Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Food for rats??

Well, my sister's been learning how to cook at some academy for almost 2 weeks already, and she took a few photos of her masterpiece and some other stuff she cooked. Sorry about the photo quality, though. She used her hand phone camera. Also, her photo-taking skill is quite bad. (As far as I know lah~)

And mom, dad, if you see this post, well basically, this is what Sally's been learning lah~ Haha~ Let us all hope that she learns how to cook some real good food, and then we can start a restaurant or something. Haha~ Oh, and those dark orange words are actually links, okay?


This is probably the easiest to cook. Looks rather tasteless to me, though. Hmmm~ Should have taken the photo after she added the syrup. But anyway, pancakes are not my kind of food.

Fettuccini with Bechamel Sauce
Fettuccine with Bechamel Sauce

Fettucine, some pasta, obviously. Bechamel Sauce? Hmmm~ I should try.

Braise Cabbage
Braise Cabbage

Cabbage? Braised? My sister said that this one's tasteless because it's only there for the looks.

Lamb Chop with Chicken
A 4 in 1 dish?

Uh huh~ But that Braise-Cabbage-thingy is only there for looks, no? Well, the other three are Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce and Lamb Chop, without any sauce, I think. Which is which? I'm sure you can tell.

Roast BBQ Chicken
Roast Barbecue Chicken

That's how she named the dish. Roast Barbecue Chicken. Hmmm~ I think she meant Roast Chicken with Barbecue Sauce. And well, she'll ignore me if I try and correct her language mistakes. I tried, not once, but twice.

Lasagna, also Lasagne.

Lasagna! My favorite! Woolala~ But not this one, because it looks pretty plain. My sister said it looks boring because they used Ratatouille's ingredients.


No, not this Ratatouille, I mean the real Ratatouille. But the movie is quite nice, I know because I've watched it already. I don't know when is the movie showing in Malaysia, though.

Alright, off I go!


Iwan Sanchez said...


i think only the lasagne and the roast chicken looks nice!!


so selera!!


Jasonmumbles said...

That's shit load of pancakes! :D

De Pianist said...

oooo...roast chicken look nice to me..and you can ask your sis to make one tower of pancakes..stack so high..=p! the lasagna looks quite dry though..hehe~

argh..ratatouille..i'm desperate to watch that movie..=(

aL said...

those are not called Dorayaki - doraemon's staple? hahahha

conan_cat said...

yor, food blogs always make me hungry! i like the bbq sauce chicken and the lamb chop lor! looks really yummy to me! :D

Aaron Chua said...

Iwan Sanchez
Yeah? Roast chicken in freaking sauce. LOL~ If only she made a better lasagna. *sigh*

They didn't finish the pancakes. Too many stacks, err, piles.

De Pianist
Ratatouille is nice! Pancakes, you like ar? lol~ Roast chicken is not bad, that lasagna very plain wei~

No, they're not. Hahaha~ Dorayaki is stuffed with red beans inside, I think. Pancakes are plain, eaten with syrup. :)

Yeah but sorry about the low quality man. Hahaha~ Lamp Chop was the best! :)

Adelene said...

I want the food! OMG! *slurpssss*

K.Kim said...

u are so darned frank with your sis's creations. i think need more work on the presentation part. well, just two weeks into the course, must be lenient a bit with the criticisms la. still room for improvement.

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