Thursday, June 11, 2009

Runway 101, HELP Uni-Coll

Here it is, the first part of Runway 101. Took place in HELP University College on 5th June 2009 (Friday). Pretty interesting. Much thanks to Dennis and Satkuru for the opportunity. Looking forward to shooting more of these events.

A few photos I shot before the event started.

Crew members busy ushering the guests to their seats.
Some double checking on the stage settings.
And the band doing a little rehearsal before the real thing.


The backstage area, only crew members, VIPs, and media can enter.
Oh and of course the models.



Yes the plant is blocking, I know. lol~

Going to post up more photos in the next one.
The entire event, I didn't use telephoto lens at all. I left the close-up shots to Daniel. So you can check at his blog when he's updated.



Anonymous said...

runway 101?
fashion event? haha.. =)

Sue Lin said...

Its so interesting reading ur/satkuru/daniel's blog! Love all ur photography, so interesting la the events and the views u capture

Today i was lepaking at Hartamas and there was a photographer from Klue mag doing a shooting the shop i was in, i saw him too a picture from a weird angle and glanced at this picture he took, damnnnn nice

Sue Lin said...


辣炒年糕Blue said...


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