Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Capalang-ish Saturday

I attended a bloggers' gathering, organized by AMBP - All Malaysian Bloggers' Project - on the 12th of January, Saturday. It was more fun than I expected. Got to meet up with many new faces, and there were cameras everywhere!

Coffee? Chocolate?

Everyone got free drinks, and there were lucky-draw sessions. Many people, and I got to know only a few. But I think I will see them a lot more in the future.



Ricky, Sammy and Angeline

Sammy, a new face to me, a blogger too. I think that's some Yoga pose.

Well the whole gathering was all about taking photos, and posing. And we were the most active bunch, modeling and taking photos. Unbelievable.

And then, the gathering ended with a lot of big group photo, but I don't have any to post in here. So continuing, I wanted to have lunch with the group, but couldn't, since I was joining HungWei and Eugene for movie - Game Plan - and it was almost time. We left the group and ate simple lunch at McDonalds, met up with Hiew and his girlfriend, then proceeded to the cinema.

After the show, walked around and went to eat dinner with HungWei and Eugene. Also Eri and Fattien, who joined in for the dinner.


I don't remember the name of the restaurant. Dang, I always forget. Anyway, it's at Sri Petaling. Easy to find, and there are restaurants everywhere around that area.

Next, photos of the food we had.

Sizzling Bean Curd with Egg

I like Tofu and egg, I like this dish a lot.

Qing Chao Yau Choi

That's the Cantonese way of calling the dish. I don't know what's it called in English. I think I ate the most of this dish. Very nice vegetable. Hahaha~

Chicken in Herbal Soup

This dish was Oh-My-God nice! The soup was so good, I think I could finish the whole pot. Chicken's texture was really nice too.

Asam Fish

I like this dish a lot too. Very nice! Thinking about all these food, makes me hungry can! I will bring my whole big family there to try out more food, someday.



Ricky Tan said...

weee... sammy so cute and friendly.. *smitten*

Bell said...

OMG Sizzling hot plate tofu!!! YUM! *drools*
Looks like you all had heaps of fun ^_^ But I can't believe you guys actually drinks that Water-Bucks Coffee... *sighs*

SilverIsle said...

OMG. What a great Saturday outing you had. Really envy lar. Why last time when I was still in KL I didn't get to attend these gatherings one. =(

Aaron@AxiaL said...


Yeah YUM! I prefer Coffee Bean, but since it was free, OK la. :D

Yeah it was FUN! Don't envy envy, next time we organize a big one also, you must join OK! lol~

chingy said...

Wah, makanan lagi.
And I see bean curd! AHHHHHHHHH!

De Pianist said...

i think sooner or later you'll change this blog become food blog d..hahah..=p!

RuRu Jane~ said...

fuiyoh!!!! sooooo happening can!!

good good.. :D

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Oh yes, more makanan coming!
Tofu nice!

De Pianist:
Uh, no I won't. I will still blog on other stuff. Hahaha~

Happening? Not always got can. lol~

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