Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jumping Ship

A short weekend update. Really short one. Only four pics, to make you feel hungry. :D
Oh and a little something at the end that explains the title.





It's been a long time since I last went food hunting. Saving up some money for trips and camera upgrade. In fact, I'm going to change camera brand. Going to buy Nikon. So, I'm going to sell my Sony Alpha gear. Anyone wanna buy? :D



millymin said...

Amboi! You know or not what is lapar?!!!!! Ishhh!

Tomagogame said...

WHA!!!! jump! jump! jump! lol.

Welcome aboard!

Lasker said...

Yes! Nikon .. me is support!
Let me play with it when I see you ya ? :D

Sue Lin said...

No offense but i hate food blogs! HAHAH, makes tummy growl. Had to scroll through fast to see the comments on MDG! HAHA, left u a comment there

Sue Lin said...

Oh yeah, hey, u know the USD 100 prize contest i told Daniel about? U got time to join?? I think u can easily take one of ur old photos to join... i can forward u the email, just give me ur email add

Split 50-50 or 60(yours)-40 la, whichever is fine, if ur pic wins

AaronWoolala said...

Just in time for dinner maaa~ :D

xie xie ni. hohoho~

You can play with Daniel's :P

Sue Lin:
Yeah I know, that's exactly why I like posting food pics. :D

Umm, about this contest, what kinda photos?
My email: aarsalomni[at]hotmail[dot]com

Don't expect me to win :D

Sue Lin said...

Its alright, just give it a go! Not many people would join i think, we're all too busy. So tired, work 12 hours but only paid for 8! =S Will email to ya soon

Sue Lin said...

Emailed ya
The closing date is on the 6th June or somewhere there...

Anonymous said...

haha yummy yummy!
great pics!
so tempting! =D

AaronWoolala said...

Sue Lin:
Thanks! I received :D

Thank you :D

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