Friday, June 29, 2007

The sound from my car, could it be?!

Ignore the title and answer this question. Where can you find the coolest cube in the world?
Answer is, inside the Transformers movie.
Oh man, this opening is weird. Ignore that as well. I think I'm sick.

Their War, Our World.

Surely you'd realize by now, that this post is dangerous? I don't mean I'll get into trouble because of this, well...... Maybe yes. Spoilers are bad, no?
Never mind. I'll skip the main story and just put up pictures and see what I can say about the pictures.


The cool part of the trailer, and I thought he's the bad guy when I saw the trailer. Really, he's just "naked". They have to scan a vehicle's shape to get the colors.

Alright now, who's the coolest of the Autobots?

I think he is.

Optimus Prime! So cool, I even thought of collecting the model! But, not cheap lah~ Look at pictures enough. lol~ But the way the robots look, are much different if compared to the original cartoon.

The real piece.

Look at the details! Damn sophisticated! Now I really feel like buying the model. Anyone rich and reading my blog? Drop a comment if you're kind enough to buy me one. LOL~

Where is this place?

I don't know where, but it looked like some kind of mosque or temple to me. Hmmm~

Anjac Fashion Blogs?

Who owns them blogs? Got huge promotion wei~ lol~ They should have included the URL, though.

Bumble Bee

Float like a butterfly, sting like a "bumble" bee. No not Ali, Bumble Bee.


That's the name of the Autobot in this image. He's got the most destructive guns among the Autobots? I, especially, like that part when he bounced/flipped off the ground using the impact of his cannons.

Autobots in vehicle form.

Cool rides. Normally, I'd tell you the coolest is that Chevrolet Camaro (Bumble Bee), or maybe that Pontiac (Smallest of Autobots, acts like a monkey), but this time around, I'll say the truck because it's Optimus Prime!

Well, there are more Autobots, but I can't find the pictures. Plus, after scrolling through so many photos, eyes a bit blur lah~

Scorponok, the scorpion-like Decepticon (Decepticons are bad guys).

And soldiers running really fast to save their lives. Yeah think about it, small scorpions can kill men easily with their deadly poison. Big ones like Scorponok don't use poison, but the spiky tail stings and kills almost instantly.

Is this Barricade?

He look like he is. What do you mean who? Who's Barricade, you mean? He's one of the Decepticons, too. Should be the smallest among the bigger ones. lol~

The ultimate bad guy! Also the biggest in size.

Megatron, who looks really different in the cartoon version. He killed that Pontiac Autobot so easily, kinda like a Tyrannosaurus-Rex toying with its prey. In the end, what he wanted most became the tool that killed him.
Again, I couldn't find all of the Decepticons.

He skates!

A Decepticon, but I don't remember his name.

Optimus Prime versus the Skater (still cannot recall)

This fight lasted for like, 1 minute? Maybe less. Optimus Prime beheaded the Skater (forgive me already) easily, with his cool hot weapon. Cool, hot. Here, cool means cool, and hot means hot in temperature.

But I think the hottest is not any freaking weapon. Really.


That's what I call hot! Not hot in temperature lah~ Hot here means hot!
Argh~ Never mind.

Back to the movie, I think it's good. Got re-watch value also. lol~
Rating? You go watch and rate yourself lah~ This is not a review, anyway. It's err...... It doesn't matter.
I'm feeling really weird tonight. Maybe it's because I sang too much during the Karaoke session like, hours ago. And if you read my blog 2 days later, it'll be 50+ hours ago.
.......... End~

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ding ding, dong dong~

|||Warning! Noise pollution detected in this post!|||

A little post on what I like to do during my free time. I quitted music class 6 years ago, but I started experimenting with my hearing skills again when someone told me I have talent, and that was not very long ago.

The video, well, I made the song shorter. The full song is about 4 minutes, but my camera's compact mode only allow up to 3 minutes of video-recording, and the other modes are all too big files to upload.

The Truth That You Leave

Don't know who composed that song. My friend sent me the music and I liked it, so I kept listening until I, eventually, know how to play the song. And yeah, can hear obvious mistakes. I'm lousy!
I need more practice.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday morning rain is falling~

A really boring Sunday morning. I had nothing much to do, and so, I decided to go everywhere and shoot some photos. I learned how to use the manual mode by myself, because I've been messing around with my camera a lot.

So, I took photographs of my grandpa's garden.

Grandpa's Garden
I love greens.

Bottles of insecticides, and notice the net of steel behind? That's to prevent thieves from stealing whatever there is in the garden.

Winter Melon?

That's what my grandpa told me - Dong Gua (Winter Melon) but I'm not too sure. Mayhap there be more than just one type of Winter Melon?

And then I went into the kitchen, hoping to take any food pictures, but it's early in the morning and all they have is breakfast. So I continued looking on the shelves, and suddenly, I spotted something unusual.

What the heck? Eggs?

Surely, you'd realize that those aren't just any eggs. It's around the size of a ping-pong (Table Tennis) ball, and covered with sand. What else can it be? Took me less than 0.759871 second to figure it out (Alright, I exaggerated, I took twice the time).

Turtle Eggs!
Turtle Eggs!

I had to make sure they're really turtle eggs, so I looked inside, touched the eggs, and gee~ The way they smell, pooh!~ They have really soft shell, but for one to "crack" the egg and look nice doing it, he or she must use a scissors, surprisingly strong eh? How did I find out? My grandma (She was the one who brought the eggs back from her Terengganu trip) told me so. She even made me eat one of them eggs! And so I did. No photo for that one, though. But I must say, the egg tasted like some kind of nut. Hmmm~

Alright, more photographs for the next, I hope.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

An easy tag~

Alamak!~ Milky tagged me!
Got instructions to follow. I remember others' tag, but this tag much easier, so I'll do this one first.
Tag begins now.

Bold the statements that are true to you.

Italicize the statements that you WISH are true. Leave the fibs alone.
Then, stab 3 people to do the same test..

1) I miss somebody right now.
2) I do not watch TV these days.
3) I wear glasses or contact lenses.
4) I love to play video games.
5) I have tried marijuana.
6) I have been in a threesome.
7) I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
8) I have changed mentally over the last year.
9) I curse.
10) I'm totally smart.
11) I've broken someone's bones.
12) I'm paranoid sometimes.
13) I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
14) I need money right now.
15) I love sushi.
16) I talk really, really fast.
17) I have long hair.
18) I have lost money in Las Vegas.
19) I have at least one sibling.
20) I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past.
21) I couldn't survive without Caller ID.
22) I like the way I look.
23) I am usually pessimistic.
24) I have a lot of mood swings.
25) I have a hidden talent.
26) I'm always hyper.
27) I have a lot of friends.
28) I have pecked someone of the same sex.
29) I enjoy talking on the phone.
30) I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants.
31) I love to shop.
32) Enjoy window shopping.
33) I would rather shop than eat.
34) I don't hate anyone.
35) I'm a pretty good dancer.
36) I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother.
37) I have a cell phone..
38) I believe in God.
39) I am an adrenaline junkie.
40) I watch MTV on a daily basis.
41) I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months.
42) I've rejected someone before.
43) I want to have children in the future.
44) I have changed a diaper before.
45) I've called the cops on a friend before.
46) I'm not allergic to anything.
47) I have a lot to learn.
48) I'm shy around members of the opposite sex.
49) I have made a move on a friends significant other or crush in the past.
50) I have tried alcohol before.
51) I own the South Park movie.
52) I would die for my best friend.
53) I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza.
54) I have used my sexuality to advance my career.
55) I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all.
56) Halloween is awesome because you get free candy.
57) I watch Spongebob Squarepants and I like it.
58) I am happy at this moment!
59) I'm obsessed with girls/guys.
60) I tie my shoelaces differently from anyone I've ever met.
61) I study for tests most of the time.
62) I am comfortable with who I am right now.
63) I have more than just my ears pierced.
64) I walk barefoot wherever I can.
65) I have jumped off a bridge.
66) I love sea turtles.
67) I spend ridiculous money on makeup.
68) Plan on achieving a major goal dream.
69) I'm proficient in an musical instrument.
70) I hate office jobs.
71) I love sci-fi movies.
72) I think water rules.
73) I went college out of state.
74) I like sausages.
75) I love kisses.
76) I fall for the worst people
77) I adore bright colours.
78) I can't live without black eyeliner.
79) I don't know why the hell I just did this stupid thing.
80) I usually like covers better than originals.
81) I can pick up things with my toes.
82) I can whistle.
83) I can move my tongue in waves, much like a snake's slither.
84) I have ridden/owned a horse.
85) I still have every journal I've written in.
86) I can't stick to a diet.
87) I talk in my sleep.
88) I try to forget things by drowning them out with loads of distractions.
89) I have jazz in my blood.
90) Climbing trees is a brilliant past-time.
91) I wear a toe ring.
92) I can't stand at LEAST one person that I work with.
93) I am a caffeine junkie.
94) I cosplay or know what cosplaying is.
95) I have been to over 15 conventions.
96) I will collect anything, and the more nonsensical the better.
97) I'm an artist.
98) I only clean my room when necessary.
99) I like a person of the same sex.
100) I love being happy.

That's all of them. Who made this all up? Too much time eh? Hmmm~
Well I'm going to tag, heh heh~

In alphabetical order:
#1. ItchyHandseng
#2. kyliemc
#3. sc_bone


Friday, June 22, 2007

To the general audience,

I was checking out my blogroll and I arrived at d'Fish's blog-post on the rating of his blog. I decided to check mine out and see what I get.

A much expected result.

Yeah so it's G - General, or U - Untuk bacaan umum, sesuai untuk dibaca oleh semua lapisan masyarakat. Heh heh~ So please, do not fear, let your kids read my blog! You know, I have a 12 year old cousin who reads my blog. lol~

So, who else is G? Or are you NC-17? Or even R-rated?

The link to the website that rates blog - Here.
Yeah and sorry to have left that out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To protect the body of a good man, Chinese made this~

This post, got pork! Have I any Muslim viewers? Ah just pictures, no harm.

Like, I don't know why I'm writing on this. It just suddenly hit me and I automatically took pictures of ba-chang and what the heck, it's the Dragon Boat Festival! Yeah well, this isn't much of a festival and we don't get any holiday for this. Some even think it's nothing to celebrate about! No? Well I be one of them. Hahaha~ Yeah just eat the ba-chang (what are they called in English, already? Meat in leaves?) and pray a bit. That is all. Unless of course, we get a holiday out of it. That'll be an entirely different story now.

There's a story behind this festival. Heck, there are stories behind every festive season, anyway. But the Dragon Boat Festival's story is rather special. And no, I'm not going to write on it, since most Chinese people should know. Wait, are there any Chinese who don't know or don't remember about this? I hope no.

A blur shot of many ba-changs, thanks to my lousy speed control.

It's difficult to stop once you start. I mean, I can't stop at 1 ba-chang because the ones my grandma made are just freaking great! But it's not healthy to over-eat food, especially since it's oily and sticky. Bad for the digestive system and whatever other health problems you can relate it to.

You don't want to be the first to "eat" these food.

Why not? Course not! That is what we serve our ancestors with. No, we don't really serve 'em. We... "Serve" them, get it? They are all dead, we pray them, and naturally, food is an important offering, because people have been doing it seen ancient times. No logic? Is there even any logic at all when it comes to religion? I think it's just a belief. But let's not go into this, since this is a very delicate issue. You know, simple things like religion can cause world war. Because people always focus on the differences, rather than the similarities.

Father's Day and Dragon Boat Festival almost at the same time. Both also cannot celebrate. Blargh!~ But let's not spoil the mood. Happy Dragon Boat Festival and enjoy the ba-chang, that is if you can have one.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Am I too late, again?

I missed it. I didn't write on it when that day came. Now, come another day and gone, a day to be especially grateful for one who raised me.

Seriously, I think Mother's Day is one of the most written posts in the blogosphere, but I didn't write on it because I had many outings during that time. What about now? Gee~ It's Father's Day already! What am I suppose to write? All the special thanks and this and that? Hmmm~

I wonder if my parents read my blog. Of course, I gave them the link, but having the link and actually checking my blog out is different. Having them visiting my blog is really different, too. I mean, really, would you write what you want to write about them if you knew they were going to find out? I asked a few people, and more than half said no (non-bloggers, though). Some said why not? Easier to send a message using text anyway! You know what I mean about easier.

But anyway, I'm late again. I missed out the actual day. So what? Just skip the thing? Didn't think so. Ah well, I'm going to assume my parents read my blog.

Daddy, happy Father's Day! We miss you! (We being my sister and I) And Mom, we miss you, too! Of course, we always do, but what the heck, it's a special day to cry it all out loud! Heh~

Aiks~ You know, I'm not really good in putting this thank you and love you thing together. I always end up making it sound funny instead. So err, happy Father's Day. No wait, happy everyday sounds better. Haha~ Looking forward to you returning home!
And that's that. To the rest of the world, being a parent is not easy. (Oh no, I'm not a father, yet. But come on, that's the truth. lol~) All that err, you know, responsibilities, stress, pains and fears. So I'll say, biggest respect to all parents out there! Peace!

Happy Father's Day! Happy everyday!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Why not Platinum Surfer?

This, I'm going to write about Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer. I watched the movie on 14th of June, yeah on Thursday.
Spoilers? Yeah loads of 'em! I'll write about the pictures down there. And if you haven't watch the movie and hate spoilers, you should skip this post for now, seriously.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

So like, the whole story is about Silver Surfer working for Destroyer, or rather, the Devourer of Planets - some sort of matter that eats on planets' energy to survive (energy from the core). After sucking up the energy of many other planets, it's finally coming to Earth. Of course, you won't understand the Destroyer thing until the middle part of the movie, and that the Silver Surfer is just following orders to save his own planet from dying (that means he's also a good guy).

This is one of the many holes made by the Silver Surfer. All the way into the core, for Destroyer to extract Earth's energy.

Coming through!

What about the so-cool surfboard with unlimited power? Heck, it's just a beacon! It serves as a signal to lead the Destroyer to wherever its next target is, that is if Silver Surfer does his job. I like this surfboard man! Like, you don't need waves to surf with this thing. Even if you needed waves to surf, this thing can easily generate waves with its unlimited power.

When the hot meets the cool.

In this case, the cool wins, obviously. Human Torch even became "sick" after this encounter. How sick? See next picture.

Johnny Storm and Ben switches power.

Yeah he can switch power with others, and something even more cool at the end! And yeah, you get the real super villain coming back to life. You should know who I mean if you watched the first episode.

Victor Von Doom?!

Yeah he's back. Heck, he even stole the surfboard and made it his. The power was great, and the special effects, whoa! Nice! Wait, how did he get the board? Thanks to Mr. Fantastic - Reed Richards' intelligence and a little "pulse" from Susan Storm. They developed some technology to separate the board from the surfer.

Eh? Meeting?

This is when Susan Storm discover that there's more to the story than just Silver Surfer killing Earth. And yeah, also the part when they set-up the technology to separate the surfer from the board. The general ordered shots to be fired at Silver Surfer, but Susan Storm was standing beside him. So, the Silver Surfer "absorbed" the missile to protect Susan from getting hurt, too. After that...

Think you can hit me so easily? Hah!

Yeah he's cool to have evaded them missiles, but the hi-tech "net" caught him and he falls off the board. What next? He was contained and interrogated, while the board, was kept somewhere else. That's when Victor Vom Doom stole the board and killed more people. He became the ultimate nut-case. And no "net" will trap him, he was with the team when they did the research. He tried to kill the Surfer, but hit Susan instead. So like, Susan die lah~ How to bring him down and keep the board (the signal for Destroyer, it is. Remember?) away from Earth? Remember Johnny Storm and his "sick"?

Fantastic Four in One! What do we call him? The Fantastic Invisible Thing that Burns?

Yeah he got all others' powers (before Susan Storm died) and fought with Victor, alone. And of course, 4in1 wins. The board goes back to Silver Surfer, and the sky tukar warna (change color), welcoming the Destroyer. Then Silver Surfer decided to revive Susan with the board's power, and then sacrifice himself to kill the Destroyer.

My, am I cool or what?

So like, he's also one of the heroes!

I like the movie. Rating? Err, 8/10. lol~
This is the superheroes-movie age. If you're one of them fans for these kind of shows, then it really is a must watch for you!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A new toy~

I've been gone for ages! That's bad. Bad for blogging business, and it's sad to lose blog visits. Well at least I got myself a camera. Canon PowerShot A570 IS. Don't know which model? Check the pic:

PowerShot A570 IS

You should check out this website if you want to know the specs, or compare Canon cameras - Canon Malaysia.

I think it's not bad. With the image stabilizer, it's easy to capture clear still images, and for those with shaky hands, this camera will serve you well. lol~ I tried around to find out how good the quality is, and this is what I got.

It's messy, but I like it, 'cause it's me garden.

A friend came by my place and she brought along her pet dog.

Ba-Chang, taken without flash.

Well, those are the few photos that I've taken. Right about now, I'm working on my tag - Favorite food. I'm trying to gather more photos of food. And that post, is non-halal. lol~ So like, that tag will take quite some time and the next post will be on something else, which... Well, you'll find out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MyList, again.

My List, the 2nd. Yeah well, there's a really long list to post. List of links.
After posting up the links, visit the Malaysian Bloggers Community forum and drop Daryl a reply.

Easier than the 1st, because all I have to do is post up the links. Nothing much to write on this issue as it's already rather clear to most Malaysian bloggers.
So, here be the links.

Kitchen Experiments
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Newopps Blog
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The fluff must go somewhere


Friday, June 8, 2007

Continuation of lawatan tersebut~

Ah ha! Here comes the second half of my previous post - The Trip. Again, sorry about the poor quality. Some from my phone (which I think are really bad in quality) , and some from my friends' camera (shaky hands? lol~).

Let's start with photos of my phone. Lousy quality. Well, you just pretend I made it look like that on purpose. lol~

This is the set (that's what it's called, right?) for Biz World.

You should be familiar with this set if you watch the TV3's Buletin Utama, 8:00PM news, regularly.

This is the set for 大家早晨! - Dai Kah Zou San! (which means, Good Morning Everybody!), I think. lol~

mhi = Malaysia Hari Ini

Those are all the sets I visited. I didn't get to check the 8TV's part, though. Sad case. Too many things to see, in so little time. Ah well, let's continue with the rest of the photos.

I just like the wall. lol~

In the future, you'll see Aaron Chua on a real Gold Star. LOL~

And last part of the post, the people! We took just a few group photos, and well, from this point onwards, all the photos I post were taken using a digital camera (without image stabilizer, I think. lol~) or at least a better camera-phone.

The first group photo of the day, at the Berita Terkini set.

With 2 guys, whom I think are both some talk show host? I don't remember, but they're really friendly people. And if you pay attention to my legs, you'll see me tip-toed. LOL~

Again, at the Berita Terkini set. Why so many? Because it's the "set terkini" (latest set) mah! Haha~ This time, with Berita Terkini's newscaster (he did the 11:00AM's live news).

Last photo of the trip, with Shadow from China, my classmate.

That's it! I still have 2 tags to do, though. List out 5 fans of my blog (someone volunteer can? I don't know who wants to be my fan. lol~), and list out my favorite food (food pictures, first time in my blog). Well, I guarantee you with photos of better quality in the future. Hehe~

The End

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Err....... The Visit~ Itu Lawatan~

A rather fun day, because the lecturer of the subject - Television - brought us to Sri Pentas Bandar Utama, the one near One Utama. Well, before I start, I want to apologize on the freaking lousy photo quality. Really blur, bad! I've not buy a digital camera, yet.
But anyway, here goes.

This be the reception, without the receptionist.

And we waited for the PR officer (I think) to show up, to you know, tour-guide us around. Yeah it was rather cool, inside the building.

Berita Terkini's latest setting. Check out the camera!

Here, see it now? Kinda cool eh?

Sekian berita. Salam hormat. LOL~

Well this is the real deal, I took the photo after the live telecast.

This be the light control room, if not mistaken. I don't remember. lol~

Next! Well, let's wait for the rest of the photos to come and then I'll do the continuation of this post, okay? Okay huh? Okay lah~
End of first half.

Disclaimer Note

Please take note that, whatever be my topic, I mean no offense.
All are plain thoughts that crossed my mind.
And err, no human beings or animals were harmed in the process of making this blog. Peace to the world!