Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bagan Lalang, Fishy Food

Continuing this post: Bagan Lalang, Sepang Outing. Also about the food we had there, none of us liked it. Here are the photos.

Milo Shake, and Steven in the background.

It was made to look like a tiny mountain, normally people would think it's more ice than the drink, but this one was totally not like that. It was superbly-crazily-overly sweet. And there were other drinks too, but they all look the same so I'm not gonna post them up one by one. And yes they were all very sweet too.

Mich shooting Jess shooting my drink.

Nath shooting his Ultraman-face-lookalike-drink.

Nasi Goreng USA:
Looks - OK
Smell - still OK
Taste - not anywhere near OK

And then we tried something common, which can be found in most restaurants at beach areas - Ikan Bakar. When the order came, it looked like this.


Not too bad looking, couldn't smell the food though. So like usual, we dig ourselves in.


And KABOOM! It tasted like some rotten crap, stinky fish, dead meat, gosh it was yucky! And that's it, I'm never going back to that particular restaurant. Maybe we'll check out the Sepang Gold Coast area instead, if there's a next time.

Anyway, what happened next, in Bagan Lalang?
I'll show you, in the next post.


Bell said...

Nice photos as usual...
But bad food? Why not ask for refund? I would have...

angelinemiss said...

erm...really that bad ker the food?

SaeWei said...


So did you guys finish it in the end boh??

But the Nasi Goreng USA looks pretty nice except for the goooey sauce ah..

Satkuru said...

huwahhha the milo look so stimmmm can :P

flaircandy said...

lol, i enjoyed looking at your pictures.. lovely beach btw cheers!

Flair Candy

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Not at that kinda restaurant. lol~

Next time if we go, you follow and decide for yourself can. lol~

No we didn't. You know, the rice sucked, but the sauce saved it lol~

Yes and when you drink it, the stimness is potonged. lol~

Yeah! Thanks! :D

Rachael said...

Hey! Rachael here. You have a nice blog, Bravo! :D

I like the moon shot. its really nice

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