Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome To Sabah

I figured there's nothing left to blog about MDG Season 2 Finale, so I'll be blogging about my trips again. I don't want to keep posting photos of ruins, so I'll be continuing with Cambodia only after I finish this one.

So now you know what is this about. :D

I'll cut the long story short.
I traveled to Kota Kinabalu on the 1st of May 2009 by flight. Arrived at Terminal 2, took a taxi to Terminal 1 to meet up with the rest of the gang. Took another taxi to the hotel for that night, checked in, then left the room to venture around for a bit, and to get some dinner. The town, at night, is a pretty scary place. lol~

We checked out on the following day to transfer to another hotel, and to meet up with the bigger part of the gang. More walking, food, then it was time for our boat ride.


Off to Manukan Island.


It's a pretty OK place, if not for the crowd. Seriously, to get from one spot to another, you have to walk in a line. Freaking traffic congestion.

Photos, photos, photos~





Anchovies, very small fishes. More well known as Ikan Bilis.


We did not play in the sea, spent most of our time shooting photos. And since there was nothing much to do, we called our boat and headed back to town for more food, and more shooting as we were walking back to the hotel.

I suppose most Shouters know who this is already :D



And we waited for the sunset, but later in the evening the weather turned crappy, the sun was blocked by clouds. Everything was covered in plain boring blue, no sun rays, no horizon.

After I returned from the trip, I learned from a friend of mine who stays in Sabah, that the first week of May this year, is a lousy time to go to Sabah. *slaps forehead*

Nevertheless, a good experience. And dang, I miss the beach.



Tomagogame said...

OOI! ;)

Anonymous said...

should have called Sunshine to kiss that swordfish

Lasker said...

Hey Aaron, Thanks for the link :)
I like the stairs shot .. very nice.

What is that buffet all about ah? Part of the hotel's makan makan?

AaronWoolala said...

ooi ooi ooi~ :P

Swordfish quite tall OK, some more in the middle of a roundabout lol~

Thanks for liking! :D
That buffet is only for the Manukan Island hotel's customers, I think.
Got nothing to do with us lol~

Jessica said...

dun miss the beach cz we're going to one very soon again! :)
wheeee~~~will i get to see ur 'another ship' u jumped by then?

*can't wait*

Anonymous said...

nice pic especially the first one!
i've never been to sabah!
must visit there one day... haha =D

AaronWoolala said...

I can't wait! :D
And no, I not gonna jump so fast, got some planning to work out first. :)

Oh you like the first pic?
Thanks thanks :D
Town area not very big. But if you're going somewhere else in Sabah, prepare for hours of bus ride :D

millymin said...

This sunset is good enough =)
I like it!! <3 <3

AaronWoolala said...

Hahaha thank you~ :D

Satkuru said...

lol i have been to sabah but never did any of those. practically stayed put in the hotel nia -_-!

the last pic is nice :D

wooooo changing system in time for langkawi ? ganas

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