Saturday, July 28, 2007

Interpret this~

Remember the dream I posted just recently? If not, let me remind you - read this. I have really weird dreams. And I said in that post, things happened after I dream about them, but in a different way.

Now, let me talk on the latest experience. I dreamed about something, and it happened in a different way. Err, no explanations.

I was driving in a car, not my car, though. I wasn't alone in my dream. Sitting at the front passenger seat, was a girl. And yes, she's a friend of mine. (I'm starting to feel that girls won't like to be my friend anymore. lol~) So, I was driving from my home to somewhere, which I didn't know. The whole journey was rather peaceful. We were talking and singing really loud, and suddenly, a dog just appeared in the middle of the road. What's next? A painful cry from the dog and then I woke up.

Seeing that I had many weird dreams and seen a few weird cases before, I thought I should tell her about the dream. But well, she didn't come on-line on that day, so I thought maybe next time. But on the next night, I had two similar dreams.

Everything was pretty much the same, but the location and vehicle changed. And no, we didn't hit a dog, we hit something else, and something hit us.

The we-hit-something dream, well, this time she drove. We were at a McDonald Drive-Thru, and after placing our order, she drove aside to wait for our food, but hit the lamp post. We checked the car, everything was okay, just a dented hood and a few scratches. And then, it ended.

Later during my sleep, the something-hit-us dream happened and I was the driver. This one is rather outrageous. Why? Well because I was driving on a highway with her, when suddenly, a freaking Tanker came from the opposite direction and hit us, caused our car to spin a few rounds, and then flattened the rear part of the car by driving over it. It's lucky we didn't die in the dream. And I know now how one-helluva-ride feels like. Surprisingly though, I didn't wake up until morning.

Even more surprising is, I can recall everything bit of both dreams. Two dreams on the same night? Not my first. But both similar ones, yeah this is the first. What next? I saw her on-line and asked her if anything happened, she answered no. I didn't share with her the dream, thinking it might be "just a dream".

Two weeks later, my sister attended a birthday party. That girl (who I dreamed of) told my sister to pass a message to me. What message? I'll tell you what she said.

Your brother told me he had weird dreams about me, but didn't tell me what were the dreams about. He just told me to be extra careful. And guess what, I had a few car accidents in just a few days. First one, I almost hit another car, just almost. Second accident, I hit someone but was minor. The last one, someone hit me!

Gosh~ Please help me, anyone. I don't want to be dreaming about all these stuff! No one will ever friend me again. Especially girls! (Which is totally bad! Worse than nightmare!) Or if anyone has anything to say about these dreams are plain dreams, not visions, can come up with a good logic? I've been trying to really hard.


sc_Bone said...

its just a deja vu!! no 1 will brush u off just because of that! if they do, they r not ur true friend!
Friend will never walk out of your life.

conan_cat said...

hey you really should open a psychic tent... be happy with your gift with dreaming alright! can tell future u know! many ppl want also dun hav! mayb u should start to keep a dream diary hehe... who knows u might be the next peter petrelli frm Heroes :P

Aaron Chua said...

Whoa~ Bone, so "true-friend-ish". Great. I hope so, too. Hahaha~

Heroes? I'm not that cool lah~ Hahaha! But it'll only work when err, when it happens, and I won't know when dreams are going to happen. So, never mind. lol~

Iwan Sanchez said...

dun be so affected by the dreams..
it may be be just a coicidental but just think positively ok..

take care!

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