Thursday, June 11, 2009

To the Runway

Coming up next!


I didn't design this banner, just added a lot of contrast to the banner I shot. Was one of the official photographer for the event. It was quite difficult because the of lighting, but this won't be too big of a problem after I upgrade my gear.

I'm still trying to sell my camera off, and buy something new. It's quite difficult, since I'm trying to sell everything off - lenses, flash, battery grip, probably giving away the survival kit to whoever buys the stuff as well. Jumping ship is a headache. lol~



Jessica said...

good luck on tat~~~~~lalalalala!

Satkuru said...

i boh lui to upgrade T.T

Sue Lin said...

Its scary to think how much u guys invest in ur equipment. My personal camera needs to be changed too, 2 years d but putting it off

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