Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Day In Pain-dise

Final day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Well, we had only a few hours in Phnom Penh. Plenty of food I haven't try, it's kind of sad. This day was a painful one. Painful stories, painful bus trip, lunchless pain. My first time having that much bread in just a few days. That should explain the title.


I love the weather there. That morning, I woke up to a really loud music around 5:00a.m. "What the heck?!", I thought. Then later found out that there's a wedding right opposite our hotel.

This image is blurred due to the zooming during the rather slow-shutter shot. I turned the lens by accident, but like this shot more than the normal one.

And then we were off to see the wiz... No, uh, to the Genocidal Museum.


Whatever happened there was very bad, inhuman. What some people would do to others for anything, sometimes I just don't understand.

This room had its own story. There are a few buildings, loads of stories to be told. A rather depressing place.


Right after that, we visited the Genocidal Center.

It's a beautiful place, but more sad stories. Mass killing graves everywhere.


The many skulls inside the building. The number of skulls in this image is like, maybe only 2% of all the skulls you can find inside this building.

A few weeks back, around the time I came back from this Cambodia trip, I saw a news. "Killing Fields" trial to start 30 years after the fall of Pol Pot.

Enough of sad stories for now. Left the sad place, rented a "tuk-tuk" to scout for lunch.

Despite being a tourism spot, these guys gave me a feeling that they're not very used to tourists. I wonder why. Or maybe it's just weird to shoot at anything.

Even in Cambodia, can find Klang Bah Kut Teh. We didn't eat that, we never had anything for lunch that day. Scouting fail.

And then, we said bye-bye to Phnom Penh and headed to our next destination, Siam Reap. A truly awesome place.
Of course, that will be in the next update. lol~
AaronWoolala out!


Lasker said...

Poor Aaron cannot find any food to makans ... hahaha

angelinemiss said...

Yay!!!!! Aaron updated!!!

Actually I read d, but forgotten to leave my footprint here. Haha!

I'm sure that you didn't eat much since bread was the only choice there. Poor you.. *pat pat*

Let's hope things are different in Siem Reap (I'm sure it's) Hahahahahahahhaha!

Hugo Lim said...

omg klang bak kut teh is as famous as jalan alor in international stage!

*clap clap*

wonder if can find balik pulau laksa there hahah

William Leong said...

aik? so fast ar? i read read read, boh liao.. fast fast next post!

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Good thing I can tahan without food also. lol~

Chey~ you sudah knowing story. lol~
Siam Reap is definitely a better place, but my post about it may not be half good. lol~

I think it's because sini orang go there and buka. lol~ If you read those Chinese words on the glass door, can see other food names. :D

Fast hor. Because I don't want to post too many pics in a single post. lol~

aL said...

i din touch bread since Cambodia :P

Satkuru said...

lol i also never touched bread for quite some time. missed the cambodian bread.

that place is really depressing. there's just something about phnom penh that sends the shiver down ur spine.

i also read that news and i was like eh ?! hehehe suddenly i started to take notice of international news -_-! lol

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