Sunday, May 17, 2009

Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 Finale

Before I continue with more Cambodia story, I'll post something different, something quite new.
The Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 Finale at The Curve on 15th of May 2009 (Friday). Had a great time, shooting photos, laughing at weird jokes.

Anyway, here are photos of the event that I shot.

The entire event, I was shooting from this angle. Pretty difficult to get nice shots, because the background is the shopping mall.

The guys who started the show. Phat Fabes and Ben from Fly FM.


She blogs too. Here's the link.

Ming again.


She's the first runner-up in MDG season 2.
I'm not sure if she blogs. lol~

Will Quah & Elaine Daly the host and hostess, Andrew Tan, & Julie Wong the judges.

Ming again. lol~

Natasha, who won the most ferocious attack award. :D

Farah, looked at my camera. Alriiiight~ But the background. Tsk tsk~

Juanita, the winner of MDG season 2.

Pinky and Juanita.

Leica! lol~



And that's it, for now.
I wonder why I could not get any nice shots of Dawn.
In case you did not know, Dawn is the second runner-up in MDG season 2. And she blogs. lol~



Lasker said...

I see lots of Ming !!! :)

AaronWoolala said...


Satkuru said...

woahhh, this is like Ming-ground-zero.

i also totally forgot you had braces until Ming mentioned that you also had :P

Hugo Lim said...


littlepolaris said...

But ming looked so funny on dat day. Why they make up for her until like dat wan. =(

AAAAhhh why Juanita win? I dun like her la. Seems like all MDG season they like to choose the one ppl hate the most to be the winner lol.

Natasha is still gorgeous.

Danielctw.com said...

Wahahaha... Actually Aaron has braces because Ming has braces...
LoL ... Aaron dun lie please...

But your photos lots of Ming... :P

AaronWoolala said...

Must have been obvious, the braces. lol~

What's that waaaa for? O_o

I dunno anything about her make up. :D
Yeah I wonder if Season 3 is going to be the same.

Please laaa, why like that also can relate one. =.=
I'm not done posting all the photos yet can. lol

.:Leeming:. said...

aaron the braces guy hehe thx for supporting ya and i love those pictures =)

Sue Lin said...

Hey Aaron! Thanks for the comment u left me on my blog! Great pictures u have here, love the clarity and how everything's so sharp

Your stuff from Cambodia is fantastic too, breathtaking... ooooh, thats the first time i am seeing Satkuru in ur Cambodia post. U make me wanna go to Cambodia again

Will definitely be back to see more of your pictures

Sue Lin said...

Browsed through ur pictures! Damn damn good, funny how u all were shooting rocks in Redang! And the popular spot is called Laguna

U dun have to answer but i have to ask... and i dun mean to be rude, just REALLY curious, is it less fun at the beach when u are continuously snapping pictures? Or is it just effortless, snap and good pic? Do u have to spent some time focusing? Don't u worry about dropping ur camera etc?

AaronWoolala said...

Uh you remember. lol~
Still supporting! And thanks for loving the pictures. :D

Sue Lin:
Heyyy.. Yeah I don't always blog about people. lol~ Thanks a lot, not all my shots are sharp, it wasn't bright enough for the camera to not shake, had to filter some.

Those questions you ask, funny I think. lol~
Whenever we're not doing anything, we start clicking on our cameras. Focusing ummm, not so much, but composing the shots, yes that's usually what we spend most time on. And yeah we are extremely cautious about our camera. Even a little bit of sand can cause problems. :)

You can always ask questions, I will answer if I can. :D

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, good u found them funny! =) What does composing the shots mean??

Sand really can hurt technology... went into my slide phone and i was so pissed. Friends who use those Sony slide phones also find sand a problem

So whatcha studying? Working? Ur my brother's age - 21. I'm 23

AaronWoolala said...

Sue Lin:
Composing the shot means deciding what goes into the frame, what stays outside. How many percent of the frame should be filled with the subject matter. Am I shooting this close-up or wide-angle. Or if it's a landscape, foreground and background differences. Angles, directions, shadow & light. That's not all. It depends on what I shoot actually.

Sand, dust, any tiny particles can cause damage, sometimes serious ones. My friend's camera lens zoom got stuck after someone dropped it on the beach. Poor fella.

I'm actually 22 this year, but it's not September yet, so... :/
I'm studying photography, but also thinking about working. Right now working on my portfolio. :D

Sue Lin said...

Wow i see, first person i know who's actually studying photography, usually its just someone's hobby to take pictures. Where are u doing ur... degree? dipoma? in photography? Whats the title of ur degree?

I learned a new thing thanks! Composing. Got it. I never knew that existed! Never gave composing much thought, just zoom to get an acceptable overall picture and that's it for me! HAHA

Sorry to hear about ur friend, must be costly to get it fixed

AaronWoolala said...

Sue Lin:
Yeah it started off as a hobby, then I realize I should do something about it since I like it so much.
Diploma in Photography, SEGi.

Yeah an acceptable picture. That's what we normally do. :D I'm still not very good at composing my shots, learning in progress.

Sue Lin said...

Ehhh so near my house! Segi

If i've got time and money maybe one day do one of the core subjects in photography for fun. There's so much to learn, i am so awed by looking at Lim Kok Wing on MDG...

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