Tuesday, May 29, 2007

1+1=2, what?! I'm studying!

So what if I lack updates?!


LOL!!! Just kidding! Well I'm sorry for the lack of updates!
I'm currently busy because holiday's over and I'm back at college. I'm getting used to the time-table and everything. It's only my second week back at college.

And, I've been tagged by BabyFiona to list out around 5 of my fans, but I don't think I have any. Anyone wants to volunteer? I'm not going to tag anyone though, just want to get it done. lol~

Ah well, I'll dig and dig for good stuff to blog about soon.
Right about now, I have a few plans for me. 2 trips - Redang Island & Cameron Highland. I'll get my camera before that, because it's stupid to not have a camera at such beautiful places!

Alright now, I have to get back to my homework. Tata!

Monday, May 28, 2007

You wanted evidence, here you go.

Someone said I wasn't at the Nuffnang's event because I didn't take any photos. It didn't bother me, because it's no big deal.
But during my last visit to Nuffnang's blog, I found this:

I look weird in the photo. No wait, I think I look weird in most of the photos.

Click on it to view it bigger.
I look like I'm lost, and yes I was alone.
Believe me now, my friend?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Reaching the clouds~

|||Small update|||

I'm heading to Genting for the weekend. So the next time I check and/or update my blog would be on Sunday night or Monday. In the meantime, please read on my older posts. LOL~

Sorry, and have a fun weekend!

Taking off!

Nuffnang's Pirates-gathering~

Yo.. Ho.. All.. Together..... And so on. LOL~

Yeah okay I forgot the words, but that's the song sang by many people (pirates, or anyone involved in piracy) during the opening of the movie. Wait, that's not a spoiler, right? LOL~
Yeah well 250 bloggers watched the movie together, and I think almost all will write on this event. Me? I didn't take any photo. Almost every blogger had a digital camera, and I'm still working on getting myself one.

Who did I meet last night? Many unfamiliar faces, and I thought I'd know most of them. The first known person I saw there was Boss Stewie (don't tell me you don't know him! LOL~), but I never greeted him. I took my ticket and waited at the entrance. Next person who came by was ItchyHandseng. I did my smile-and-wave thing to him. lol~
Pretty much most of the time, I just sat there doing nothing until Splashmilk appeared and greeted me. He said he'd recognize me because I did the eye move.

You get what I mean about the eye move?

Then next, another guy sat next to me and greeted me - Origor. We had a small talk and Splashmilk joined in for a bit. And then the crowd got bigger. Most of the bloggers were chatting, a few even compared costumes and everyone was laughing so much. In short, it was noisy. LOL~
It was then I saw Wingz and Kenny Ng. I greeted Kenny Ng because he's more a familiar face to me. lol~ Well, of course, there were others. Many of them. But being the small fry I am, I just stood there quietly, and observe the crowd. lol~

Back to the movie. Geez~ This is one of the best movie I've watched in my entire life! Okay maybe I'm the only one who likes it that much.
It's quite funny and it's pack with action! That's my kind of movie. Also, there are rather odd moments that made me feel really weird, like when Jack's at Davy Jones' Locker, bizarre.

You know, I don't mind watching it again.

If you liked the 1st and 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean, you'll definitely like the 3rd. Here's the trailer, and it serves no purpose because most of the people have seen it. lol~

With that, I end me post.
*Disappears after the flash of green*

Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's Blue! It's Green! Ah well, it's both.

RM15,000 for 300 bloggers? So like, each person is going to get RM50.
RM50 may seem little, but it's a start to getting something big!

Wait, haven't you heard? Click on this - RM15k for 300 Bloggers
Or this for the homepage - Advertlets

Nice green & blue.. Yeah~

There must be a first step to everything. This is my first post on Advertlets.
Well the reason I join Advertlets is freaking obvious. I think it's going to benefit me. Yeah that simple. Notice that ad at my sidebar. It's got a survey to it. It helps me find out who my readers are. And, knowing what kind of readers I have, I might be able to write more on topics related to you readers, hence entertaining y'all.
You know, sharing personal thoughts is not enough, I think.

They want a screenshot of their website in the post. LOL~

Now now, why do I like Advertlets? Isn't this the easiest question? They are like a bridge between bloggers and advertisers. I like bridges. They are always cool. LOL~

What do I hope to get from Advertlets? I hope I get this RM50 for a start. And in case if you're wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I have no experience in writing sponsored posts.

The Great Wall of China wasn't completed in a day. Well, at least I'm trying hard to improve my blog. I'm quite a perfectionist when it comes to certain things, though I know very well that my blog is nothing near perfect. Also, I don't want my blog to become like, full of ads, because the main thing in here is about the blog itself. And that's why I have not written any sponsored posts yet.

So, have you taken your first step?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Searching for Rum!

Calling all Pirates! Err, I mean those who've won POTC3 tickets from Nuffnang!
Well, I've never been at that Cineplex. Heck, I think it's my first time going to Damansara. Is that sad or what.

But anyway, since I'm going alone (thanks to my "cleverness"), really, I think I should meet up with other bloggers there. Uh huh~


Monday, May 21, 2007

Delighting you always~

Thank you all who commented in my previous post.
I don't really know how to edit HTML, so this is the furthest I dare to try.

But anyway, was searching online for camera-details. Digital cameras.
Found Canon - Malaysia and thought that it's a good brand (Really, I know so little about everything, and that makes me feel stupid.)
So, I kinda need suggestions from more people. And I know, there are many people who knows about photography or designing in the blogosphere. And you, who are currently reading my blog might know better than me.

I came across a few models.


This is not really new, but I like it. It's cool!

PowerShot A640


The next one, I find cool, too. Titanium is light but strong. I don't understand one thing though. This same model have 2 versions. PowerShot SD900 & Digital IXUS 900 Ti. What are the differences between the two? Can anyone tell me, please?

This is the PowerShot version, SD900


This is one of the newer models, heck, they have ads everywhere. Again, there are 2 versions - PowerShot/Digital ELPH & Digital IXUS. I seriously need to know what are the differences.

PowerShot SD750 (IXUS 75 in ads)


Another one, in the same ad with the model before this. Also got 2 versions wei~

PowerShot SD1000 (IXUS 70 in ads)


This is also one of the newer models. There are 4 choices of color - Brown, silver, pink & blue. Also got 2 versions (?!)

PowerShot SD40 or Digital IXUS i7 zoom


Which model is the best? And what on earth are the differences between PowerShot/Digital ELPH and Digital IXUS?

Friday, May 18, 2007

What's wrong with our blogs?

You know, I've not been updating, and I got someone telling me to update.
Really, instead of feeling, "Ei, my blog wei~ I update whenever I want lah~", I thought, "Wow, people want to read my stuff?! That's cool!"

Yeah come on, it's a good thing, right?

Come to think of it, I've been blogging for like, 4 months now.
Why am I even blogging? Heck, I was pushed by a few people to join the bloggers' community, and I thank them for what I am now.

Throughout this 4 months of blogging, stalking, lurking, and whatever I do in any blog, I noticed a few kinds of blog that I find, err, not so good.
I'm not saying my blog is super-chun or something, okay?
It's just what I see, and how I feel about what I see.

I started off simple. All I wanted to do was write and write, and write..... And write.... Right!
And whenever I get comments, I go like, "WOW! Comment wei~"

Later on, I visited "bigger" blogs. I was motivated to start something even bigger.
And heck, I kind of screwed up. Why? Because I thought on nothing but to improve traffic, and I started posting on anything and everything.
What next? With sucky content, I failed in gaining traffic.

Then I visited blogs randomly, learned a few things on the way, got advices, thanks to so many other bloggers and readers!
And yeah, things started to look good.
I'm happier than before. lol~

Alright now, I'll start on the main topic. Eh~ Blogs that I think, need adjustment.
It's just what I think, okay? lol~

Too formal. Hahaha! I think my blog is kind of boring in this sense too. Heh heh~

Messy blogs. Kind of like err, many different font sizes in a single post.

The colors, keterlaluan (overly) fancy one.

Blog's content damn boring, or maybe the way he/she present the topic is freaking sien~
Hmmm~ I've read blogs about some personal life of whoever, and almost always, it gives me the same old mood - I felt sleepy after reading the first few lines. It lacked the interesting factor. It's like, a Beef Steak without sauce & sidelines. Tak ada oommp~ LOL!

Also, super/hyper short posts, for example:

Today, I sibeh boh syok (super no syok)!!!
Aiseh~ Like this, go Friendster post shoutout or use as MSN's personal message better. lol~

Blogs with music in the background that cannot be turned off.
You think everyone who visits your blog share your taste of music? lol~
Well even if yes, it's still disturbing. I don't mind pausing my playlist, but the loading time of your music is not really fast, and it goes like:
To the left, to the left... Mm....... mmm~ To the.................. Left, to the left... Ever....... rything you own's in..... The box to the l............ eft...
Freaking annoying right?! LOL~

That's all I can think of for now.
If you think my blog got problem, please let me know too.
We all learn from each other, anyway.
Most importantly, have a little fun in the process. Heh heh~
Off I go~

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A mystery that has to be solved~

What's the worst dream you've ever had?
Monsters raiding a town? An accident? A natural disaster, like say, an earthquake?

Well unless there's a mad scientist who wants to try wicked experiments on others, there'd be no monsters.
Accidents happen everyday, so it's boring.
An earthquake in Malaysia, hmmm~ So far, only tremors.

Have you anything special?
I don't know if mine's special, but I think it's bizarre.

See, I've been having this same dream since I was much younger.
While dreams like this are usually a warning from, well, the brain to try and stop you from taking any risks, depending on what you dream of.

In my case, geez~ I have no idea what my brain's trying to tell me.
I'll explain about the dream now.

I was walking alongside the corridor of a row of shops with err, well no one but strangers all around.
Eventually, the row of shops come to an end. I looked around.

What a lively zone to hang out! The colorful lights, the crowd, the heat!
Everyone smiled at me as they walk pass, I responded with a nod, everytime.

Suddenly, for God-knows-what reason, I lost my balance and fell into a drain.
It's a big drain - as wide as a two-lane road, and it's so deep that it makes me feel as if it goes all the way down into the core of Earth, or Hell.

I held onto the edge of the drain, unable to gather enough strength to pull myself up.
Also at that time, all the people suddenly turn pale. No one noticed me. I shouted, I yelled, I screamed......
I cried.

That lively zone, suddenly turn into a zone of walking dead. The expression on everyone's face was, dead. No one blinked, no one talked, the whole place just shutted down, totally quiet. Only footsteps can be heard.

The colorful lights faded, leaving only really dim lights.
Still holding on, with no voice left in me, I started to struggle.
Soon, my hands started shaking, showing signs that indicated to me, that they're going to give up in about seconds.
I cried even louder. And before I knew it, everything in front of me was pitch black.
And I woke up.

"What kind of dream was that?!", I asked myself after sitting up on my bed.
I dried my tears and sweat, and decided to stay awake until the next bed-time.

That happened not once, but 8 - 10 times since I was still in secondary school. Exactly the same!

So like, do you have any similar experience?
Do you know how to solve these sort of problems?
Share a bit lah~ Hehe~

Sunday, May 13, 2007

With hands held high into a sky so blue, the ocean opens up to swallow you~

Linkin Park's album - Minutes To Midnight, will be coming out soon!

The song that the radio's been playing to promote Linkin Park's new album.
Linkin Park - What I've Done

I don't know.
I like the introduction of the song, but every other part is just plain to me, as in, I cannot find a feeling to the song.

This one however, is rather fresh to me.
Linkin Park - Hands Held High

I really like the song. And, well, I don't know how to describe this feeling I get from listening to this song.
Just, you know, if you don't like vulgar words in lyrics, find the clean version. LOL~

Amen... No I'm not a Christian, it's part of the lyric.
The title of this post, too, is part of this song's lyric (the closing of the song).

Friday, May 11, 2007

Songs I listen during my 18th year living on Earth~

By whom? By a guy who wants to build houses that float - brother Kenny Ng!

Title of tag is: What are the songs that I listen to when I was an 18-year old kid

There are rules to this tag. Geez~

#1. Pay this website a visit - Pop Culture Madness
#2. Pick the year I freaking turned 18
#3. "Feel" the songs and try hard to get nostalgic over the songs.
#4. Write a little something on how the songs affected me.
#5. Tag 5 unlucky bloggers.

This tag, damn hard wei~
I listened to soooooooooooo many songs!
Since year 2005 is the year I turned 18, I checked on the 2005's list.

There are 60 songs in the list!
First, all the songs I listened (from the list) in random order:
Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects
Gold Digger - Kayne West Featuring Jamie Foxx
Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tea) - O-Zone (Romanian)
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day
We Be Burnin' - Sean Paul
Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani Featuring Eve
Listen To Your Heart - D.H.T.
Don't Mess With My Heart - The Black Eyed Peas
Switch - Will Smith
True - Ryan Cabrera
Vertigo - U2
Photograph - Nickelback
Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
Numb/Encore - Jay-Z/Linkin Park
Untitled - Simple Plan
Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Obsession (No Es Amor) - Frankie J. Featuring Baby Bash
Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
More Than Words - Frankie J
Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
Incomplete - Backstreet Boys
Lonely No More - Rob Thomas
Caught Up - Usher

Now, songs that I really liked back then:
Lonely No More - Rob Thomas
Incomplete - Backstreet Boys
Vertigo - U2
Don't Mess (phunk?!) With My Heart - The Black Eyed Peas
Caught Up - Usher
Numb/Encore - Jay-Z/Linkin Park
Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects

Now, what to write? Hmmm~
This lot of songs, didn't really affect me in any way. I enjoy singing 'em, moving to the beat, rapping like a nutcase.
Well, yeah it got me recalling my TARC days, which was 2 years ago, really good times. Had a lot of fun.
That's all! Very little eh~ Probably because it's been only 2 years. Everything's pretty much same old.

Enough said. Time to TAG!
Eh~ Who ar??


Since Itchy said in his blog that the number 4 is taukeh number, I'm going to tag only 4 person.
I'm the taukeh of my blog mah~

Squeeze a milk~

|||This entry is solely for entertainment purpose! Do not think otherwise!|||

If you're wondering whether this post is related to Splashmilk or not, well, no it isn't.
If you can read Chinese, then you'll understand the reason of the title of my post after watching the video.

Ji Ge Nai (Mandarin)
Real name of the song, I don't know.

This one I steal from Rycerain one! LOL~

I couldn't take it, it's freaking funny!
And if you cannot read Chinese, sorry lah~
There are also Chinese who can't read Chinese, but maybe speak and understand the language.
If that be your case, and you understand Mandarin & Hokkien, then try and catch the words. LOL~

Finally, this post is not meant to offend any party okay?
Just for laughs.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Are you an exclusive member?~

I was lying on my bed, thinking about nothing.
In about minutes, I fell asleep (I've been an insomniac for nights).


One night and one more time~ Thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great~ He tastes like you only sweeteeeeeer~

My handphone rang. Yeah that's my ringtone lah~

Looking at the never-before-seen phone number, I went blurred for a second (who's disturbing my slumber?!) and answered the call:

Aaron (Me, myself & I): Hello?

Unknown: Hi Mr. Aaron Chua?

Aaron: Yeah that's me.

Unknown: I'm someone (I'd imagine she don't want her name disclosed) from Nuffnang.

Aaron: Oh? (o.O Gee I wasn't expecting that)

And the rest, well. You should know what's the call for anyway.
You do, right? You.. Don't?

Why else would Nuffnang call me?
Why would anyone want to call me?
Why do I even exist?
Why am I so weird?
Why is the rum gone?!

Because the Pirates are coming!
No, I'm going to them!

I got the ticket! They even offered another ticket. But...... I said I need only one. Argh! I'm a nutcase! I regret it! Gwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!~ But well, what's done is done.

Now the only thing left for me to do, is freaking find out how to dress like a pirate!
Oh, there's another thing too, freaking find out how to get to Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure Damansara, KL.
Can anyone help me with that?! I mean both, the dressing & the how-to-get-there.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


|||Don't read if you take vulgarity as an offense!!!|||

I saw this at Kennysia's blog~
You may think, "Come on! Who doesn't know Kennysia?"
Apparently, there are bloggers who don't check his blog out. No kidding!

Pukii, pukii, pukii, kawaii~

Puki - A Malay word, vulgar.
Need I explain more?

Monday, May 7, 2007

The Searching~

Papua New Guinea - a place where I had always thought, is super ulu~
I'm rather sure that most (all?) of the Malaysian-readers would know the meaning of ulu.
I'm not talking about this ulu, okay? I'm talking about the Malaysian-meaning ulu.
Don't know how to explain though.

So, I received pictures from my parents who are both working there.
Their spot is known as Port Moresby.
The pictures, however, are not of Port Moresby's. They're of a higher-class zone - Touguba Hill. Touguba Hill is only err, say, 10 minutes drive away from Port Moresby?
Higher-class zone here, means a place where many rich people gather and live together.
Some of them freaking own the mountains. Some of them live on the peak.
Me? I'm working on it. Heh heh~

What do you think about this picture?

A closer look from the same direction, I kind of like it there!

Only 2 pictures. Really, I have only this few. I'll see if I can get more pictures.

I need a camera. Does anyone know which is good?
No DSLRs. Just a fine digicam.
And I do know that, any digicam can beat the quality of my camera. But heck, what can I expect from a Sony Ericsson w850i's camera?

Sony Ericsson w850i

It's only 2 Megapixels, and without autofocus!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Lifestyle of the rich and famous~

Everyone knows that driving on highway these days, must pay toll, right?
Got a few paying methods, right?
#1. You pay up with your money.
#2. You use Smart Tag.
#3. You use Touch N' Go.

My uncle once told me, Touch N' Go can also use the TAG lane.
How can?! TAG for Smart Tag users only what!
TAG = Touch And Go mah~
*bangs head at wall, ehh no, car's window*

Lousy joke. lol~

But anyway, that's just an opening to the thing that I'm going to do now.
Do what? Tag lor~ How can you not realize? I even Bold-ed the Tag words leh~
Never mind.

I was tagged, by Wennnn. She cooks, she post photographs about her cooking and well, she tags!
A seemingly easy tag, but why is this kind of tag always difficult to me?!

Right, the title of the tag is: Gotta Get Goals
I have to freaking list out 5 to 10 goals that I freaking want to achieve.

Goal #1: Be successful in what I like doing! I sling web and swing from one rooftop to another! Well okay I'm not Spidey, but my real dream is as difficult to achieve as to being Spidey.

Goal #2: This will only come after I became successful. I want a very special house with a great garden. One like Nick and Aaron Carter's house. I'm not sure about how to show you the pictures though. Saw it on MTV Cribs.

Goal #3: Start a restaurant with my sister, because she suddenly seem to love all about cooking. Yeah I love things about cooking too, but I know little about it lah~ All I know now is eat!

Goal #4: Travel to all beautiful places there is on Earth! With family and friends.

Goal #5: This also will only come after I became rich. Have a cinema at home! Muahahaha! With the best theater system! And the latest movies!

Goal #6: I suddenly think rich liao~ I want a basketball court, futsal, swimming pool (Heck I want a beach!), badminton court, whatever sports' playground lah~ In my backyard of course. lol~

Goal #7: I want to have mini factories (machines that process food?) of KFC, McD, Burger King, and many more, all in my kitchen!

I think I'll stop here.
Got anyone want to do this tag or not?
I think I tag lah this time.

In alphabetical order:
Aceone118 lor~
Kenny Ng lor~
Rycerain lor~

Okay! Gao dim!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The day before yesterday~

It's Labors' Day, public holiday it is!
And since I have some extra time to spare, I thought, why not blog about last Sunday?

How am I going to start? Hmmm~
Well... Before that, this is a little something I saw from one of my MSN friends.
It goes like this:
女人不醉,男人没机会; 男人不醉,女人没小费; 男女都不醉,饭店没人睡!

Direct translation?
Ladies no drunk, men no chances; Men no drunk, ladies no tips; Ladies & men no drunk, hotel no one sleep!

Now now, I'mma focus on Sunday's outing.
It was my friend's birthday, and one from our group of friends suggested that we do barbecue at the beach.
Heck, I was like, what?! I mean, that's the strangest plan I've heard of in quite a while. But since no one in the group had that kind of experience, no one objected.
Various tasks was assigned to a few people.
Food preparation, items needed, tools, transportation and what not.

Me? All I do is bring the skewers and drive us to the location.

Well, from this point out, I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Ummm, maybe a few words to explain the pictures.

Obviously, the starting of fire.

Smoke will only appear after fire.

Tried a pose but the sunlight...

Tried another pose, facing the opposite direction, but the wind...

Building a sandcake.

Hann: Quickly! Almost finish! Before she finds out!
Ryan: A little touch-up here and there...
Chew: *grabs a coconut* This'll serve as the dressing!
Dylan: No it's too big!

Sandcake cracked a little.

Chew: Oops~
All except chew: Wei!~ Aiyoooo...

Finally, a sandcake! (Still look quite cacat lah~)

Hann: Can liao! Can liao!
Chew: Want to put dressing or not?
All except chew (again): NOOOO!~
Chew: ......


Fran: Here she comes!
Hann: Someone distract her!
Ling: What are you guys doing?
Ryan: Nothing ar!
Dylan: Playing with sand lor!
Aaron: *whistles*
Ling: Aiya, don't hide liao! Sim hoi! Sim! (Cantonese language, meaning move aside.)

Sandcake-cutting ceremony!

All: *Sings happy birthday song*
Jien: Cut cake! Make wish! Remove "candle-stick" with teeth!! *pushes the branch deeper into the sand*
Ling: Yer! I don't want to! Sandy leh! Yucky!
Hann: Don't have to lah!
All: Booooo!
Hann: Boo what boo?! I'm not done saying! Birthday girl eat the first slice of cake!
All: o.O *claps* Yeah!

Sunset, cooling evening~

And so, our very first barbecue-at-the-beach Sunday ended.
The next time, we'll do picnic instead.
Starting a fire at the beach is damn difficult because it's freaking windy!


Project AaronWoolala, complete~

YUI - a Japanese singer with rather smooth tunes.
I'm not sure if everyone knows about her.
I learned about her a few months ago and listened to her music ever since.

This song is sweet, so is the name of it - CHE.R.RY.
(Heck, pay attention to the translated lyrics! LOL~)

What did you see, eh? I mean, besides the awful lot of grammatical errors and a few sentences which are rather strange.

A song, which my friend had just introduced to me - My Generation.

Oh~ And in case you hadn't noticed, I changed the name/title of my blog.
Instead of the old "~WoOLaLA~", it's now "AaronWoolala : PHWROAR!!!".
And yeah, it's Splashmilk's suggestion.

Once again, thank you dude!
You're the man!

Not only for giving my blog a new look, but also for the guidance throughout the whole installation process! Gracias.

Another post coming up soon.
Until then, I'm off.

Disclaimer Note

Please take note that, whatever be my topic, I mean no offense.
All are plain thoughts that crossed my mind.
And err, no human beings or animals were harmed in the process of making this blog. Peace to the world!