind of crowd to greet you after an hour of parking search, was really depressing. What I'm feeling right now, is that I won't be going to any event of this kind anymore unless I get special passes. lol~

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bagan Lalang, Sepang Outing

Update on Bagan Lalang photo-shoot outing! Went with Shouters & Bloggers - Daniel, Eugene, Eri, Mich, Nath, Waiseng, Steven & Jess. Most of my photos are candid shots. First shot was taken by Eugene. And the rest, well, nothing much to talk about. Check out the Bagan Lalang action!

My own photo to start off the post!

The camera-setting session.

And then the actions started. Everyone were shooting at each other, or shooting at themselves. A lot of posing and acting, shutter sound clicking all the way.

Woolala flying to Lalaland.

No words can describe. More actions in the next post!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

One Jump, Are You In?

I have a lot of stuff to buy, and I'm broke. Photography classes require camera accessories, so I need more resources. Anyway, this is not exactly an update, just to show you what is coming up next. I have no time to work on the rest of the photos yet, because I have to go shop for my art stuff. Now I'm really broke, help!

AaronWoolala at Lalang

Went to Bagan Lalang for the second time, this time with Shouters and bloggers. It turned out more fun than I initially expected. Thanks to Eugene for that jump photo! Will update more on this outing when I come online again.

Stay tuned!

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