Thursday, April 23, 2009

Craft of Cambodia

Still in Cambodia, and this time, I'm gonna post here photos of sculptures and carvings. We visited a place, I can't recall the name of the place. There are many centers like this over there anyway. I suppose they are all almost the same? Hmmm... Maybe not all, since this place I went, they train the mute and deaf to draw, and other works. You know, the usual.

And now, the photos!



From left: William, Satkuru, guide (I errr, forgot his name), Statue, LeeMay, Angeline (lol), & Emily.





It's fun to actually watch them at work, seeing a piece of wood or stone slowly change into a certain shape, and eventually become these work of art. Awesome! This usually take years to train. So if you like their work, maybe you can show them support by buying their work. Although for that to happen, you have to visit Cambodia. lol~



Jessica said...

whee..love your frequent short updates lately. :) keep up ya~

Hugo Lim said...

yayyyyy... woolalala updates again! keep it rolling babeh!

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Woooooo! Thanks for loving :D
Thanks for supporting! Will keep this up as long as I have time and pics.

Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' yeah!

kenwooi.com said...

nice pictures! =D

William Leong said...

hahahhaahahhaha, Angeline (lol)

angelinemiss said...

oiii.. i no see me punnnn... lol at me.. isk...
*whack aaron!*

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