Monday, November 24, 2008

Combo Party

Nowadays busy with film photography. It's very much different if compared to digital. Everything takes a lot longer, and you have to go through the whole chemical process for a single photo. Phew~

There was a small gathering last Wednesday, to celebrate William's birthday, and it was also a small farewell party for Angeline. She will be leaving KL for her hometown, she's graduating soon. *claps* Kita orangs mesti ingat lu!

William & Angeline

It took place in Niu Ze Xui (NZX), Ara Damansara. There's this Fullhouse place there that is rather nice.

Inside NZX

Fullhouse, Lifestyle Store and Cafe

The cute menu. Very cartooney.

Chocolate Ice-Blended

Chicken Chop. Not my order, but it looks good to me.

Rib-Eye Steak with Thyme Sauce. It tasted good, only, a bit too cooked.

It's a good place, but I'm not sure if they messed up the order or missed it out. They sent out all our food, except those of the two VIPs of the night. Poor them, waited for almost 2 hours. I don't think they are ever going back to that place. LoL~



William Leong said...

never ever everrrrrrrrrr

Des said...

wow..so coincident, i just went NZX recently too... Fullhouse is such a nice concept store, but the food is just so so oni ler heheh

desmond-t: My Passion, My Life

Bell said...

I Luuuurve Chicken Chop! But can make at home la... no need wait 2 hrs for food to not arrive. Hope you guys got money back!

ahhh... *drools* Food Porn looks so good... Please don't tell me I can't lick the screen...

angelinemiss said...

yes.. must ingat sama waaaa... LOL!!!

i missed our siao siao gatherings... *wuuwuu*

Mike Cassidy said...

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