Thursday, August 9, 2007

Last of Chirps

Bird photos! The little bird has grown slightly bigger. You won't notice, though. lol~

I didn't think a little bird will ever return to its birthplace. Maybe it was around my garden all the while? I can tell it's the baby bird, because... It is lah~ lol~ Oh well, It's because it's difference from its parents and there aren't any other birds around besides pigeons, crows, sparrows, swallows and bats. Yeah bats. Okay so they're not part of the bird family, but they do fly, no? I'll try taking a photo of bats and post it up.

So, it was early in the morning. I arrived home after sending my sister to her Academy, and heard familiar chirps. Naturally, I looked around, and spotted the bird by following the noise of its chirping.

Between bars

Why is it always closing its eyes?

And so I decided to get closer. I thought it’d be more difficult to get close to it, because it’s no longer a baby bird. But strangely, it didn’t try and leave when I got close to it. Maybe it’s because of the previous encounter? lol~ That’s good, and bad. It’s good because I can take photos easily, but bad because if it thinks that all human are friendly, then it’s in a lot of danger.

No sign of fear, unlike its parents, which are both extremely cautious.

It looked at me, because of the noise my camera made.

That should be the last of the birds. I won’t be seeing them anymore, unless if they really like my garden, or my garden’s feng-shui freaking good. lol~

*Flies away*


Dexter - Dexterity said...

me 1st me 1st.....

OMG... i saw cute cute kuku bird...


close eyes coz it's sleeping ma.. hehe...

benjipapa said...

OOooo.... that bird again... haha... kuku bird..ishhh XD... mayb tat birds gonna change ut blog... make u a ceeb blogger in future... haha

Elise said...

wheee.... So cute!

Good shots. I hardly take bird photo...

De Pianist said...

oooh!i love that bird with its eyes closed!cute like a fur ball..i have this kind of birds in my house several times,but cuz my dogs always bark at them,they had no choice but to leave my place..=.=

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! U r so luck! Got the chance to take chick photo! Have a nice day!

conan_cat said...

wah liao! i think ur place there punya feng shui memang is good one lor haha or else also won't get birds to your place la right... :D cool cool! and that's a pretty little bird~ i think he likes you since he doesn't fly away when u camwhore him haha

kannasai4896 said...

cool! it's seldom see this kinda of bird now, even in Kampung.

Aaron Chua said...

Sleeping? ^^" Didn't think so. lol~

What does that suppose to mean? lol~

I happened to hear it, so lucky lah me. lol~

Fur ball. lol~ My dogs at the other house, otherwise, no peace. lol~

Hor ny Ang Moh
Chick photo! LOL~

Yeah lor~ Likes good feng shui, and likes me. Cool! lol~

Yeah? I don't know. I live in a town. lol~

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmm.. it seems like you have a flare in taking nature shots better than the rest. I can see an improvement on how you see through the eyes of a camera. Keep in mind that this is your main selling point now. Work harder ok? By the way, please do label your pix next or it will no longer be your property. :)

Aaron Chua said...

Criz Lai
Woo that's a compliment! Thanks! LOL~ And yeah I'll label my pix. I kinda forgot. lol~

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