Saturday, September 15, 2007

Now standing!

Aaron@AxiaL, which is I, will be coming back. Well, I mean, this blog is going to become active again. I'm going to update more frequently. I mean, at least once in every 2 or 3 days. Unlike now, slow and dying. I feel sorry to those to visit my blog.

DSC00416 (480 x 360)
Genting Highland's Kenny Rogers

No this is not a Genting trip's post. Just to show you my hungry face. Haha~


conan_cat said...

Lol you sure look hungry... In fact you look like a zombie XD haha kidding ler... Come back real soon ok! :-D

Bell said...

Aaron... zour face look very hentai... hamsap... hiaw... pervert... etc etc etc... Hehe! But that looks like some mighty nice grilled chicken!

Aaron Chua said...

O_o Got so serious mou? Hahahaha~ I'm back! Muahahaha~

Adoi~ I was hungry like siao when I took that photo. I didn't wanna take a photo but my friend insisted. And yes it's nice! :D

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