Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Candle in the Moon

It's the Mid-Autumn Festival again! Well, not now but really soon. Some people call it the Moon-cake Festival, others call it the Lantern Festival. Well, whatever. Thing is, what are the few things that come to mind when you think about the festival? Moon-cakes, lanterns, candles, the full moon, your friends, your family, your whoever and what not. Well, there is a story behind every festival. What do you know about this one? Don't ask me, I don't remember it well. I was hoping someone could tell me, so I can blog about it. I think it's above love?

IMG_9080 (480 x 360)

Well, how do you celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival? Normally my friends like to barbecue in the moonlight. My family and relatives, however, like to play with fire. Not fireworks, just fire.

DSC00086 (480 x 360)
Like this

Yeah candles. We line them up to make them look like something. And since the candles drip everywhere, pictures don't always look nice. So I didn't want to focus, and tried another shot.

DSC00085 (480 x 360)

I'm not sure if that's better or not, but I now know I can shoot without focusing. Haha~ But of course, we don't only stick candles around the place, we also put them in lanterns.

IMG_8802 (480 x 720)
Not so bright?

Somehow this photo looks kind of scary to me. Took this one with rather high shutter speed, plus it was really dark. I think these cheap lanterns are more fun than those fancy ones. They come in all kinds of colors too, which will make your house look like some tree with glowing fruit all over if you hang them everywhere.

And that's it!


Robb said...

Your last picture of lanterns reminded me Fatal Frame II, PS2. Really scary. Ha ha

•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

omg! ghost lantern???

Iwan Sanchez said...

love is in the air??!


Bell said...

Isn't the story about some goddess and a cowherd who fell in love but can only see each other once a yr across the milkyway or something? Or is that the wrong occasion? LoL No idea.. I'm so ignorant!~

The photos look great though... kinda... surreal

De Pianist said...

lolz..those lanterns indeed looked more scary than pretty..haha..but then,they made me miss of last year mooncake festival,i had my class party as well as celebrating this festival..ah..memories..

Ichitaka Leingod said...

candles... sometimes make the atmosphere so romantic... XD

CRIZ LAI said...

hmmm.. u can brighten with photoshop leh... it's too ghostly.. LOL

sc_Bone said...

i miss the fun of playing lantern!!

Ricky Tan said...

i really like the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pic.. really nice la wei~~ :)

Aaron Chua said...

Dang, Fatal Frame III also scary leh~ Hahahaha~

I'm not a ghost and those are my lanterns. lol~

Love in everywhere but in my room. lol~

I don't know leh~ Hahahaha~ Great pictures? You're joking, right? lol~

De Pianist
Yeah! I like that! :D
Memories? Woo I didn't think I'd provoke those things. lol~

OMG~ You feeling romantic?! LOL~

Criz Lai
I like it ghostly. Hehehe~ And no I don't have photoshop. lol~

Great! Let's organize SO Mid-Autumn Party! lol~

Whoa! Thanks for enjoying! Hahaha~ I appreciate it!

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