Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Holiday at work

Do you like the sea? Nice blue water, with schools of fishes swimming everywhere, while you enjoy the peace, or join the fishes in the water. That's the greatest feeling ever. Even thinking about it makes me feel calm.

What if I get to live by the sea? Wait, I do live by the sea. Just, you know, not that near. And it's not a really nice one. Port Klang is the busiest port around, so you should be able to imagine. The port area smells more like a market than anything else.

Well, I received a few photos from my father, and learned a little something about his workplace. Port Moresby is rather small, you should be able to explore the whole place in about 2 hours. The view is fantastic, and the seafood there is cheaper than everything else. A great fishing and diving spot, I think. But the area is not always safe.

I don't mind getting stuck on a road like this.

There's a building in the forest.

Nice view and a few ke-le-fes.

I like the sky in this photo.

I'd build my house here.

I don't like their houses, but I like the way they live.

Man, pictures are not enough. I want to get to the real thing. Is there anyone going on any beach trip?! Me joins! I can't believe my parents are actually working at some place like that! Maybe I should go, too. Hmmm~ What say you?


Bell said...

I would love to live by the sea... but i expect I'd have to take extra good care of the house, car, garden, furniture and everything.. the air would be constantly salty and the neighbourhood would be regularly battered by bad weather... flooding how?? Hehe! Those are some beautiful photos :)

Wendy said...

I am living by the sea! Well, at least very near to it la! Although it isn't crystal clear blue water but its still pretty relaxing when the breeze hits you. The beach is always a great place to hang out whether you're alone or with a gang of friends! Come Penang and join us for our beach party la!

And... *ahems* *coughs* someone is getting older by midnight!

Still want chocolates? I don't mind buying! XD

-wahwah- said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope dat ...one day~~~ UR wish will come true la..haha..live by the beach huh? ^-^

May u have a lovely birthday =)

nicholas chan said...

I like this place. I like the food, I like the location. By the way, happy birthday =D you birthday ah? HAHA

nicholas chan said...

i post at the wrong comment windows. my bad.

i wanted to say, this place is nice. i like the seas and the houses.

happy birthday again ! =)

conan_cat said...

whoa, very beautiful! :D reminds me of redang but well, this place gives a very different touch :) and u live at port klang d ah? now onli i know haha... me kl lang :P

newayz, happy bday to you!!

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah. But it's nice! :D

When is the beach party? lol~
Oh yes chocolates please! :D

Hey! Thanks for wishing! Yeah live by the beach, not alone I hope. lol~

You like the food?? lol~ Thanks for wishing.
And which post were you at? lol~
Thanks again. Haha~

Yeah it's much different if you compare it to Redang. Redang is, after all, a tourist attraction. And yeah I'm from Port Klang. KL huh? Let's go makan some time. :D
And thanks for wishing. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Wow.. nice place for a beach bum like me...keke. I won't mind staying there forever. One thing bad about living by the beach is that the saltiness in the air will erode practically anything made out of metal. That's the only disadvantage. Other than that...here I come...beautiful sunny beach!!!

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