Saturday, June 28, 2008

Into The Blue

Haven't been blogging for exactly two weeks now. This time I have return, with more photos! I'm gonna skip the Bagan Lalang's photos for now, to show you a little something on my latest trip - Redang Island.

Once again, a Shouters' trip! Who went?
KL's side: Daniel, David, Lisa, Satkuru, William, and Woolala.
Penang's side: Angeline, Elise, HugoLim, Lasker, LeeMay, and Wendy.

KTM, my only option. lol~

A photo I shot while I was inside the train, well yeah I took the train to KL Central to meet up with the rest of the KL gang, and then from KL to Kuala Terengganu by bus.

Inside the speeding bus.

It was rather fun traveling by bus. Talked and laughed, shot a few photos, and slept all the way until we arrived at our destination.

Shops, at Kuala Terengganu Station.

And then we joined together with the other six from Penang, who were waiting for us because they arrived earlier. We went around to look for a little snack since everyone was hungry.

Photo of the Moon, shot during snack time at the station.

And when the transports arrived, we left the station and headed to the jetty. And in about 30 minutes time, we arrived and waited for a while before the boat was readied. And then...


We were on the boat! Off towards the island! And that point, it was really exciting. Thinking about it makes me miss the place. More photos!


Next up, shots taken on Redang Island!


Flair Candy said...

Scary train.. looked like you were alone the whole trip. Nice panning! the moving train did the job for you hehe :D great idea! And!!! I'm absolutely in love with your moon shot! How did you capture this? Is it really that big? Gnarly Zoom Lens?

angelinemiss said...

i bui blog about redang laa..
everyone started d...sobsob..
anyway... i miss our trip in redang... ><

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Nah it was only empty during the first few stations. By the way the second photo, I was on a bus. :D
That moon shot I used 300mm lens and that's the size after I cropped the image, no resizing done. :)

What are you waiting for? :D
Yeah I miss Redang too. And I miss you guys, without you guys, it wouldn't have been nice. :)

Satkuru said...

woooo finally, lol. btw the shot inside the bus very nice :P

William Leong said...

love the bus and moon shot... moon sooooo clear :drool:

Hugo Lim said...

al al oowwwwwwwwwwwwww

Anna said...

I still can't believe I didn't join you guys :(

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Woolala! Yeah finally! The bus was very shaky~ I tried a few times lol~

Hahaha bagus! Next time try something different :D

og og aaaaaaa! lol~

You missed a lot of fun ya know~ lol~

Bell said...

The moon is absolutely amazing!!!

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