Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Capalang of Places

Went to the Gardens during the weekend. Nothing much over there for a poor fellow like me. So all I did was take photos. Nothing much to explain about the photos.

IMG_1572 (480 x 640)
Nice errr, ball thingy...

IMG_1573 (480 x 360)
Hmmm, it wasn't still Deepavali but the decoration was still there. Haven't update. lol~

IMG_1574 (480 x 640)
I hope I have wide lens.

And the last photo, is my room. I have only one photo right now, because, well, I couldn't take photos from other angles. Furnitures blocking.

IMG_1582 (480 x 360) tt
My new table.

Nothing special. Just more organized. And a few other things that I added to my room, so I can do everything in my room.

That's it for this post.


kyliemc said...

:) ur room is really clean now ;) lol..a really big difference

♡*Chɘrÿ|ÿŋ*´¯`•.¸¸.εϊз said...

wua~~ ur room look so romantic now~ hahaha =D

CarmenK said...

Haha. Neat.

My room never stays in order for more than a month before so I have so spring clean it often. ^_^''

Bell said...

You have your own TV? *jealous*

What does capalang mean?

Sae Wei said...

wtf??? you have a HUGE TV in your bedrooomm????????????? wahseh!!!!!!!!

Minny said...

your bedroom so romantic mia
orange lightings ;P
soon there's gonna be an ultraman underwear somewhere lmao

Aaron Chua said...

kyliemc: hey!! :D yeah it is~ lol~ I hope it stays clean.

Cherylyn: Romantic? Hahahahaha! I can use a lot of that.

CarmenK: I'm trying to clean it often too. lol~

Bell: My TV only for games. lol~ Capalang is the mixture of all nonsense. Hahaha~

Sae Wei: It's not that huge. Only 30 inch? Hmmm~

Minny: Orange is nice? :D Yes Romantic is good. lol~ And no thanks, you should focus on buying duck ones for Benjipapa. lol~

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