Friday, March 28, 2008

Still Shouting at Genting

College started, and I'm going to college to study, and like any other students, I'm busy with assignments. Of course, first week is still fine. But I don't have enough time for everything, so updates were being delayed.


Continuing, this round, more photos on Shouters at Genting Highland.


I still suck in portraiture. Maybe I should find a model and experiment with thousands of shots before I actually learn something. Also, I need an external flash unit.


Firewire suddenly became quiet. I suppose he was thinking about something, or rather, someone?

So deeply in thoughts, must be someone special.

Nice expression on Firewire's face. I tried imitating, but failed.

Somehow, Firewire became the spotlight in this post.

Can you spot the Shouters?

Next up, Genting or Kanching? Hmmm...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Shouting of Genting

It's been what, 10-11 days since I last blogged? Yeah have been out for quite a while.
Anyway, went up to Genting Highland on 15th of March 2008 with a group of Shouters. Well that's, for now, the best Genting Highland trip I've ever joined. Traveling with a bunch of crazy people is really exciting.

It was freaking cloudy and misty.

It would have been a pain driving up if it rained, lucky us, it didn't.


The clouds were crawling everywhere, covering every part of the forest. Wanted to record a video on it, but suddenly I had something else to shoot.

Firewire moulala became a bit siao and promoted the rubbish bin.

For those who didn't understand moulala, it's cantonese, meaning - suddenly. As for siao, who wouldn't know? I don't think I have readers from anywhere except Malaysia. Uh, is there? lol~

The great big foot, I know not the reason they made the giant foot print.

I know not the reason of this too. Promoting exit sign?

This one is different. I catch no ball though.

Daniel again, this time trying to cabut the pagoda.

Again, for those who didn't understand cabut, it's Malay, meaning - extract? More like pluck.

Spotted a giant mozzie. And this was the best shot I could get with my 18-70mm lens.

And Firewire promoting the Gents.

It's truly fascinating, traveling with very very crazy and fun people. Next up, more Genting photos! Also, I might cut in with a little something else. Thanks for reading! Have a good day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Happy Ending?

The General Election 2008 ended, and the results were rather surprising. A happy ending? Or Not? However, as much as I would like to discuss about the matter, I shouldn't. After all, this blog is not about politics.

So, about this update... It seems the Semenyih Trip post is taking too long to finish. So I've decided that this will be the final post on the Semenyih Trip. Yeah, the end.


I find this tree rather special. There is another plant climbing up its trunk. Plants are always competing for food, water and sunlight. Roots dig deep, trunks grow tall. lol~

Next, waterfalls. I'm not really good at shooting waterfalls, plus I don't have a tripod, and I'm too lazy to use Eugene's tripod. So, the longest I could do was one to two second exposure time.

Does the water look like it's really cold? Yes? No? Compare these with the one below.


Do you see the difference? This shot was taken with a shorter exposure time. Ah well, I'm sure that you'd understand. If you don't anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos.

And finally, the people who made this trip happen.

Eugene, crouching with style.

Fattien, pointing at a certain something.

Don't know what is he pointing at in the photo, so I put my blog name there, promote a bit. lol~ By the way, this photo was shot and edited by Eugene.

Me, myself and I.

Oh and my baby DSLR-camera, appearing in my own blog for the first time. So, this shot is obviously not taken by me. Thanks Eugene!

A group photo to end the post. Again, photo by Eugene. The rest of us are holding our cameras in the photo, right?

The trip was fun, I learned and experienced a lot, much thanks to these guys. After all, it was only my first, true photo-shoot session with a DSLR-camera. I'm looking forward to more photo-shoot sessions! More! More!! I want MORE!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Banana Eaters

Yo! Back again. It's been a rather busy week for me. I have been working on the crap zone of my house, cleaning up the place again, and painting the house all over. Anyway, continuing with the Semenyih visit, this time we have monkeys.


Supposedly a notorious bunch. Known to grab stuffs from people, snatch bags, which is quite a big headache. But when we got near to them, they fled. My guess is that they were afraid of us, because we were all holding DSLR-cameras. Maybe they thought we were holding guns.

End of post.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Deep In Greens

It's Monday and feeling a little blue. My father has left home for work, so the house is quiet all over again. Anyway, more photos of Semenyih.


We went into some forest, I don't remember the name. Well, here comes the photos.


There were all kinds of weird plants that I've never seen. Too bad most of the animals are either hiding or camouflaging.


There's a frog in the photo. Uh, I'm sure you can see it. It's not that hidden.


This is supposedly some kind of flying lizard. The black thing under its neck can expand, like wings? Of course, they don't actually fly.

Those are camouflage cases. Hiding cases, well, maybe in their nest?


A bird nest with no sign of birds. Maybe they were out for food.

Some plants are just hairy.


I wonder what are the functions of the hair.


End of post.

I'm still learning a lot about photography. And I've been thinking about this blog.
Should I continue posting a lot of photos, or should I write more? Hmmm...
Anyway, thank you readers.

Disclaimer Note

Please take note that, whatever be my topic, I mean no offense.
All are plain thoughts that crossed my mind.
And err, no human beings or animals were harmed in the process of making this blog. Peace to the world!