Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Cambodia Story

Chinese New Year is almost over now. This year's holiday is rather boring, no? You know how people like to gather and play card games during Chinese New Year. I hate card games, but to some, Chinese New Year is all about playing card games, so instead of going to people's place and watch them play, I stayed home. And, since I have nothing much to do at home, I ate like no one's business. Strange though, I did not put on any extra weight.

I went on a trip to Cambodia with a bunch of friends, just before Chinese New Year. It's very much different from what I had expected, especially the weather. It's always cooling there. Their traffic system, is different from ours. I took a while to adjust to their left-hand side driving. Traffic is chaotic, and they really just cross the roads, and the number of honks one driver do in a day, is more than the number of honks I did since I 1st touched a car, and I think more than I would ever do in a lifetime. They honk at almost every car. Perhaps it's like a greeting? Or it's to alert the others of their presence?

Pictures time! Just a few that I shot during Day One of the trip - Phnom Penh.

What do the clouds look like to you?

Cheapest transportation you can get in Cambodia. They call it "tuk-tuk", known to us as auto rickshaw. Click on that link for more info on tuk-tuk.

Our first meal in Cambodia, is Khmer food, in a rather expensive shop - Khmer Saravan if not mistaken.

Angkor Beer, it's better than Skol, I think. lol~ At least the Angkor Wat logo looks nicer.

Plain white rice.

Amok Fish. Amok is a very tasty curry-type food. I love curry!

Sour Soup. What's in it? I think you can roughly guess from the picture.
It's a fish soup, so it tastes like the teo-chew-steamed-fish's sauce.

After dinner, we walked around town and shot pictures of almost everything. Also during this time, five out of seven of us complained about the cold temperature.

The Royal Palace. One out of many shots.

While our photo-shooting session, we noticed many people staring at us. It got worse when we lined up the cameras and flashes to shoot a group photo. Maybe it's because all 7 of us carried DSLRs.

And then, it was snack-time. What kind of snacks do they have? We spotted a shop and went to check it out.

Oh yeah! They sell quite a lot of stuff, sea-crawlers, creepy-crawlies.

This is a Tarantula spider, fried? It tastes better than I thought, kind of like dried meat. Click on the link for more info on dried meat.

We also ate crickets. I forgot to try their snakes, couldn't find scorpions. What a waste. Anyway, this blog-post ends here. Until the next update, have a good day!



Hugo Lim said...

omg omg omg cambodia dia dia dia! i gonna go there someday! :P

kidding kidding, i wanna go there AGAIN someday :P

angelinemiss said...

ur tarantula so closed up oneeee... scary!!!!

eh.. ur porcelain rice pot pic really captivates me.. i love love love that pic! :)

millymin said...

Okayyysssss. My turn to commenttt....

#1 - The clouds
Ermmm... looks like a lion dance mia head but kemek a bit

#2 - Pharmacist's wave
Walaooo... itu William mia mulut + gigi + muka!!!

#3 - Angkor Beer
Your Angkor Beer looks so sexy... Its like some ads whereby some girl will pose with the beer at the end of it.

#4 - Royal Palace
@#$%^& damn cantek!

#5 - YaAllahYaRaaaabaybehhhh
Yourr TARANTULAN so close wannnnn!Yucks!

aL said...

hahahahah emily! i dont think its a TARANTULAN lor... just normal spider. cos ah... TARANTULAN is most poisonous at the skin/hair.

anyway.. eww. cricket's okay :)

Satkuru said...

ganas since last year ppl have been bugging you to update, ROFL.

yeah that first khmer cooking was expensive. can cry man while eating, lol. i also doubt that it's tarantula but then again a lot of people dun even know how one looks like so i also 'kelentong' saying it's tarantula, hahahaha.

the cloud looks like that flying dog from neverending story, lololololol

Jessica said...

i've been visiting your blog so frequently that i keep seeing xmas trees =P
lurve your photos o....
me for sure dun dare to eat those crawling thingy.. O_O

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Yeah sure plan again :D

Yeah I like that pic too :D

Except there are no sexy girls to pose for me lol~

It's Tarantula, but got over 900 species of Tarantula, not all also got "poisonous" hair. :)

It's Tarantula alright. lol~ Wow man, Never-ending story's dog. LOL

Sorry XD Thanks for lurving me pics :D I rarely travel, got chance sure must try everything la :)

DanielCtw said...

I love the creepy crawlies...

If only I could go.. your photos all nice can.. Nikon Nikon wakakakakakaka

kyliemc said...

yeee...though those crawlies are delicacies for them..but those crawlies somehow freak me out...

iCalvyn.com said...

that spider look disgusting... but... if i am there...i might have a try too

Andrew said...

just left a comment in sat's!! LOL... i wanna go cambodia somewhere next year hopefully!! =D ahaha lets go again!

William Leong said...

Its tarantula, they will burn the arachnid on open flames 1st to burn off the hairs... then its into the boiling cauldron...

didnt get to try dog meat, coz no one wanted, so i din bother asking Aya to buy... (he did offer to buy for us)

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Needing resources. Gathering lol!
Next round go again! I missed out lotsa food. lololol~

Yeah but they taste better than I expected lol~

I'm sure you would. If you didn't know it's a spider, you'd think you're eating bakkwa. lol~

Ok you sponsor a bit can? :D

I wanted to try too. But the rest of them are like SPCA orangs. I scared. lol~

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