Thursday, February 28, 2008

Deep Sea Crawlers

A little snack I had, brought home all the way from Papua New Guinea.

Can you guess?

Maybe this will give you a clue?

Bacons, I love bacons.

Still don't know what this is?

Lobsters, very cheap if you buy them at Papua New Guinea.

And that was my first time eating lobsters.

I suppose this post is rather meaningless. lol~
Next one will be something different.
Stay tuned.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Colourful Wonders

What did you do during the weekend?

Normally, I'd sleep until noon and spend the rest of the day at home, doing nothing. But ever since I bought the new camera, my life's starting to change a little. No I'm not saying the camera is some magic, but I do a lot more meaningful things with the camera. Traveling around taking photos, is just what I like.

Sunday, 24th February 2008 - Semenyih with Eugene and Fattien.


The beauty of this place is indescribable. However, since it's rather far up, there are very few people around the place. I guess that's also why some people drove up there to dispose off their waste. We spotted a lot of rubbish. Old, unused furnitures, wooden boxes, racks, crates, et cetera. With no one around to look after the place, I wonder how long will its beauty last.

Misty Waters

It was still early morning when we arrived at the place. There was a thin layer of mist just above the water, as in the photo.


The water was clear and deep, I wonder what kind of fish will I find in here. Spotted a few guys fishing, but didn't wait around long enough to see what they can catch.

Now, time for the highlight of this post - Insects. I used 75mm - 300mm camera lens to shoot them, since I have no macro lens.


A bee working at its best, pollens can be spotted on its hind legs. And that gray thing is actually an ant.


Dragonflies, greater insects. Dragonflies used to be such huge creatures, but they grew smaller and smaller, and eventually became the ones we see now. Why? How would I know? lol~


Do you see what I see? Yes, a spider. OK spiders have eight legs so they are not insects. So what? lol~ From the way it looks, I think it's poisonous. And I can't get any closer since I have no macro lens.


Why do some butterflies open their wings like the one in this photo, and some close their wings up? To display their wings? Camouflage? Or are they simply two different types?


No idea about these two. But from how their wings look, I don't think they're designed for speed.


An ant, but not any normal ant. That thing was around 3.5cm - 4cm long, way over an inch.


This is not an insect. It's just an outer shell an insect has left behind. Or maybe its innards have been drained out by some other insects. Or it could be that it died after laying eggs, and its young ate its protein. Or it could be the work of a parasite. I really don't know. lol~

That is all for today's update.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Noob DSLR Shots~

Chinese New Year is over! And with my new Alpha200, I took a lot of photos.

Lotus Lamp, Table of Gods

Taken at my grandmother's place, before we left for Chinese New Year Eve dinner. And this dinner, is quite the normal case. Uh, no one waited for me to finish taking photos, so most of the photos, the food a little messed up. lol~

Abalone & Vegetables?

All I know about this dish is that it's got abalone, sea cucumber, mushrooms, and everything else you can see in the photo. It was rather tasteless.

Shark Fin Soup

Very nice! But I don't like the idea of eating shark fins. Poor sharks.

I'm sure you know what this is.

It was good, but nothing like the best one I've tasted.

Fried Fish

It was always steamed fish. This year however, due to special reasons, we tried the fried fish, and it was very very good!

Sweet & Spicy Prawns

I deleted the clear version of the prawns photo by accident, so I'm left with only this. Out of focus, dang.

"Fatt-Choi" & Vegetables

"Fatt-Choi" is that hair-like vegetable. lol~

Glutinous Rice?

I don't know what to call this, but it was the most filling dish at that dinner. lol~

Yellow-coloured Dessert

Obviously I don't know the name of this thing. But I spotted Sago, and someone told me this dessert is a healthy food. Tasted like Barley to me.

That's all for today's update.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Penang Makan/Photo-shoot Trip, End.

Last of Canon PowerShot A570IS photos. After this, I'll be posting photos taken using Sony Alpha200. Yes, it's a new toy I got. Have been playing with it for a while now. Anyway, let's get to the photos, still with Penang.

Big-white Building

I don't know what's it called, but it's right next to the fort, park, and sea. And uh, it was an extremely sunny day, but the photo looks dark, because I wanted it to look dark. But then the shadows, hmmm...

An Old Fire Hydrant

I suppose it still works? We don't get to see this kind around Port Klang.

An Insect

Uh, no I don't know what type of insect is this. A beetle? A tick? But ticks are arthropods, and arthropods are eight-legged. Anyway, it was rather cute, reacted to my movements. Ignore the rubbish OK.

Penang Trees?

Under the Penang Tree

Firewire posing. Was he trying to become a new God?

I forgot what's this called, but I like the sky.

Last photo I took in Penang, Gurney Plaza's stairway.

OK! That's it for this post. It's been a while since I last wrote a wordy post. Hmmm...


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Zone, Fort Cornwallis

I said in the previous post, that this update should be fun. Apparently, no. I mean, I'm not gonna update on that yet. For now, let's just look at more of my Penang trip's photos.

Went to Fort Cornwallis. Sadly it was closed, on a Sunday. Geez~ What kind of tourism spot closes on Sunday? OK don't answer that question. Uh, we took photos anyway.

It was a very sunny Sunday.

The only cannon we can see from outside the fort.

The Main Gate, I suppose.

Locked from inside.

I wonder why is the place closed on Sundays. Hmmm...
Anyway, we went on around the Fort, and saw a park.

It should mean 'Welcome To Old Fort Park' in English, I think.

And there was nothing else to shoot. Haha~

The only guy who posed, Firewire.

And then we walked across the street, just next to the fort, to find this...

The sea.

Too bad the sea is dirty, otherwise the photos will look really good.
Alright next update should be the last one? Hehe~


Friday, February 8, 2008

Bed & Beach


Well yeah, still about Penang. More about us. We went to Bed in Auto-City. Uh, no we didn't sleep in Auto-City. There's this place called Bed in Auto-City. Never mind.

Satkuru & Wendy, uh, Firewire's hand at the back.

Nothing much to talk about this Bed place. We drank something, chatted, played game games, and then half the group went home.

What next? Daniel, Firewire, Willaz and I, went to Subaidah to meet up with Chee Hsien. He brought his friends along, but we didn't really talk to his friends. I feel bad for him, being in the middle. But anyway, we had fun laughing a little, and then left for our next location.

Feringghi Beach

Sorry, shaky hands and slow shutter speed. lol~

What did we do at the beach?

At first, it was boring.

And then Chee Hsien, toying with my camera, asked us to pose.

I can't describe this pose of Daniel's.

And then he tried and attack me.

This one, was not supposed to look like this.

The camera angle, make it feel as if he's going to kick me.
OK next post should be fun.


Monday, February 4, 2008

A Yummy Post?

It's been awhile. I'm back with more updates. What's in this post? Hmmm...
As usual, photos of food.

Penang Laksa

Not the best Laksa in Penang, but still, a lot better than those you can find in Port Klang. You can really tell by just looking at it. The soup is full of fish! I wonder if they have Curry Laksa in Penang.

Penang Char Koay Teow

Not the best Char Koay Teow I've eaten, but still very good. And only in Penang, I see people Char the Koay Teow with prawns. Uh, my own food photo is making me hungry now. Crap.

Next, we went to Tambun for some seafood.

Capalang of Vegetable

Uh, yeah this is some healthy food, I think.

Prawn + Nestum = What you see in the pic above.

This is nice. I ate the prawns with their shell, very crispy, crunchy, etc.

Oh Jien!

Uh, "Oh Jien" means Fried Oyster in Hokkien. Somehow, they forgot about the egg in the naming process. Poor egg. Anyway, this "Oh Jien" is so far the best one I've eaten! The size of their oysters are much bigger compared to those people use in Klang or even KL, but not too big, just nice! And the taste, gosh! My food photo is killing me!

More Vegetable

I'm not sure about this vegetable. I think these are the leaves of potato trees? Why else would Chinese-Cantonese call it "Fan Shu Yip"?

Steamed Fish

I don't know what type of fish this is, but it tastes good! Very nice! No words can describe! Ushkaka!~

Crab with a lot of meat.

I guess that's why they called it "Yuk Hai" (Cantonese), meaning Meat Crab. About the taste, not bad. But I prefer it cooked in other styles.

OK that's all in this post. I will continue blogging about more food! But not in the next post, because I'll be posting images of human beings. Alright, thanks for viewing! Stay tuned.


Disclaimer Note

Please take note that, whatever be my topic, I mean no offense.
All are plain thoughts that crossed my mind.
And err, no human beings or animals were harmed in the process of making this blog. Peace to the world!