Thursday, August 6, 2009

Woolala Really Returns

Whoa! Stopped blogging for more than a month. Actually I've been thinking about getting my own dot com blog. Hmm.... Never mind that for now.

Anyway this is just a short post, just to get me moving again.

A pug. Fat dog!

Koay Zhiap! Penang food. Where can I find this food besides in Penang?

I need good food. Lately, the food served at home are rather strange. Since my grandma is sick and cannot cook like she used to, my grandaunt took over the cooking, and together with the hired cook, they prepare our meals. Sometimes it's OK, sometimes it's sooooooo not OK. Ever tried chewing fried chicken like rubber? Hurts my teeth and throat, especially now with braces, nightmare!



Wendy said...


Lasker said...

Wah Koay Zhiap!!!

And you know what I am going to say about the own domain right? :heehee:

Evelyn said...

Hahahaha.....come come dinnerrrrr

Jessica said...

let's go hunt good food! =)

Satkuru said...

why most of the blogs i go there's food T.T

eh i thought u gonna change ur header ? :P

AaronWoolala said...

Ya zhiappppp~ eh I still haven't try that one you said, that dunno what rice one.

Much thanks for the KZ again =D
That domain thing right, I'm still thinking. Maybe I'll talk to you about it, soon. =)

MOREEEEEEE! I don't mind going broke for good food LOL~

Just set a time and location, gimme a call, and we're set! LOL~

Food makes me happy =D
Ya working on it, I'm having a hard time drawing one. Probably gonna use a photo this time. lol~

kenwooi said...

finally! you're back.. MIA so long.. lol.. the pug is just so cute.. haha..

if you're thinking of getting a domain ONLY.. it's about rm37 a year... if you're planning to get a domain and self-hosted wordpress, minimum rm37 + rm45!

do buzz me if you wanna do it.. i think i can guide you ;)

see ya aaron!


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