Friday, April 17, 2009

Where They Live

I'm updating again. Rare huh? lol~ More Cambodia photos.

Can you guess where this is?
Yes? No?
This is the largest lake in Southeast Asia - Tonle Sap.
This is how the dry season looks like, imagine when it's wet.




Them kids are cute, but they were asking for money as they posed for the camera. I didn't give them any money though. The tour guide told us not to, because if we gave the kids money, they won't go to school, and will spend all their time asking for money. Good point, but I feel sad for them, I think.

Last one, a happy photo. Koreans I think, funny people. Gave us the V sign, so we blasted our cameras at them.

Now now, when will the next update be? lol~


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Lasker said...

Nice pics. Tonle Sap .. largest in SEA is correct as proven just now .. hahahaha.

But if this is only in SEA, the largest will be mind boggling. swt

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