Monday, January 7, 2008

Food! Food!

I'm back! Yes I am. Sorry for not updating for a long long time. Have been working on a song, maybe I'll record the play and post it up here when I'm done with it. Anyway, this post, is about food! I've been to Ipoh and Penang, I think you already know. So I'll post up photos of food that I've tried throughout the trip. Photos that I've posted before, I won't post again.

OK, photos!

Ipoh - Chicken Rice

Yeah well, this Chicken Rice is very famous, Onn Kee if not mistaken. But in my opinion, it's just so-so. A lot of sesame oil and pepper. And errr, no photos of rice.

Ipoh - Bean Sprout

This one came with the Chicken Rice set. The whole combination is the famous thing. The taste, is just like the chicken. Sesame oil and pepper.

Ipoh - Pork Balls

The soup was good, but the pork balls, a little too hard. Overall, this Bean Sprout Chicken Rice and Hor Fun shop, is not bad.

I also tried dessert at Ipoh, at a different place. I forgot the name of the street though.

Ipoh - Green-Coconutty Balls??

I don't know what's it called, but it's nice. A little too sweet though. One thing I like about this, however, is that when you bite it, the thing bursts like a small explosion inside of your mouth. Nice!

Ipoh - Yam Cake

This one is very very nice. The only yam I eat is yam cake, and I've not eaten any yam cake since many many years ago. This is really good.

And now, stuff I had when I was at Penang.

Penang - Crispy Fishy Thingy

Uh, OK first off, this one was taken at Manila Place, Gurney Plaza. And errr, I don't know what's it called, but it's very crispy and the inside tasted like fish, or prawn? Hmmm...

Penang - Unagi Rice

I suppose it's eel. I don't normally eat eel, but this Unagi Rice is not bad. Still Manila Place, Gurney Plaza.

Penang - Chocolate Ice Cream

Came with the Unagi Rice set. Not bad. Sweet stuff.

And then, Banana Leaf Cuisine at New World Park - Passions of Woolala! I mean, Passions of Kerala.

Penang - Banana Leaf Cuisine

We had Deep Fried Fish, Mutton Curry, Chicken Curry and a little bit of everything else. A very nice meal.

And the last photo in this post, I have no idea where this is. But it was so crowded, we had to wait for the table, and the food took forever to arrive.

Penang - Roast Pork?

Well, we had "Char Siew", "Siew Yoke" and Roast Duck. The duck was normal, "Siew Yoke" was nice, and the "Char Siew" was the best I've tasted so far!

OK, that's it!
I'm hoping to try out more food around Malaysia. Anyone wanna go anywhere?



Dexxie Rocks said...

wa... lucky i just finish my mushroom soup... so not hungry... :P



feel hungry when i look at it..
your blog make me hungry!! arr!!
*scream loudly*

FireWire said...

all these food are compilation of different days LOL

i witnessed a few

Bell said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! FoooOoOooOOoOOd!!! I can't stop looking (and drooling) at all of it! waaaaa~~~~ *wipes drool off keyboard*

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Aiyer! Come back again when you're hungry!

That's a good thing. :D

I said throughout all Penang and Ipoh trips mar.

So nice ka? Hahahahaha~

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