Thursday, December 27, 2007

Penang, The End

Last of Penang trip! Very slow updates, I know. I've been busy traveling. Anyway, this post mainly photos. Well, begin!

DSC09389 1
First thing in the morning!

Yes, went to a food place for breakfast, don't remember the name of the place. Took photos around before food arrived. And once the food is in front of us, we didn't eat immediately. We are bloggers alright, we took photos.

Very nice, Pork Rolls?

Loh Mee

And then we headed to a Temple, just across the street.

The Temple was crowded.

We took a lot of photos of people releasing birds, mine wasn't taken from a good angle, so, many shots appeared rather confusing. Therefore, I'm not going to post them up.

Next! More food!

Auntie also posing!

Fish-ball & Hor Fun

Played posing outside the shop.

And then we headed to Khoo Kongsi for more photo-shooting.

They were experimenting with their cameras.

Khoo Kongsi's main building.

Old time signs, very nice.

Super Posers

Inside the hall.

Interesting wall-art. Look like guardians to me.

Behind-the-scene shot.

Yeah we took more photos behind the hall. After that, we left the place to look for a drink or something to cool us down.

Found this place - Takku Ice Cafe

The interior is quite nice.

Mango & mixed fruits.

Not the best one I've tried, but it's nice. Especially when the day is so hot, anything goes!

After that, we headed back to Ahlok's place to prepare for dinner with Shouters. Of course, we didn't go directly to the dinner place, we did more photo-shooting first. But I don't think I'm going to post up those shots, too many photos in this post already.

QEII Penang

And then dinner at "Big Tree Leg". That's direct translation from Chinese. It really means Under The Tree. So, Under The Tree Restaurant?

Group photo with Shouters and friends.

And then we had to run to the Ferry and Train Station, because we were late. We feared that we might lose the train. But the train was late! So, we took photos, again.

Final photo before heading home!

Do I miss Penang? Hmmm...


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Penang, the 3rd

Continuing the Penang trip, yes this is the third part. Went to Cherry Sweet to eat Tom Yam.

Their signboard a bit difficult to see.

Went on in to find out what's special about this place. Ahlok said this place has very good Tom Yam soup. I love spicy food, especially curry. Good Tom Yam is difficult to find.

Seafood Tom Yam

Well, not as good as I expected, but can do. It's not really that spicy, and it lacked some flavor to it, I can't find the right words to explain that flavor. Sour, fishy taste, maybe not thick enough.

Green Curry Chicken

This one is my favorite among the food we tried, mamamia~

Stuffed Crabs?

I'm not sure what they stuffed the crabs' shells with, but it was good. Tasted like fish-ball or fish-cake.

Deep Fried Kangkung

Not my kind of food, but it was OK, sweet and crispy.

Dessert of the Day

I forgot its name, but very nice. Water-chestnut, ice, and jelly. Sweeeeeeeeet~

After that, we headed to somewhere else to eat more food. Jason and Joshua both uploaded a video, that teleport one. Yeah we headed to the place opposite of New World Park, to eat more desserts and fried oysters with egg.


That's what we call it. Jelly, ice, red beans, coconut milk and so on. The result is very sweet, and if you can't take too much of coconut milk, then this is not your kind of food.

Uh, Capalang of Fruits?

Obviously, I forgot the name. And the photo tells everything, so I need not explain.

Fried Oysters with Egg

This is the special, I never tasted this kind of Fried Oyster with Egg before. Very very nice, but a little too oily. The sauce is what differentiates this one with others I've tasted. And it's very crispy, unlike those I normally eat.

And then we stopped eating and took a few lean shots, I'm not going to post those here because I look funny in those photos. Next, Lovers' Bridge?

Yes it is! Lovers' Bridge.

Though, I don't see why lovers would want to come here. It felt like it's going to collapse anytime. But the sight was nice, and they did their jumping, but no leaning photos because of the fear of leaning into the sea?


smashpOp jump, behind-the-scene shot.

And then it's time to go meet up with Penang Shouters for dinner, for the first time. I didn't take photos during the dinner, so there's only a group photo.

My version of group photo.

Kind of dark, and blur because I didn't change the camera settings.

smashpOp's version.

Here, a clearer one.

Next post, should be the final post for this Penang trip.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Penang, The 2nd

Continuing the previous post on the Penang trip with smashpOp, Douglas, Joshua and Ahlok - Entering, Penang! - We headed to the ferry.

Waiting for the ferry to arrive at the port.

Boats parked at the shore.

On the ferry.

Bloggers shooting their magical photos.

The ferry jump.

I actually kicked Jason's camera by accident during this shot. Good thing it was a minor hit. Anyway, sorry dude.

Nearing the port, that's QEII, I think.

Random shot.

And then we got off the ferry to meet up with Ahlok. A very friendly guy, now a Shouter. He brought us all for breakfast before heading to our next destination - Kek Lok Si.

What we had for breakfast - Toasts and coffee.

Kek Lok Si, a big temple. Why is it so famous? I don't know. Can anyone please explain it to me? Haha~ Next, a few photos of Kek Lok Si that I took.

There, my version of Kek Lok Si's photo.

I kind of like the plants in this photo.

Imagine with wide lens, fuyoh!

I find this part of Kek Lok Si rather relaxing.

Another photo of the temple.

Climbing the way up to the big Goddess Statue.

Construction in progress. We didn't get to see the rest of the place.

Guardian of the Temple.

And then smashpOp's leaning photos with me in as well. It was rather fun to do.

The Guan Ni Mah Lean

More Leaning action.

One leg also can!

That's all for this post. Next one will come as soon as tomorrow!

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