Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ding Ding, Dong Dong: The 2nd

Remember this - 1st Play? Yeah well, this post is my 2nd play. I've improved quite a bit.
Eh? You still don't know what I'm talking about? Never mind. Check out the video below.

The Truth That You Leave

Yeah. I'm experimenting on more songs. I hope I can come up with something fresh the next time. Peace!


benjipapa said...

ish.... got prob when i comment jz now...2nd one... got improvement la...compare to the older wan...got a part too soft cant reli hear....

more song pls

Sae Wei said...

Like I said just now.. AARON! You are so SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

De Pianist said...

wahaha..aaron,really adores you already..hehe..keep up the good work cuz i hope you can email me that song you played..heh~ =p

CRIZ LAI said...

Not bad...got more ommph this time but there are certain part which is softer a bit. It could be due to the recording or maybe you are not focused enough. Play mar play lar.. what for mind wander off to ShoutOut.. haha :P

Bell said...

OoOOh Lovely song! I wish I was musically gifted... *sighs* I'm gonna go listen to the older one now... (doing things backwards)

Adelene said...

i like the song :) sexy fingers XD hahahah

AlvinC said...

i got nothing to say... but aaron wants me to say something... hmmm
(i'll follow what others said)

wheeeeee.... aaron so keng !!! aaron so cekap !!! aaron mou tak teng !!!
~the end~

LOL !!!

Dexter - Dexterity said...

AARON...~~~~ dun listen to what they say....

soft part got soft de meanings ma... music is to listen and follow the flow and relax... some part loud and some part soft is the wave of music ma...

Aaron, u really keng... u r the best...

shit... i loveeeeee music sooooo much but i didnt learn to play any... soooo sad...

Aaron Chua said...

I think recording pasal~
More songs in the future!

Me? Sexy? LOL~ Thanks.

De Pianist
Thanks thanks! Haha~ E-mail? Got MSN? Send faster. :)

Criz Lai
Got softer meh? I think the bass to heavy, the mic cannot take. Eh cannot talk about SO! LOL~

Lovely? lol~ Thanks!

Sexy fingers?! LOL~ Thanks ar~ :)

I didn't tell you to say something! lol~ I asked whether you have anything to say, and you said you're thinking! But anyway, thanks. -__-

LOL~ Wave huh? Thanks for appreciating! You should learn a little. Need a teacher? LOL~

Bell said...

Haha! I agree with Adelene... Piano players have the sexiest fingers... :P

Iwan Sanchez said...

actually i tink the 1st play is good too.. haha!!

the gals tink u got sexy fingers..

hmm.. machiam ada hidden meaning.

Aaron Chua said...

I don't think my fingers are sexy. LOL~

Thanks man!
The girls, well, I don't understand girls. lol~ Hidden meaning, err, what could it be? LOL~

yushi said...

cicak ku sayang~ send me tru msn muax!

conan_cat said...

cool~~~! :D i think you should try your hand on a accoustic piano instead of an electric organ, because organs are not that sensitive when it comes to dynamics, thats why we'll find parts that are either too soft or too loud. oh yeah, i hate my digital piano too, lol.

nice playing btw! :D is the song japanese? you got score ah? i also want~~ ahha

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah! LOL~

Yeah I know. I don't have a piano. =.=
The song, I don't know. I heard the song and tried it out. I don't have the score. All I did was listen and play. lol~

saMantha said...

GOOD! ^-^

Hajime said...

Hey nice piano-ing. Nice songs man. Play sommore!

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