Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm an Alphanatic

Parents are coming back home on the 18th of August 2008. There goes my "home alone". Good thing is, I don't have to handle all the chores on my own. College life is changing, somehow. I'm beginning to get a clearer picture about something important. Also, learning how to be more creative in terms of photography, and I still suck in portraiture. -__-

There was a Sony Alpha Photography Seminar on the 9th of August 2008, in Le Meridian Hotel, KL. It was my first time attending a seminar of that level. Five-star hotel can? And yet it's free for Alpha users to attend. More than a hundred people turned up. The talk was interesting, now I know more about flash photography and got some ideas on shooting still life.

The lunch they provided was Arabian buffet. I never thought Arabian food was so good. Now I have something new to crave for. I heard there's one in Sunway Pyramid, anyone want to go eat Arabian food with me?

There was nothing much to shoot during the seminar, I think. Everyone was shooting each other, loads of group photos. Since I hardly blog with human photos, I didn't took many. From here on out, photos, photos and photos.

Arabian buffet restaurant in Le Meridian, KL. Good food with a very nice atmosphere. I'm going to check out more Arabian restaurants and see if they get any better.

Ted Adnan sharing his knowledge on flash photography and portraiture, and the heads of participants. There was another guy who talked to us about Automotive Photography - Darren Chang. I didn't shoot his photo, I kind of... forgot. -__-

Flowers on a table in the hotel. Wireless flash fired from the side and this is what I got. You can see pixels on the red flower. It only appeared after I re-size the photo. I think it's because of the colour, the re-sizer couldn't work it out.

This is where we had our tea, a little evening refreshment. Thanks to that, most of the participants were full and felt sleepy during the second-half of the talk. Nevertheless, great stuff from Darren Chang. You have to check out his blog, I think it's amazing.

The best thing that happened? They gave every participant an Alpha Survival Kit for free. So really, everything was for free, in a five-star hotel. I'm looking forward to the next Alpha camera, I hope they announce something soon.



Hannah said...

wow thumbs up! the place looks classy... nice

Anna said...

I never try before Arabian food leh... Is it mostly curry also??

Jessica said...

lala, mau share share the kit with me a? hahahhahaa.. @blurJess

William Leong said...

share kit also share with me 1st laaaaa..... LOL

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Oh yeah, it was good. :)

Dowan crap with you. :P

Can say tak mau? :D

You no go seminar means no get, cannot share one! *whee*

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