Wednesday, August 20, 2008

10082008 Day Out

The post title is actually a date. It was a Sunday, had something planned but somehow something went wrong and we had to go somewhere else.
Original plan was, meet up with Shouters at Berjaya Times Square for makan session, then join the Kbox people for karaoke session, then Jogoya for dinner.
What really happened, waited for the Shouters for a long while, and took photos of a fashion show while waiting. Decided to have lunch at Gasoline after walking around aimlessly for a short while. And then joined in the karaoke session one hour later than planned time. Jogoya was canceled due to a sad reason. Left the gang to join another gang for Korean food instead.

Who's behind the menu?

Gasoline's food were OK, very thick sauce with heavy flavouring, I think. Their drinks were good though.

And then the Kbox people at Redbox. My first, real group shot with them.


Since the much anticipated Jogoya dinner was canceled, I left earlier with Daniel to meet up with Jane and David for Korean food instead. Don't know exactly where the place is situated, but it was around Ampang. The whole place was full of Korean shops and restaurants, and well, Koreans.


My first time really eating Korean food, learned a few things about Koreans and how to eat Korean food, Korean style. The side dishes were all free of charge, we only had to pay for our beers, the meat and beef soup thingy? Yeah. It was quite fun. Food was good, and thanks to the beer we got pretty full in little time.

When are we going again?
And I still want that Jogoya dinner. Anybody?


Anna said...

I heard from Jess Jogoya ada promotion now... Ladies have to pair up with a gentlemen but then only the gentlemem gets 50% off... So unfair kan... lol

Jessica said...

anna, gentleman get 50% off because it's set that we girls should be get treated at the first place pun! heeeheee..

anyway, we should have a Jogoya outing sometime..can't miss the promotion rite?! =)

where's the korean restaurant? no name no location stated. just ampang pulak..i'm urge to try, didn't really eat a decent korean meal b4.

Jessica said...
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Aaron@AxiaL said...

OK set, ShoutOut should plan Jogoya outing while the promotion lasts. Cool? :D


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Ricky Tan said...

the jogoya promotion for couple got terms and condition one.. heard it from radio~ i hope they dun make the couple to kiss just to prove they are *lol*

Hugo Lim said...

i think its at "one ampang evenue" or something...

Hugo Lim said...
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Hugo Lim said...
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Bell said...

I Love Love Love Love Korean food! Actually just had some tonight for the first time in over 2 yrs! I missed Korean food so much! YUM! So what did you have?

kyliemc said...

aaron....one of the girls in the pic look quite familiar.is that girl wei lin?

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