Friday, April 11, 2008

Morning's Glow, Kanching

I've not update my blog for a ridiculously long period of time. I'm dedicating a lot of my time to my college life and stuff. Assignments, projects, photo-shootings, presentations, you know the drill. The most unbelievable thing is that I have to do colour studies. Like you know, the artist's colour wheel thing, mixing of colours, it's exactly like what I did in secondary school. Only this time, more challenging.

This post is on Kanching Waterfalls. I joined a group of bloggers and we went there together. It was a rather tiring drive. The journey is not that far, but traffic was slow moving and the car in front of mine, the one leading, was driving slowly, so it took us quite a while to get there.


There are seven main waterfalls if I'm not mistaken. This one above is the second waterfall, I think. Didn't take a lot of waterfall shots, simply because, well, they look all similar to me.

Next up, as usual, the life I managed to capture at Kanching.

Monkey model.

There were many monkeys around the place. I took many photos of monkeys jumping and climbing on the trees. But I'm not going to post up too many of the same photos, so I'll just put up a few of my favourites.

A female monkey.

Posing for me to take photo? XD

The next one is rather scary. Some won't like it, some won't be able to stand it, some would think it's gross, but I'm going to post it up because it's rather unique to me.

The March of Million-Ants

Most of the people who saw this got pretty freaked out. Must be due to the many legs and weird shape. I think the world of insects is interesting. It's so alien-ish. I hope I get Macro lens! It's gonna be so nice shooting insects with macro lens. Sigh~

Thunder Lizard? lol~

Giant mosquitoes mating?

A Giant, Black Ant

Final shot at the longest waterfall.

Don't mind the people in the photo, they were having fun, and I couldn't wait for them to leave for the shot.

That's all I have on Kanching. The outing was rather short. We finished and left after this part of the waterfall to take our lunch and then returned home. And errr... The lunch wasn't good. Therefore, no food photos. And finally, the ending of this post with my photo.

arron1 (700 x 525)
Peace to the World!

Next up in line, Gua Tempurung trip, with my photos.


Bell said...

Cool monkey photos! Insects were gross... but I understand some people like them. I don't hold anything against you for it :P your shots are certainly improving! You could try submitting some of your favourites to National Geographic even! They take reader submissions, called "Your Shot" and every month they pick the best few and put them in the magazine! You could be famous! ^_^

SaeWei said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! Giant mozzies mating!!!!!!!!!

jėss.T said...

the lizard is adorable aaron =)

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