Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Japanese Food

Celebrated Daniel's birthday a few weeks back at Sushi Zanmai, One Utama. Enjoyed shooting food photos more than humans. lol~ And now, if you like Japanese food, I hope I make you feel hungry.







My favourite, the soft shell crab thing. And I didn't try the lobster. Maybe next time.

Going to blog about trips next.



Lasker said...

Yes you did :D
Keep up the blogging ya ?

Evelyn said...

shiet...am hungry di.next time try something else instead of zanmai. :P

AaronWoolala said...

Hahaha good. Thanks =D

Zanmai is good. Yessssssssssssss~

littlepolaris said...

oi~ how come i was not invited for Daniel's birthday? T-T *sobs sobs. So bad lor u all. =( hmmph!

kenwooi said...

makan makan! =P


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