Saturday, July 28, 2007

Interpret this~

Remember the dream I posted just recently? If not, let me remind you - read this. I have really weird dreams. And I said in that post, things happened after I dream about them, but in a different way.

Now, let me talk on the latest experience. I dreamed about something, and it happened in a different way. Err, no explanations.

I was driving in a car, not my car, though. I wasn't alone in my dream. Sitting at the front passenger seat, was a girl. And yes, she's a friend of mine. (I'm starting to feel that girls won't like to be my friend anymore. lol~) So, I was driving from my home to somewhere, which I didn't know. The whole journey was rather peaceful. We were talking and singing really loud, and suddenly, a dog just appeared in the middle of the road. What's next? A painful cry from the dog and then I woke up.

Seeing that I had many weird dreams and seen a few weird cases before, I thought I should tell her about the dream. But well, she didn't come on-line on that day, so I thought maybe next time. But on the next night, I had two similar dreams.

Everything was pretty much the same, but the location and vehicle changed. And no, we didn't hit a dog, we hit something else, and something hit us.

The we-hit-something dream, well, this time she drove. We were at a McDonald Drive-Thru, and after placing our order, she drove aside to wait for our food, but hit the lamp post. We checked the car, everything was okay, just a dented hood and a few scratches. And then, it ended.

Later during my sleep, the something-hit-us dream happened and I was the driver. This one is rather outrageous. Why? Well because I was driving on a highway with her, when suddenly, a freaking Tanker came from the opposite direction and hit us, caused our car to spin a few rounds, and then flattened the rear part of the car by driving over it. It's lucky we didn't die in the dream. And I know now how one-helluva-ride feels like. Surprisingly though, I didn't wake up until morning.

Even more surprising is, I can recall everything bit of both dreams. Two dreams on the same night? Not my first. But both similar ones, yeah this is the first. What next? I saw her on-line and asked her if anything happened, she answered no. I didn't share with her the dream, thinking it might be "just a dream".

Two weeks later, my sister attended a birthday party. That girl (who I dreamed of) told my sister to pass a message to me. What message? I'll tell you what she said.

Your brother told me he had weird dreams about me, but didn't tell me what were the dreams about. He just told me to be extra careful. And guess what, I had a few car accidents in just a few days. First one, I almost hit another car, just almost. Second accident, I hit someone but was minor. The last one, someone hit me!

Gosh~ Please help me, anyone. I don't want to be dreaming about all these stuff! No one will ever friend me again. Especially girls! (Which is totally bad! Worse than nightmare!) Or if anyone has anything to say about these dreams are plain dreams, not visions, can come up with a good logic? I've been trying to really hard.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My God it's big!

This is a really funny beer ad. I first saw this at KL Performing Arts Center. There was a talk on advertisements and well, it's all related to my course. But let's not get to that. I just want to share this video.

Carlton Draught ad

Oh gosh! What a big ad! Hahahahahahaha~

Another birdy post~

Alright, so I've been running everywhere, taking photos of everything I find interesting, or anything that moves. What for? For fun. I'm experimenting on the Macro, and it's fun to play with. But Macro is only clear when you're taking close-up shots, no? I tried zooming in from far with Macro turned on, and the result is a very blur photo. Please, do correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, I was walking around my grandma's place early in the morning, and then I saw this:

Took the shot with Macro turned on. This beetle was moving really quick.

Well, I don't like insects, so I normally kill them as soon as I see them. But I didn't kill this beetle until after I took the shot. I feel bad. (Amitabha~ lol~) And suddenly, I heard noises coming from my garden, which is just next door. What kind of noise? Remember about the birds? No? Here, I'll remind you - Read this post. And so, they were flying everywhere and sitting on unusual spots. Like this:

Above the old nest?

Yes, this is unusual. Why? Because they normally don't. They'd fly straight to their nest to sit, or fly away again to come back with more food. And there was the other bird:

Those wires and tubes connect to the aquarium. It was moving up and down the wire. I'd like to think it's panicking.

So, naturally, I looked around my garden and I saw something. Something I've seen before, but this time, much closer.

A baby bird!

Yeah so it's not my first, but I get to take photos of this one. And I told my grandma about it, so she came and look. Why? Because she thought that the birds have left and kept telling me she's going destroy the nests, while I've been telling her the birds were there all along.

Near the tire (Tyre, if you learn the British English)

And I was about to drive out to get some of my stuff done. What did I do next? Heh~ I waved and made all kinds of noise to scare the bird away from my car. Sadly, it fled to underneath the car. I had to catch it and place it somewhere else. And so I did.

Under the table

A safer place, for the time being. As long as the dogs stay out of my garden. And then, off I went to settle my things. After about an hour, I return home to find the bird resting on my mother's old bicycle.

Dusty. And since when did we have a glove hanging at the basket? Never seen it before.

More birdy photo, with obvious Macro effect, no?

And then, my favorite photo, not because of the quality (fact is, it's rather blur), but looking at the bird parent feeding the little bird just makes me feel happy, I don't even know why.

Birdypapa: Here, mum-mum~
Birdybaby: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Birdypapa reminds me of Benjipapa, though. (LOL~) But anyway, it's different when you look at the real thing. You won't feel so much, because it happens too quickly. And the next one, without zoom. And that's how close I got, to take its photo. Face to face!

What are you looking at?!

End of birdy post.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

7 days later~

Firstly, I want to apologize on not updating for quite some time. It's been one week now (7 days, I'm starting to like number 7) since the 7th Panda Day. I'm not quite a blog-addict after all.

Secondly, about upcoming updates. I was thinking, or rather, choosing between topics because I had a few ideas. The very first idea that came to mind was a ghost story. A true one, of course. In fact, I have quite a few ghost stories to share. Hmmm~ Also, my Chinese-calendar (lunar calendar?) birthday is on the 14th of the seventh month. In case you don't already know it, that day is the very famous Hungry-Ghost Festival. So that makes me a hantu-boy? (Hantu means ghost. It's Malay)

Next idea came about when I was taking photographs of food. See, there are rather interesting food that can be found everywhere. And since certain food can really help change people's mood, or even bring back memories, I think it's fun to blog about. I might even experiment in cooking myself, since cooking is all fun (and taking photos of food, too).

And the third, another stupid conversation I had, almost like the one I wrote in the past - Link to that post. Go read that post and find out how stupid.

Your Personality is Very Rare (ESTP)

Your personality type is dominant, driven, poised, and self-aware.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.

A random quiz I did. Gee~ How true is this?

Well, I'll post up photos for now. Photos of my grandma's birthday celebration.

Only half of everyone that came wanted a group photo. I wanted too, but heck, I was the photographer. Also, I couldn't trust anyone with my camera.

Cake-cutting ceremony with my grandpa holding her hand.

Everyone got their share of cake. Very nice cake!

And then my grandpa presented my grandma a bunch of roses (yes, a bunch) and kissed her on her cheek as usual.

Poor dog, was made to present a rose, too. It's because everyone was saying that the dog is so sayang-ed by my grandma, it has got special privilege. *sweats* I have really crazy relatives.

And err, a few of my cousins, posing on the very bed they broke. And no, I didn't shoot that broken pile of wood. Why? Because that's the second bed they broke. The first one was mine! These people are all ganas-ganas belaka one! (Hyperactive bunch, really.)

I have more photos, but rather meaningless ones because, well, people just love to camwhore, no? And well, anyone have any suggestion on which I should post next? (From those three I stated earlier.)

Heh~ Off I go then.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The 7th Panda, I am!

A screen-shot for shouters. A day to remember. Well, okay maybe not. I joined the ShoutOut on 6th of July 2007, and today is another day I think I'll remember for quite some time.

Historic (934 x 300)
Click on it to view the bigger version

Is this truly a historical moment? Not after so many people, no? Maybe to the shouters, yes it's something to be celebrated. What else can I be talking about, if it's not about the 5000th shout? Yes yes, I've reached the 5000th shout. No wait, I should probably sound more excited. Let's try that again.

Oh my God! People! Shouters! All! I'm now a Panda holder! Omigosh! This is truly unbelievable! I'm the 7th Panda Holder, and 7 seems to be a big number this year, but sadly, it's not 07/07/07. Still, 7 is a cool number. I don't know if it's my lucky number, but I like the number 7. Even the the shape of the number 7 looks cool, no?

Never mind. Let's check out the slide. Oh and, sorry about my photo, I'm ugly.

Cool Slideshows!

I wanted to decorate the whole thing to look like it's full of love, but after experimenting for a while, I figured that lots of lovey-dovey designs will only make the whole thing look weird. So I'd go for simple. But hey, I still love ShoutOut and the Shouters, okay? And now, let's see.

Chee Hsien
Criz Lai

Adelene Tan

4 guys and 3 girls. Guys can be really talkative, too. And the girls are getting more and more quiet. lol~

Next up, a task assigned by the Panda Holders. To show how much I support ShoutOut.

IMG_0704 (400 x 300)
I have ShoutOut posted up on my television.

IMG_0718 (400 x 300)
I even have it posted up on my fridge.

IMG_0723 (400 x 300)
On my mirror.

IMG_0720 (400 x 300)
Even at my electone! But I don't shout when I play. I sing.

IMG_0741 (400 x 300)
My fishes support ShoutOut.

IMG_0745 (400 x 300)
My pet dog nods to ShoutOut.

IMG_0736 (400 x 300)
Even my tortoises (I like calling them turtles instead) show support to ShoutOut.

IMG_0726 (400 x 300)
I had my sister participate in the show of supporting ShoutOut, not easy.

IMG_0728 (400 x 300)
And me, the 7th Panda Holder! Support ShoutOut all the way!

I hope this is good enough to make up for my failure in executing the original assignment. Finally, special thanks to all Shouters, especially Lasker & Elise for starting this magic, and Criz Lai for assisting me throughout the whole process. To all Shouters, we rock!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Girls of Dreams

What are dreams to you? I don't mean your ambition like, becoming a star or something like that. I mean dreams that you have when you sleep. Is it just something normal like what you've been told? Like brain-activity, since brains never do sleep. Or like me, you have special dreams. More like visions, you see things that you are not supposed to see, or things that sometimes happen in reality. Some people call it a special ability. Me? I think it's more of an extra sense.

Why am I even talking about this? You see, I've been dreaming about really strange things, strange scenes. In case if you're wondering, they were not about the nightmares I had, nothing to do with nightmares at all. In fact, they were not scary, not even close to being bad dreams.

Maybe, relating them to nightmares was not right in the first place. They were rather wonderful dreams. Dreams I find difficult or impossible to forget. Dreams that most people will like. I should really get to the dream now, shouldn't I?

Dream #1.
I woke up on a bed, and the first thing I realized, was the gloomy background of the room. The walls were all dark blue in color, and the lights were rather dim. I started to move a little, and I felt something on my chest. (I don't know how I was able to actually feel it, it was just a dream.)

I looked down and I realized it's not a thing, it's someone! There's a girl, leaning onto me, her head on my chest. (Tell me, how is this not a good dream?) Carefully, I tried to move her, but I woke her up instead.

She turned and looked at me, and I was like, what?! I know this girl! (I'm not going to tell you who! But let's call her girl-A.) Why is this happening? She hugged me real tight, while me, having no control over myself (yes people, dreaming) hugged her too. We started kissing, but nothing more than that. (I'm totally honest!) The whole thing felt as if we were deeply in love with each other. And then it ended.

And several days after having that dream, I received news from someone else who told me that this girl-A (the one I dreamed of) has broken up with her boyfriend. I went like, whoa!

Of course, it didn't really hit me yet, that my dream was somehow related to her incident. That was until the second, similar dream.
Dream #2.
Almost the same thing, only this time the dream started off at a different location. I was in a sports stadium, sitting on a bench. It was at night, but all the lights were turned on, so the whole stadium was brightly lit.

And there were so many other people, sitting on other benches, some even playing basketball. Suddenly, I sense a familiar face walking to me. (You guessed it.) A friend of mine, a girl of course. (Not the same girl. Let's call her girl-B)

Strangely, I felt comfortable and really happy at that instant. As if she's my girlfriend. (Sadly, no.) Once again, the hugging scene but no kissing. (How disappointing.) And suddenly, it all ended.

Being the curious person that I am, I started thinking, maybe these dreams are signs? Maybe I should go check on dreams, do a research or something. Find out what are the true meanings behind every dream. But the curiosity only lasted until I rush out on more important things.

Naturally, old memories die and new memories bloom. It wasn't rediscovered until I was once again being informed by another person that girl-B broke up with her boyfriend!

Now, tell me, are all of these happenings merely coincidences? Or are they truly connected, like that extra sense I said earlier?

Right now, I'm waiting for a third dream to come by. I don't want people to break up, but really, I want to know if these dreams of mine are really signs, or everything was just happening at the same time. So, pray real hard I don't dream about you, who have boyfriends.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I need to get me new shoes~

Ever since the Transformers movie fever, everything is becoming robots. Even shoes are transforming! Many people are posting pictures on the newer shoes. Like this:

Nike Takara
Nike Takara

Got this picture from KeeeKeee's blog. It's cool how they design shoes and robots. Even the shoe laces can be used as err, whips? Hmmm~

Pictures are not all good. You got to check out the video to see the shoe transform. Now big shoes like that okay lah~ But if regular sized shoes, one stomp on it, and it goes bye-bye. Lousy but cool bots.

Cool transformer video

Want them shoes? You don't walk in them, they walk for you.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Come another day when bloggers meet with more bloggers~

Calling out to Malaysian bloggers!
Well, nothing much for me to say. I'm not one of the organizers, I don't know Elaine personally, and I'm still figuring out the way to get there.
Wait, you don't know what I'm talking about?
Check out the banner or flyer or anything you wish to call it, below.

Malaysian Blogger Day!
Whoa! So many gathering these days!

Well I think I'm going. Yeah thanks to Cedric who reminded me, or I would have forget about the whole thing.

So, anyone else going? Anyone from Klang? Maybe just one?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

From blog quitting, to birds humming~

Have you ever felt like you want to quit blogging?
Having a head full of stress in thinking on what to blog about?
Found yourself a new hobby and blogging has became boring?
Lost interest in it and don't find any benefits in blogging?
Or like me, lacking the time, unable to focus, therefore the very few updates in weeks, and the drop of blog visits.

Things like these almost always bring people down. And if you're that kind of people who can channel the negative energy and transform it into some motivation, good for you. Apparently, I failed in doing so. Hence, the feeling of quitting this blog-activity.

Maybe it's because I felt lonely? How true is that?
Maybe it's because I'm the only Klang blogger? Cannot be what.
Maybe it's just me.

Now, here's the story. There's a pair of humming birds, both black and yellow in color, always flying around in the garden of my home. It didn't quite bother me until one day, I realize the floor is always full of nonsense like dry leaves, small flowers, strings, and hair?! I mean hair?! Where are all these rubbish coming from? I look up and saw this.

bird nest 1
A bird nest!

And then my grandma came and told me to get rid of it, because the birds will only create more rubbish. But of course, I ignored her. Why destroy their home? They aren't noisy like crows, or eat disgusting stuff from the trash cans. Instead, they make my home sound peaceful with that daily chirp-chirp bird talk, and they eat from flowers, good for the flowers, too.

bird nest 2
Slightly closer

Well, their first baby-bird made it. I saw it with my own eyes, it came out from its nest, flew for the first time and got scared like crazy when I got closer to look at it. And days after, my grandma decided to tidy up the garden and somehow disturbed the nest. The birds left for good!

bird nest 3
Closer than slightly closer

So I thought, no more birds. Nothing is special about my home now. *Cries* No wait, the birds left but the nest is still there. My grandma didn't remove the nest. But what the heck, no birds.

Until one fine day (last week I think), the floor is full of nonsense again. At first, I thought, where did all these rubbish came from? Whoa! Got hair some more! Wait, hair? That felt really familiar. And then, I look up.

2 bird nests
They're back!

That means I have 2 bird nests now, like what you see in the photo.
And this time around, I took a shot for the colors to be obvious and below is the result.

humming bird
Wild pets

Still the same pair of birds. They must really like my garden a lot.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


|||This is an all word post. A rather boring one, in fact.|||

I've been away for quite some time now. Did many things. Birthday parties, farewell parties, more farewell parties, et cetera. Most of my friends are headed off, to their study places. Some even flew to Sabah and won't be coming back until Chinese New Year.

Suddenly, everything is moving into another stage. To me, it's like the whole definition of life changed, too. I no longer think like how I used to think. The way I handle things have changed. Even the things that I do, are slightly different now. I guess that happens when one grows. Heck, now I'm feeling older.

Come to think of it, it's been 20 years and I've done so little. How am I going to become successful in less than 10 years time? The way I look at it, very difficult. Nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing? That is only useful when you've ran out of things to say, to those whom you try and help. Really, there are some things, you cannot rely on will power alone. Hard work? Yeah it'll get you somewhere, but not my kind of success. Combine both? Yeah you could become someone really good at work, but you're not alone. Everyone else is working as hard, some even harder. What? Work smart? Exactly what does work smart mean? It seems to most that, there is no clear meaning to work smart. In fact, some people even thought it's better because it sound smart. Smart is better than hard anyway.

Anyway, what are your chances to become successful when there are so many other talented people already doing well at work? Hmmm~ It really makes me wonder what kind of future I'm going to have. Sometimes, I think it's better to have everything all planned out.

To my friends who all went to rather faraway places, you know, good things don't come easy, good things don't come cheap. I wish y'all success, and you guys will always be the coolest bunch of old friends. Nastroviet! (cheers, in Scottish)
And to all blog-friends who're still studying, good luck.
Me? bad luck.

End of wordy post.

Disclaimer Note

Please take note that, whatever be my topic, I mean no offense.
All are plain thoughts that crossed my mind.
And err, no human beings or animals were harmed in the process of making this blog. Peace to the world!