Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Right about now~

happy birthday aaron

Yeah it's been a few days since my birthday. Thanks to everyone who wished me, my parents who called from their work place, my relatives, and my friends who celebrated with me. My first birthday celebration after so many years. I'm truly touched. Haha~ And of course, thank you Criz for this pic. I think it's funny. lol~

My next update, I think, will be a wordy one. And after that, a tag. And yeah, I will no longer do new tags from now on. I'm going try and finish off my old tags, and that's it.

Also, sorry for not updating more often. My brain is running dry lately. Plus, I have no photos that are suitable to blog with.

Alright, until the next post, I'm off!


Dexter - Dexterity said...


yr body not like that also.. :P

haha... joking...


*mana bm post*


Anonymous said...

fuyoh... I wonder how long will it take for us to be like that? Eh, wanna exchange link ka? I forgot belum add u la...! XD

Ichitaka Leingod said...

oops, the above is commented by me... :P

Iwan Sanchez said...

oh oh.. i didnt ur birthday was few days ago.. nevertheless, happy birthday eh..

the pic memang funny but somehow it doesnt suit u lah.. hahahaha!!

CRIZ LAI said...

Wait.. why is this here? It took me 5 minutes to do that.. it's a rough work lar.. ***sweat***

Bell said...

LoL that "20" sign is at the "wrong" place...

d'Fish said...

wah... weee... such a hot body la man.. yummy... i feel so GAY...

De Pianist said...

ooops.didn't know about your birthday le..happy belated birthday o..hope my greeting is not late..hehehe..

btw,that photos is darn funny lah..haha..

yushi : said...

nice body u have over here :P

aL said...

hahahhaha! criz mia kerjaaaaaaa...

man... hilarious!

Ricky Tan said...

happy belated birthday :)

yapkevin said...

when is ur bday anyway?

Aaron Chua said...

I don't want that kinda body man! lol~

You wanna look like that? lol~
I linked you. :)

Yeah because it's not me lah~ Hahaha~
Thanks for wishing!

Criz Lai
Syok mar. Rough works are usually funny. lol~

As long as you understand, then okay lah~ Hahaha~

You're not, are you? lol~

De Pianist
It's okay. Thanks for wishing. :)
That photo is not me. lol~

That, you can find only here. Haha~

Hot leh? Hahahaha~

Hey! Thanks for wishing :)

You wanna give me present is it? 6th of September. I accept late gifts. lol~

annna said...

pai seh pai seh.. din noe ur bday passed edi.. chatted with u on msn oso din noe.

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!!

angelinemiss said...

walao.. since when ur bod macam ni mia.. ahaha

Aaron Chua said...

Hey! It's okay! Thanks for wishing~ :D

Since Criz decided that I became his subject. lol~

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