Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Something fishy...

Sorry about the delay. I wasn't at home yesterday and the day before, spent two days wandering outside, aimlessly. Clearly, I have a lot of problems going on lately, so please bear with my slow updates. And when it's over, I'll start working on my new template too.

Now, time to complete the story, continuation of the previous post.

The last time, I said they got lost, actually, they were in Cineleisure Damansara all the while. That means, I walked all the way back to The Curve for nothing, and have to walk back to Cineleisure Damansara, where I left Shaz and the gaming event. So errr, yeah, I walked, and they were waiting for me at...

The Manhattan FISH MARKET

What a market. They have so few choices of fish, but the atmosphere was okay. Every photo I took inside the place, is yellowish.

Tartar sauce, chilly sauce, and I-don't-know-what sauce.

Took this photo while I was waiting for my food to arrive. I was actually taking photos of everything I see, so errr, I have many random photos, but I decided not to post them up because they're meaningless.

And then the food arrived at our table. And please, forgive me for not remembering the name of the food. All I remember is the fish of the day - Dory fish. I was like, wow, am I actually eating that blue fish?

Dory - Finding Nemo

Back to the food. Since I don't know the names, I'll just show you photos that I took. I don't think the pictures will make you feel hungry. Probably because of the yellowish hue.

Dory fish, Dory dish

My sister's order. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's Fish & Chips, or something like that. It was nice. How do I know? Well, she couldn't finish the whole thing, so I ate like, half of her fish. And those stuff on the fish, is fried squid? I remember the taste, rather milky.

Not Dory fish

My dad's order. It's not Dory fish, but I don't remember anything about it, except that it's the tastiest fish we ordered. So you should try other kinds of fish instead of Dory, if you ever go to The Manhattan FISH MARKET.

Dory fish with prawns

This is my order. They freaking burned my prawns in front of me! And, they never told me earlier, therefore, I don't get to show you the fire. So sad can. But anyway, the fish was good, and the prawns were just nice.

After we're done eating, we paid the bill and went to Ikea. Took a few photos there, but nothing worth posting. So, that's that. And then we went home.

Penchala Link Tunnel

It was Hari Raya puasa, the traffic was so freaking smooth. I think most of the Muslims were at home, waiting for 7pm to come. All hands standby! Ready to eat in three, two, one! ROAR!

Now, what will be my next post? Hmmm.......

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Curvy Day

When was Raya? Last month? Well yeah it's been almost a month, and I have photos taken back then, when my parents were still at home, and we decided to go to The Curve since my parents have never been there. And they were rather happy about it, I errr, think. More like I hope.

From this point out, photos!

The Walk, The Curve

There weren't a lot of fun inside The Curve, so we walked out to errr, The Street?

Is this part The Street or The Walk?

I don't remember. But anyway, the shops around there don't allow people to take photos, which is rather sad. I mean, all I'm going to do is promote their shop, not that I have a lot of traffic, but at least it's better than nothing, no? (lol~) Okay maybe they don't need any promotion. I never needed their photos anyway. (lol~)

So we walked, and walked, and walked, and.. Eventually arrived at Cineleisure Damansara. So we walked in and gee.. There was something going on.

Astro's GAMING Championship Series

At that time, I thought, WOW! Be a pro-gamer and earn a salary? That's amazing! To play games and earn money out of it, what more can I ask for? So I went to check what game was on the screen.

Counter Strike? Is that not a Terrorist dude?

But no one was playing. Maybe they're using the CS screen to draw gamers' attention. Really, how many gamers are there, that never played CS for at least a few times? And to those who don't know what CS (Counter Strike) is, well, look at the next photo.

On the screen, CS.

A first person shooting game. There's nothing much to talk about it. You can choose to be either a Terrorist, or a Counter-Terrorist. You start off with some money, buy your weapons, armor and equipment, and go shoot down the opposing team. There are different type of maps, and different maps have different objectives. And the objectives, are too long to explain. I'll only say here, it's either plant the bomb/disarm the bomb, or, save the hostages/kill those who try to save the hostages, depending on which side you're on. A rather addictive game.

And when I was thinking about to join, the screen changed and the event started!

One on One!

Yeah one on one, but crap, that's no CS! That's racing! *sigh* I hesitated, and eventually dropped the idea about joining. Then after I watched them race, I thought, gee.. These guys are rather lousy at it. I should have joined! (LOL~) Then I noticed something else, errr.. Someone actually.

Can you tell who this is? The biggest guy in the photo.

Like, how can you not tell who this is? I could have recognize him from blocks away....... Okay I exaggerated. But anyway, I went to say hi, and fortunately, he remembered me. (lol~) So we talked and watched the games while my family went to cari-makan (look around for food). We even took a few photos together.

Me, with Shaz!

Yeah so now you know who that really is. Anyway, I had to go meet up with my parents, so I said goodbye to Shaz and left the event.

Went back to The Walk, inside The Curve, but couldn't find my parents.

What happened? Could they have gone lost?

Come back for the next episode and you'll know!

Wow, I can't believe I'm making episodes to my blog now. What to do, traffic so low, have to try something new to draw visitors. (lol~) Anyway, that's it for this post.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fever Night

Sorry for not updating more frequently. Am quite busy with a few things this late. Wanted to explain my situation here, but it's too long a story to tell, plus, it's rather personal. So, I think I'll have to come up with something else to blog with.

This time around, I wanna blog about a normal hang out that took place around 1 year ago. Not very special, but I had a lot of fun, because of the stuff we played. This post will help me remember about that time. All we did was play with Jenga and cards, but heck it was really funny.

IMG_9009 (480 x 360)
A normal Jenga game.

IMG_9041 (480 x 640)
It was too easy, so we played a taller version.

IMG_9024 (480 x 360)
Took a photo since it's the tallest Jenga we played. Oh and that's Rycerain! I think she's busy with her assignments, therefore she can't update her blog that often.

IMG_9063 (480 x 360)
Suddenly, everyone wanted a group photo.

IMG_9065 (480 x 640)
And then it grew so tall, it was scary.

IMG_9012 (480 x 640)
And it collapsed, so sad can.

IMG_9015 (480 x 360)
And we played something else.

IMG_9016 (480 x 360)
Everyone was trying different things.

IMG_9018 (480 x 360)
Then we worked together to make a nice one, and wanted to push it down from a few sides, but it didn't turn out okay.

And that's it. The next update will be more, colorful, than this one.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

If only I could turn back time...

Tagged by Wendy on topic - Time Machine.
I mentioned in an old post, that I no longer do tags. But hey, if it's on an interesting topic, why not I use the topic and talk about what I'm really thinking? Like this Time Machine for example, I think it's quite fun to talk about times you wish you can go back to and why do you want to go back to then. The tag allows only one Time, but since I have a few to talk about, and I don't want to choose, AND I'm the boss in my blog, I'll talk about anything and everything I can think of. (Hahaha~)

The first Time I want to go back to, is the more recent past, just last year, the time when the gathering - Rojak Reunion - was held. What gathering was that? It's a little event we organized to bring all our primary school friends together, and wow, it was rather successful!

IMG_8878 (480 x 360)
A group photo taken during the end of that event.

I seriously miss times like this, and hopefully I'll be having another gathering as such, I don't mind organizing one myself, but I can't possibly do it on my own. So, if there's anyone of you old friends out there that reads my blog, and happen to come across this post, come join me, and together we'll start something!

That's that.

Another Time that I wish I can go back to, is the time I had a lot of laugh, until I almost lost my breath. It was at Station One, before the Rojak Reunion gathering, if not mistaken. We play games, joked about everything, and we were the loudest bunch around for that particular night.

And well, the Time that I want to go back to the most, is when I was still a kid, maybe 10 or 11 years of age. I played with classmates, played at home, played all the time. I was a coward. I didn't dare to do anything. But whenever someone bullied me, I stood up and fight back. I even took down a brown belt when I was still a white belt, as in Taekwando. Why? Simple. That guy was taller than me by one head, but he made a mistake. He underestimated me. But that's not a story to tell here, now. And yes, I really want to go back to whack him up again.

Anyway, the main reason I want to go back to when I was still a kid, is because I have one regret. (Yeah I told Wendy I had no regrets, but I realized after, that I do have one.) I quited my music lessons! I was at Teachers' Grade when I quit. I should have continued. Imagine what kind of music I can play now if I hadn't quit. Music is all I had, and I let go of it. But it's useless to think about it and regret now, as I'll only waste more time. So, I'm slowly picking up my Keyboard skills back, and Piano, and hopefully guitar too.

I think that should be it. And no I'm not going to tag anyone.

Now, what's next?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is to inform you that my blog is not dead! Not dead at all! It's only quiet because I've been rather busy over the weekend, had to deal with people, and have fun, because it's holiday!

Now that I'm back, I will update y'all with more stuff that I have, all prepared, and hopefully better!

I'm back and better!

Also, I will try and work on a new template, if you think I should change. Because, I think it's starting to look boring already.

And that's it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Got something cool from a dear Shouter. Benjipapa, thank you for making me a cartoon avatar!

That's me! Aaron! Woolala~

According to Benjipapa, I don't like taking photos with my normal look. Also, I'm the capalang that loves music, and does the eye move whenever I take photos. I think he's right. (LOL~)

And in case if you're wondering what the eye move is all about, check this:

The Eye move

I just found out that this Eye move is actually my signature pose. Thanks to the Shouters who helped me in realizing that. (lol~)

Thanks again Benjipapa!
Oh, and do check out his blog to find more cartoon characters of some other Shouters.

And that's it!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


What do you feel from this photo?

I felt the emo-ness from the dog.

What about this?

Looks like it was emo-ing, but it was actually afraid of the camera. So it avoided direct eye contact with the camera.

This is its "play-with-me" look.

But no one dares play with it besides my grandma and I, because it's freaking dangerous! My dad, who's home for a short work-break, was bitten by it just hours before I wrote this post. I warned my dad not to go near it, but he just had to provoke the dog. So, I think he deserved it. Hahahahaha~

It cried...

Because I yelled at it. And I felt bad after that. Hahaha~

Dang, a dog's post.
That's it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Went to Pavilion on Sunday with a small group of Shouters, also bloggers. Well, it took me quite a while to get there because I have to drive there all the way from Port Klang. And when I arrived at the place, I forgot to take a photo of the sign.

But anyway, once inside, we noticed a huge crowd, and naturally we went to check it out. And we saw this.

PDI model show?

I have no idea. I took 1 photo and left the scene to look for food. Took some random photos on the way.

Post a random photo also can?


And so, with nothing in mind about what to eat, we arrived at a really cornered place called Daily Kopitiam. And again, I forgot to take a photo of the sign. But anyway I ordered Ipoh Hor-Fun. It was actually quite OK.

Ipoh Hor-Fun, Ipoh Ipoh Hor-Fun~

Another shot, can see the pepper. Haha~

And err, the following shot is not about the person, but the food.

Penang Curry Laksa

Well OK that's Angeline. She's a Penangite, but eating Penang Laksa at Pavilion KL. Hmmm~ I wonder which one is better. But according to her, it's not bad.

IMG_1233 (360 x 480)
Daniel with his coffee. All he ate was toast.

30092007177 (480 x 360)
Firewire finished his Nasi Lemak before I took any photo. Even paid the bill!


After that, we decided that we're going to take group photos. So we took turns. When it was Wendy's turn, she adjusted her camera and when she got up, bang!

She hit her head.

Hey Wendy, was it painful? Hahaha~ But anyway, we took quite a few shots and left.

IMG_2756 (480 x 241)
There, a group photo.


Another random photo. Apparently, this stage is for catwalk only.

And well, I tried taking a candid photo. But then...

Angeline gave a peace sign.

And it's no longer candid. So never mind, I tried another shot. I waited for the opportunity. And when it came, I aimed and shoot. But...

She was still faster!

So I killed that idea. And we headed out for dinner.


Where's this?

Not in Pavilion, but Sungai Wang's top floor.

Our drinks. And Tomagogame in the Background.

This is what I ate. Normal crispy chicken with rice.

This is what Daniel ate - Fish N Chips. Looks nice.

And I took one last photo before we left the place.

Angeline with Tomagogame?!

Woolala~ Don't misunderstand. They were just sitting together. Haha~

And that's it!

Disclaimer Note

Please take note that, whatever be my topic, I mean no offense.
All are plain thoughts that crossed my mind.
And err, no human beings or animals were harmed in the process of making this blog. Peace to the world!