Thursday, January 21, 2010

I saw Indonesia

More photos of places I visited in Indonesia.


Lots of temples and stuff, the carvings and architectures are rather similar to those I saw back then in Cambodia. Most of the stones were taken by people who lost their homes to the great volcanic eruption. What for? They used those stones to rebuild their homes. As a result, many parts of these temples are lost. Reconstructing the temples require a lot of funding, and it's difficult since they don't know exactly how those temples look like, originally.


I don't remember the name of this place. But the sea view is epic! You have to go there at least once and see it for yourself. It's superrr beautiful! One thing I do remember is that there are a lot of monkeys around this place. They are aggressive, and known for robbing things from people. They tend to go after shiny things. Spectacles, earrings, whatever stuff that shines. There is a reason why they grab those stuff. They want food in exchange of your stuff back. If you want your item back, offer food and the amount of food depends on the monkey's mood. You'd think you'll be able to scare them off before they come close enough, but they are fast, and they are everywhere. So I hid my stuff instead of risking it.


They have restaurants by the beach too, just like most... beaches. Yes.

And then:

Golden Retrievers on top of the Volcano, Gunung Batur. Inactive but very much alive. The steam alone is hot enough to cook eggs.

And again:

Unending lot of temples. Been shooting a lot of temples since Cambodia. Will I ever get a chance to go to Vatican City? Cathedrals are just as awesome.


Wildlife in Bali, Indonesia. LoL~
I love this photo a lot. It's just a cat, but it looks wild here. Meow~

When will I see you again?



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