Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Target

I've decided to update my blog at least once a week. Therefore I'm going to need a lot of blogging material. I can't update my blog on a daily basis. And I wonder how some people actually manage to do that. Where do they get all their blog-stuff from? It's probably the lifestyle. Meeting people every day, attending events every weekend, and what not. See, my blog is mainly about photos and well, traveling experiences. So, no travel or photo-shoot, means no blogging material. I've been offered quite a few opportunities, but well...... I guess it's not my time yet. How regrettable.

Next thing I'm going to do, get myself a diving license, equip myself with a waterproof camera, and explore a world, where most mysteries lie deep and waiting to be discovered - underwater photography, just wait!

But anyway, I'm going to post up a pic just for fun.

So, do you know where this is?



Lasker said...

Yes! Come join the diving gang!!
Will await you with great anticipation :D

Tomagogame said...

LOL, there's a 'schedule'. I blog once a month finishing off 7 posts in one night :D

Time to buy your own domain and install wordpress!

angelinemiss said...

who said u takada blogging material? u got so much to blog wei....

anyway, glad that u sudah start to berblogging. :) :) :)

samantha_sik said...

I am so JEALOUS when I saw that picturE..
Cos I didn't get the chnace to step on it when i was there ..on the top..because of the stupiD LIghtning and the haze..wth.sob.
As espected... GREAT SHOT.thumbs up
*claps claps*

AaronWoolala said...

Ush! Wahahaha diving diving diving~

You mean scheduled posts? Nah I don't like to do that. It's like you're updating for the sake of updating. I update whenever I wanna update lol.

Where got so much? =P

Ooooohh too bad. It was a rather fun experience lol.

So everyone knows where that is, yet no one answered. LOL~

William said...

Nice photo. Looks like I must visit more places in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

yes, i know!!!! it's Langkawai.... as stated under your categories...

kenwooi said...

langkawi lor.. yeah.. under your categories.. lol..


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