Friday, November 14, 2008

Goody Food

Ho! I'm hungry~ It's been a long time since I last went food hunting. Life's getting tougher by the day. No matter, photos time! Since I'm hungry, I wanna make you hungry too. Heh~

This is errr.. TGIF's Bluey-drink. OK I obviously forgot the name of the drink. Not bad, sweet and sour.

This is TGIF's Chicken-combo set thingy, I think. Comes with a dessert, although I didn't get to shoot it before it melted and its shape went off.

About this photo, the depth of field is too shallow, but you can still clearly see it's beef, so I think it's OK :P
Oh and yeah, it's good.

This one is not TGIF's, but a buffet restaurant in Le Meridian, KL. I have no idea what it is. lol~

Finally, the best waffle, Waffle World's Triple Nutz! It's crunchy and tasty, very nutty. For those who don't like nuts, well they have other stuff too. Maybe next round I try and let you know.



Hannah said...

wow.. is this now a food blog or what? :P yummeh!

kyliemc said...

whoa...i'm so hungry now!!especially when i see those desserts

Bell said...

*DROOLS* I love the food porn... so hungry now........... *licks the screen when no one is looking*

William Leong said...

bell, serioussss????????? u'd never know how many fingers have touched that screen..... bacterias, viruses and what not....


Aaron@AxiaL said...

Yeah I blog about food too! :D

That dessert rocks! Try Waffle World!

More coming! Don't lick screen laaa~ :D

Let's go food hunt!

Bell said...

More more more.... *drools*
William... I know exactly who touches this screen... only me ^_^

JustJasmine said...

You succeeded in making my tummy noisy, Aaron. Woolaala...~~~

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