Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Squeeze

Interrupting the Bagan Lalang trip flow, to show you this. Summer Splash at Sunway, Entrance. Was suppose to meet up with many other people, but didn't get to go in. I queued with Anston, Fattien and HungWei for about an hour and then we decided it's not worth our time, so we left the place.

HungWei and Fattien in the lower right corner. Anston hiding somewhere.

This wasn't even half of the number of people we saw there.

To have this kind of crowd to greet you after an hour of parking search, was really depressing. What I'm feeling right now, is that I won't be going to any event of this kind anymore unless I get special passes. lol~


David Cheong said...

lol you must have came late :)

haha don't worry, you didn't miss much, nothing much inside. I was out within 2 hours tops, inside also damn pack lol

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Yeah I was late arrived at the entrance around 2 something.

I saw model shots from those who went in. Not bad wei :D

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