Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another reason for people to gather and "yum-seng!"~

17th of March 2007, my grandfather's birthday celebration.
Well yeah it's kind of late to post about this now, but I had to wait for the photographs and organize a little.
It's just a very normal birthday dinner.

My grandfather is already 74 years old, but still very strong.
He had this construction company, handled many constructions.
So it's pretty simple. He built houses, shops, and what not.
Until now, he still do a little bit of repairing here and there.
Reason? He want to work while he still can, for some extra income and also, to not die of boredom.
Really, what can he do if he just stay at home?
We can come online, play games and chat lah~ People like him don't even know what is windows. lol~

Well I'll just emphasize on his strength. lol~
He climbs up and down all the time. Sometimes, up the roof.
Everyone will like, "wei~ Soooo dangerous lah!" And often, I get the blame because my grandparents and I are neighbors. All the relatives will "talk three talk four" and ask me to help him. lol~
They just don't understand, it's the only thing he can do while he's at home.
If I help him in everything, he'll think that I think he's useless or something like that.
I'll only help him if he asks, or when it's obvious that he needs some help. Really, old people very scary one!

So, how was the birthday celebration like?
Standard dinner pattern. The drinkers with their "yum-seng!" all night, the aunties talking about their thing, kids making all that noise, and people like me, sitting there sipping on my glass of Coke while socializing with my cousins.

Done with the birthday song and cheering like nutcases.

Cutting the cake. My grandma chose the cake, therefore, not so nice. lol~

He freaking kissed Jasmine (My cousin sister). LOL~

Then my grandma jealous, lao-gai~ (Lao-gai means merajuk)
So he gave her a kiss too. lol~

That's about it lah~
And after the cake-cutting ceremony, some "mengader" punya orang took my photo.

Oi! Know how to take photo or not? So blurr one?!

I think this pic of mine quite stupid.
Aiyo, lousy camera like that lo! lol~
Thanks to my cousin sister who so very kindly took this photo.
And if you're reading this Aud, for your efforts, I'll help promote you a little bit, kay?

From left, Ashley, Jasmine and then Audrey.

Don't know can consider leng lui or not. LOL~

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fancy week~

Haven't been updating since a few days ago~
Have been busy with some stuff.

Watched Primevil and Mr. Bean's Holiday.

Primevil is alright to watch.
It's not that really cool, but well, I sort of enjoyed it.

Mr. Bean, however, is quite fun to watch.
Yeah. The main thing about the movie is that he makes you laugh because of his stupidity. lol~
Really, rather stupid.
But it's entertaining enough.
Worth watching.

What else am I missing?
Oh yeah~ A tag on obsessions.
Still working on that one.
It's quite difficult since I'm not really that obsessed in anything special, or anything at all.
And since my last post was quite a thing (my first, most commented post wei~ lol!), I'm starting to think that people like really weird stuff.

Alright, it's freaking midnight and I'm tired from all the talking and laughing I did earlier.
Was at Halo Cafe of Bukit Tinggi, having fun with some good old friends from my earlier college days (TAR College), friends who I don't meet so often because I left TARC around one and a half years ago. Now, the only familiar face I get to see in college, is Feon-Rabbit. lol~

Alright now, I think I'll hit the sack.
Hastalavista baby~

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What's wrong with the world, mama?~

Was having a conversation with one of those people I met online with MSN Messenger.
She asked me a whole bunch of questions, about me.
Well, her nickname is Irene, though I'm not sure if that's her actual name. lol~
I edited the conversation to make it easier to read, but I kept the actual stuff she typed.

Irene: hihi!!! (Like, so typical an opening, I could have guessed it even from a stranger)

Gee, hey yo~

:) can we chat???

Sure! Why not? (Like, aren't we now?!)

is tat u????

What? My display pic? Yeah it's me~

ic...... (Meaning, I see. lol~)

Yeah~ I know I'm ugly.. lol

nooo.... leng chai ma!!!

No I'm not leng zai.. lol! You're the only person to call me that after I change my display pic~

u haf gf ma??? (That was quick)

Well, nope~ I'm freaking single and available~

oic..... how old r u?? from kl???

I'm 20 and no I'm not from KL.. I'm from Port Klang~

oic....... wer is portklang???

About 1 hour drive from KL, I think. It depends on how you travel and which area you come from.

u study o work??

A college student. Stamford PJ.

oic..... u wan to friend wif me ma??

Aren't we online friends already? lol~

ok.... wan cum kl see me??

Huh? Are you serious? =.= (I was dumb-struck at this point)

yaya wan???

Err, I don't think I should. =.=

cum la!!

And then she added a friend in. Awkward! Really strange.
This one has got a fancy nickname, really fancy. Freaking emoticons.
A mix of a variety of emoticons.
And so it happens. (Again, the same rules applied. Original writing style kept)

Aaron: o.O Did you just?


my fren!!!

Who is? =.="

: my name is nancy...

: Yeah well I'm Aaron~

(Symbols lor): come kl la... my fren wanna meet u...

: I assume you're both friends, as in really friends. So, you're persuading me to go meet up with you girls? lol~ What an honor.. Sadly, I must decline~

: y???

: why?

: It's too sudden lol~ I don't even know you people..

: :( nvm!!!!! 88 (In case you don't already know it, 88 sounds similar to bye bye in Mandarin)

: o.O Just like that? lol~

With that, she freaking left the conversation, leaving me with this Nancy.

Nancy: u upset her liao...

: =.=" How else should I respond?

: u sure u wan tis?

: Want what? =.=

: nvm... (I was feeling really stupid by then)

: Eh you people really confusing me lol!~ I feel like I'm being toyed and heck, I'm the victim here~

: she like u...

: Huh?! o.O You cannot be serious~ +_+

: yes serious...

: Okay I'm off~ Goodbye..

: ................. ( I even counted the dots! lol~)

I deleted Irene but left the conversation open for blogging purpose. lol!~
It's the second time happening, and I can't help but think, is this my problem or theirs?
Really, what has the world become of?

Even more strange, is that I was using this as display pic:


How can that be handsome?! LOL~

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I can't think of a title for this~

Still is freaking warm~
Good thing the new Myvi is Silver in color.
If it's black, gee, it'll be freaking hot like oven inside!
Dark color absorbs heat, while bright reflects.
Is that correct?
Of course it is~

Parents are leaving for Papua New Guinea tomorrow in the afternoon.
So like, we won't be seeing until August or September 2007~
Hmmm, nah, we can still see each other through msn, with webcam of course.
And so tonight, will be our last dinner together before tomorrow's goodbye.

Like, I have to leave home in minutes and I'm still posting.

I think after this, my life will change, for the better.
Yeah. I've been thinking about things really deep lately.
I know what I want, I will go for it.
My dream will come true! Hoho~

Also, more money will be flowing in.
Ngek ngek~

And I'm still looking for good music~
Anything good at all.

In the meantime, let's celebrate a little, for me, to taking my first step in what I will become of.
I want to start a plan of something.
I'll be thinking hard.
And college, is still quite tough. I'm still getting used to things after such a freaking long period of time.
Hmmm, aight I havta to prepare now. So like, till the next post~
Peace to all~

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Short blog~

It's been a few days since I last blogged~
Not that I'm busy, but well, family time, and was sick.

Watched 3 movies in a week.
What are they?
I try recall ya.
Hmmm... I think - It's A Wonderful Life, Twins Mission & Ghost Rider.
Yeah those three~
I enjoyed all of them.

My parents are going back to their workplace on the 19th this month.

After that, I'm all alone again.
Oh wait, no I'm not. My sister is back from her National Service.
It's either good or bad. lol~

I've been hunting for good music lately.
Is there anyone with anything good to recommend?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Muar mia Cina~

I'm not a Muarian myself, but this video is funny.
Thanks to a friend of mine who told me about this.
From YouTube.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

After hours in front of my laptop, I came up with this crap~ lol!

Bloggers' party..........................
*Sigh* I should stop thinking about it already.
It's too late now.

I mean, come on, is it not cool to go and meet up with bloggers that write in blogs you read at least once in a day?
I don't post every day, but I visit them blogs every day.

So like, another day, spent driving around town with my parents.
Thanks to my lecturer (he's got some family matters to solve? So I've been told) who has been on leave for 2 days.
What could there be in a small town like Port Klang?
I'd say nothing much.
Many villages. A long stretch of kampung area along the railway, all the way from Pelabuhan Klang to err, Teluk Pulai or Bukit Badak? I don't know. lol~
Many fruit stalls along the kampung mia jalan.

Also, Kampung Raja Uda, the best kampung in Port Klang? lol~
Seriously, this place is rather scary. They have bungalows, some are as big as clubhouses.
It never fails to mesmerize me, everytime I visit this kampung.

So like, we were driving and looking, and we came across a very nice area, consists of a few rows of semi-ds. There are a few vacant houses left. Having checking the area out, my parents decided that it's a decent place to live in and we took down the contact numbers of the house owners (quite a few houses, actually).

Judging by the size and location, I think they cost at least RM400,000.00 (aiks~ is this cheap or what?) and I don't think it's really that important to buy a new house. lol~
Come on, we need a car more than a house! Adoi~

My parents are both working overseas, leaving my sister and I at home.
The house is big enough for the both of us. I mean, why do you want to buy a big house for two person? Too free is it? Nothing better to do? Big house means more cleaning job! This house is big enough to give me the pain, and they think big house means more spacious and comfortable. Heck it is spacious, and it means more painful moments for me to endure! lol~
And right about now, we're out of a vehicle. Alright, I crashed it. I even blogged about it - here.
So like, why don't just get a car, and sell the old one when it's being repaired?
And the price of a car is most of the time, cheaper than a house.
Also, it's not like our residential area is not safe. Plus, it's very convenient to have everything nearby (I can walk around town and find all sorts of daily needs, I can reach the bus stop in a short while, et cetera) and even my grandparents live just next door.

Okay lah~ Buy both lah~ lol~

I want Myvi enough. Easy parking and not-so-high fuel consumption, and it's not expensive.
Oh and apparently the guy who told me about Myvi having Kembara's engine, was wrong.
Because I was told again by people who know better, that Myvi's engine is actually Toyota's.

And so, it's evening now.
We're going to have a steamboat dinner at home, with a steamboat set and some rather sweet ingredients.
And heck, I'm gaining weight because my parents are back at home.
It's like, they want to eat everything they love to eat before they go back to their workplace.
Where be their workplace? A place with the name - Papua New Guinea.
It's a freaking third-world country, still growing very slowly, but their currency already higher than Malaysia. Unbelievable? Believe it. lol~
Never mind with my weight.
I'm always exercising anyway.

Right about now, my parents are screaming at me, asking for my help. lol~
I should go anyway, or I'll get bombed hard by a few people that are all generations ahead of me.

Blast off~

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Brain exercise~

Gee~ My mind is totally blank.
I've been thinking for hours, about what to do, what to post. And yet, nothing came to me.
Searching, still searching.
I guess sometimes it's better to not think about it at all.

But if I do that, then surely nothing will come to me.
So I have to at least try and find something to blog about.

I revisited my old blog - Ze Opening Zone - at Friendster.
Found myself pathetic, and err, catharsis was spelt - carthasis. Right. Spelling error. lol~
So, catharsis means the release or relief of strong feelings, by acting out an impulse. It's somewhat related to psychology (you know how some people release their tension by vandalising, bullying and what not).

It's fine if you want to release whatever there is in you, but don't go around hurting people or vandalising. Me? I punched walls. lol~ And I still do.
I'm so used to it now, it rarely hurts. And walls cannot feel anything and, what? You think I have the strength to break a wall? At least it's better than hurting someone else.
Some people see me mou la la punch on wall, will ask me whether I'm okay or not. I'll normally respond "to me, it's a form of exercise".

Right~ So scanning through my old blog, I came across this post about my primary schoolmates' gathering - Rojak Reunion. And I'm thinking now, will there be another gathering of such?
This year is totally different. Most friends have finished their A levels (STPM), some are done with their diploma studies, maybe going for their degree. Some already working.
So like, it's not easy to start a group plan for all to join.
People like me, you know, I want ALL if at all possible, to show up. lol~

Ah well~
My old blog is one thing that helps remind me of past incidents, help me remember and recall that very few memorable moments of my life.
Now that I'm off with my new blog, I'm going to make history with it. Keke~

After reading 5Xmom's post about her monthly pay (I cannot get the actual link to the post because, you know how 5Xmom update her blog so often), I feel that, actually blogging also can make a lot of Gs. lol~
Work hard, work smart.

Anyway, it's really warm these days.
Even now, I'm feeling all sticky.
And all I did was eat my lunch - BahKutTeh.

Aight, I'mma take my shower now.


Monday, March 5, 2007

We can all make a difference~

Like, is the weather really hot or what?!
Yeah it's after Chinese New Year and the weather around this time is usually very warm.
But is it not a little too extreme compared to what we had like, few years back?

I cannot drive home without turning the air-cond temperature and fan speed to the max.
I cannot sit on my sofa, in my hall when the air-cond's not turned on.
Well, I can, actually. But I'll be sweating like shit~

I read an article this morning (I forgot which newspaper, I think TheSun?) talking about the problem we're facing now - global warming.
I know little about global warming, very little.
So like, what is the cause to it? I don't know for sure. But if you ask me, I'll tell you this.
Some freaking stuff that contributed to the deterioration of the earth's ozon layer (it was a type of gas known as CFC, and I forgot what is it in full - Carbon Fluoride Crap? Blah~), was one of the cause. Pretty simple, because the layer got thinner and thinner, until it's really thin like what we have now. The ultra-violet ray hits the surface of earth, more intense then ever. The heat that reaches the surface, is much warmer too. Because more sunlight is penetrating the very thin layer of what's left of our atmosphere.
Carbon dioxide, however, casts a greater impact on our very atmosphere.
We get tonnes of carbon dioxide, emitted by so many things we use in our everyday life, in just a single day. So, our earth is dying. No wait, we'll drive ourselves to extinction before the earth actually dies.

What else? Global warming lah~
Icebergs melt, causing the water level to rise.
What are the effects?
Again, if you ask me, I'll tell you this.
We'll lose precious land, many lower lands will flood, and it's not going to go away.
That will also bring up the price of land? This, I cannot say for certain.
What's more? Oh yeah, wildlife. Animals will start migrating. How can I put this... Hmmm... It's like, animals from cooler parts of the earth will start appearing everywhere to look for new habitats. That's good and bad. Good is that we get to find out more about some unknown species (heck, just recently, scientists found many new species emerging from the deep. So like, I'm not making this up. lol~ Don't believe? Go read the news), while the bad I think, is really quite bad. We will either see the extinction of them due to the lost of their habitat, food, et cetera, or some ancient ice monster suddenly breaking out of its icy-cool prison and eat us human beings to extinction. lol~
Imagine all those years hibernating. From what I read, some specimens show that these creatures were frozen and preserved by the ice? Or still living inside the ice? Whatever be it, they are at least 2000 years old (wait... 2000 or 12000?!). If you want the exact figure, you have to check out the news. lol~ I left my newspaper at college and I'm scratching my head now.
Okay let's just assume it's 2000 years old. An ice monster, slept for 2000 years, wakes up and feels hungry, so hungry that it'll eat for another 2000 years before it goes back to hibernation. lol~ Too much time spent on video games and this is what you'll get.

We can totally reverse what our world is today, all the way back to what we used to have. But of course, it's not going to happen in a day. Experts said (I forgot who, but hey, check out the news. lol~) it'll take decades, even centuries, before we see our one and only earth being restored, back to what our world is supposed to be.

How to freaking reverse? Do anything you can to NOT contribute to the deterioration of our earth. Plant trees. Greens help a lot. Trees absorb a lot of carbon dioxide.
Aiyo, read the news, they teach you everything. lol~

Okay lah~
I also lazy to explain jor.
More green, less gas!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

True form of a hero - Spidey~

Like, I ran out of ideas to blog with.
So once again, I'm going to post just this one freaking thing from Blogthings.
Well I did say I'm done with it but well, quite fun mah~
So I do again, never mind lah~
Now, thanks to KennyNg. I read his blog and found this out. How often can you find someone or something to tell you what were you in the past life huh? Not necessarily true, because it's related to the birthdate, but for fun lah~

You Were a Spider

You tend to be the master weaver of fate - both for yourself and those you know.
A creative force, you tend to work from divine inspiration.

Spider? I was? lol~
Spiderman is cool, but spider... Say, toying a spider whenever I see one, that's like so bad. So having this saying I was a spider is rather sad, and it makes me feel bad for all those things I did on spiders (I toyed with spiders and caused the death of err, hundreds of 'em?).
I even kept spiders as pets but that was long ago.
You know, it's always fun to watch spiders hunting for their food. They jump and stalk, striking at lightning-fast speed. I mean, really, imagine if they're like, as big as us.
And if there really are spiders as big as human beings, they probably make really loud noise.

Okay now, where was I?
Oh~ I was a spider.
So like, I think from now on, I'll treat spiders with respect. lol~
I might even provide them with flies as food.
Whoever was a fly in the past life? Hehe~

*slings web and disappear*

Crappy session~

I love Fridays. I don't have any class to attend on Fridays, and tomorrow is Saturday, which means weekend, and weekends are most of the time, more interesting.

So like, my grandpa's car is finally out - Perodua Myvi.
My family and I went to check out the car after our dinner.
Not bad at all for a Malaysian car.
It's got rather okay looks, and it's quite powerful since it's got Perodua Kembara's engine in it, and it's much lighter than Kembara (that's according to what someone told me anyway).
First time driving - yeah I agree to the performance. I mean, you can easily hit 100 and it's really smooth. The sound system okay lah~ Just you know, it's more to crisp than heavy, balanced. The air-cond is freaking cold, I think because it's new. lol~

I like it. The first Malaysian car for me to give two thumbs up. Second be Proton Perdana, because I don't like long sedan cars that much. Toyota Vios is acceptable because it's shorter. lol~

So like, let's hope I get a new Vios or Myvi, for myself. lol~

After driving the new car home, I sort of checked everything out with my father, grandpa and mother. Experimented with everything, drove out to fill up the gas tank.
And after that, drove home and drove out again, this time with my maternal grandpa's car - Perodua Kancil. lol~ Ever since the accident, I have to drive my maternal grandpa's car (luckily he lives just at the opposite row of my house) to college, to meetings, wherever I go lah~
I drove out to refill his gas tank and then return the car to him. Deep down, I feel bad for using his car, because it's his car. lol~ So like, I thanked him for a million times and walked back home.

Now now, I have another meeting to attend! Yeah drove there with the new Myvi. Tried all levels of speed. lol~
Now my grandpa have two cars. But I'm driving the Myvi until I get my car back. lol~
Then eventually, it'll become mine!
Hmmm, nah not possible. It's under his name. lol~ The only reason I get to drive that car, is because my father paid for it. So like, why don't he get me one too?
Perhaps, by selling the old car. Yeah he'll definitely think about that.
And God please make him want to do this. lol~

End of crappy session~

Friday, March 2, 2007

This was supposed to be my first tag.

Okay this tag, I delayed until I almost forgot.
Then the person who tagged me, Feon, reminded me. How sweet. *Grrr* lol~

The topic be - My Favorite 5ive - Malaysian Bloggers.
I don't have any favorites, really. So I'll just write here, the blogs I visit most often.

Number one: >>>>>>
Rojaks - I almost always check this blog before I check others. So like, this be number one eh? But less jokes these days. I think Wingz is busy attending to the Bloggers' Party, so perhaps he'll come up with more stuff when the party's over?

Number two: >>>>>>
Kennysia.com - This one is fun to read. lol~ I'm still reading through his entire archive. It's taking up a lot of my time, but people only stick to things they like, right?

Number three: >>>>>>
Tok 3 Tok 4 - This one also quite funny. But Lin Peh update very slow lah~ So I read his old posts lor~

Number four: >>>>>>
This part special a bit. I always open this few blogs at the same time. So I group them and form number four. A pLac3 t0 thR0w OuT mY feEling$, Rabbit's World, I'll walk a mile for an Emily, PINKSTERZISME, and i'M not Who U thiNK i Am.

Number five: >>>>>>
All other blogs I have in my Links section. And I don't check on them everyday. So, like that lah~

Okay I gao dim the super-old tag jor.
Nothing liao right Feon? lol~
Oh I almost forgot. Need tag people, right? I don't have anyone to tag also.
So don't have to tag lah~
Now can rest in peace.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Broken Tag~

I've always ignored tags.
Not that I always get tags, but I almost always just delay until everyone forgets about it and then, great. But now, I think it's some culture that we bloggers have to deal with. Like, accept the freaking culture and respond in kind. lol~
But of course, I still think forwarding chain mails are stupid. At least tags are more fun and I see a point in doing so.

So here goes. Got this strange tag from Pinksterz.
And thank you for tagging me dear girl~ *Grrr* lol~

Part one: On the outside
-name: Aaron Chua
-date of birth: 6th of September 1987
-current status (??!): Marital status or what? If so, I'm single!
-eye color: Dark brownish eyes.
-hair color: Natural black. Sometimes dye a bit to try and look cool.
-righty or lefty: This also must ask?? What the heck for? ... Right handed.
-zodiac sign: Virgo eh~

Part two: On the inside
-heritage: >>>>>>
I'm a Chinese. So like, my dad's a Cantonese and my mom is Hokkien. Need to calculate blood percentage also ar? I think 100% Chinese blood. Tengok muka sudah tau.
-fear: >>>>>>
Fear? Hmmm, this is a tough question. I'm not afraid of creepy crawlies, I'm not afraid of insects, I'm not afraid of rodents, I'm not afraid of the water (I very much want to hit the ocean right now), I'm not afraid of dying (but I fear the pain I have to go through before dying. lol~), I'm only a little afraid of heights, what else? Hmmm, I don't know~
-weakness: >>>>>>
physical weakness or mental weakness? Specify mah~ lol!
-perfect pizza (my favorite huh?): >>>>>>
I hardly eat pizza at all, so err, as long as there are lots of cheese and NO pineapple!

Part three: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
-thoughts first waking up: >>>>>>
For today, I thought, "Geez, I have to drive to the market to get something? Blah~"
-tomorrow: >>>>>>
Pick up my grandpa's new car! v(^^)v
-bedtime: >>>>>>
My bedtime is really out of my control. But anyway, normally, 11:30p.m. - 09:00a.m.
-most missed memory: >>>>>>
I miss many things, many parts of my life. It's really difficult to think of a most missed memory, so I think I'll skip this one (Lalala~ *ngek*).

Part four: Your pick
-Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi Blue~
-McD or Burger King: Burger King is damn nice wei! McDonald's a bit boring.
-single or group dates: Eh this one very much depend on my mood.
-Adidas or Nike: I have more Nike stuff than Adidas, so Nike lah~
-Lipton Tea or Nestea: Nestea is nice.
-Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate! CHOCOLATE!! Chocolate.........
-Cappucino or Coffee: Cappucino is a type of coffee lah!!!~

Part five: Do you...
-smoke: Do you like cancer? I don't.
-curse: I curse everyday, at lousy drivers who drive farking slow on fast lanes! Xeng xeng tai yong yu ha hai~ Which means, ~#@%$^*&^%@#!!~

Part six: ... in the past month.
-drank alcohol: Yeah! Jolly Shandy. lol~
-gone to the mall: Of course. How else did I get my new clothes for CNY?
-been on stage: Nah, no chance for me to step up and perform.
-eaten sushi: Yee Sang can be considered as sushi, right?
-dyed your hair: Nope, I only highlighted my hair.

Part seven: What were you doing...
-one minute ago: Online and freaking doing this tag?
-one hour ago: I was singing until I finally thought it's time to come online.
-four and a half hours ago: Was eating those food I bought from Pasar Malam.
-one month ago: Did what I'm doing now.
-one year ago: Around this time last year, preparing for CNY I think.

Part eight: Finish the sentence
-I love: to sing, to take part in a drama, my family and my friends!
-I feel: like an idiot, writing in a worthless blog.
-I hate: people who make me want to hate them? lol~
-I hide: whenever I see an alien.
-I miss: you~ What? Not you lah! Finishing sentence only what!
-I need: to build up my courage to join the Malaysian Idol.

Part nine: Tag five people
How to tag people? People won't notice me tagging them also. No people read my blog wor! So I think, this also must skip lah~ Okay? Can? No problem lah~
So I'm going to tag zero person.

Job's done~

Disclaimer Note

Please take note that, whatever be my topic, I mean no offense.
All are plain thoughts that crossed my mind.
And err, no human beings or animals were harmed in the process of making this blog. Peace to the world!