Friday, August 1, 2008


My sister has left home for training in Hilton Hotel, KL. And with both my parents working overseas, I'm home alone all the time. Having the whole house to myself is kind of nice. Anyone want to come over to party? ................... Just kidding.

Two weeks ago I blogged about photos. Well this time, I'm going to blog about photos too. Hohoho~ Yes I'm still blogging about Redang. A lot of delaying, I know, and I don't want my posts to be too long, so I have to break it up into many posts. And I said there are going to be more words in this post. Well, I'll try.

So, Redang has this very blue sky with nice clouds. I used to spend hours shooting photos of the sky, but I'm not that noob anymore. lol~

The most famous spot on Redang Island, I think. Forgot what is it called, Laguna or Long Beach. Hmmm...

And then when we had nothing to do during the night, we tried our hands on anything we can find, including...

Scrabble. It was fun to watch them play. lol~

A very big Gecko, was like half foot long. Came out from the dark to feast on the insects. It was raining, therefore, many insects gathered around the lights.

Alright, time for more photo sharing.

A very blue post.
Thanks for reading!


Rachael said...

hey dude! nice pics u have here in ur blog. Where have u been? nvr see u in school one?

William Leong said...

HORRR... AA's classmate! Got crush on AA liaoo... just like nancy and irene! huhuhuhu

Anna said...

Gecko so geli... I will run far far away when I see one and get nightmare from it too...

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Hoho thanks! :)
I'm fine, how come you didn't see me? I saw you wor. O_o

William Leong Tiam Tiam,
You tiam tiam ok. Hamik Irene and Nancy. *bish*

This was a huge one! Imagine all the pests it had eaten. Good pest control lol.

Anna said...

Lagi is huge one...If I see I sure pengsan liao one lol

Hugo Lim said...

harrrrrrrrrrr... kena liao!

kena what? dunno

Elise said...

Nice photossssssss sharing :good:

fattien said...

wow!!! nice gecko there. I might catch it and become my pet..lolz

Aaron@AxiaL said...

it's the second largest gecko type ok. It's rare!

eh what talking you? how come I don't understand?

Thankssss ahahaha! :D

That's a Tokay Gecko. Go buy one XD

JadePhoenix said...

wow...seriously love all zee pics in tiz post...!!

Aaron@AxiaL said...

heeeeeeyyyyy~ thanks! :D

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