Thursday, November 15, 2007

OLD Room

It's been more than a week since I last blogged. Woolala~ I'm missing the blogosphere already! But anyway, I'm going to revamp my blog. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what my blog should look like? Colors? Should it be brightly colored, or dark like black? Even better, if someone can design something for me. Hoho! Yeah I don't think anyone will.

In the meantime, let me show you pictures of my old room.

What the heck, look at the mess!

I was cleaning the whole room, moving everything around, and was breathing dust. I think I have loads of stuff to give out to the poor. Books, stationary, files, and what not. Maybe I should donate them.

More mess. Loads of rubbish.

The messy Desktop area. My sister uses this PC, I use my laptop.

Crap Zone

Things that we don't want inside of our room, got here. And the bicycles, well, we have like, 3 or more bikes and we used to cycle around a lot, in a group of just family members.

Still Crap Zone

I think I need not explain the photo. Looking back at these photos, man, how did I ever sleep in my old room?! How did I get so messy? Not anymore! The next post should be about my new room then. And please, do give me feedbacks on how my blog should look.



Bell said...

I can't tell u how ur blog should look cos I didn't design my own blog either. It was a ready made template.

As for your room... wow... war zone leh? Don't worry, it's worse before it gets better. You have so many pillows.... and why have u got air fresheners next to your bed? fart lots? Hahaha!!

I look forward to the new look... for the blog as well as your room!

Tomagogame said...

you got an avatar from benjipapa right? why not make the blog look like the avatar's room (which is essentially you) and plzzzzz, clean up your room!


♡*Chɘrÿ|ÿŋ*´¯`•.¸¸.εϊз said...

i wanna see the new one! faster! :P

smashpOp said...

omg!! damn messy!

Sae Wei said...

Yup yup..can't wait to see your new room!!!!

I think your blog is great mah..why wanna revamped?

Dexxie Rocks said...

no need change blog lar...

but yr room... more messy than mine leh... *ahem...


Aaron Chua said...

Bell: Yeah I know. Haha. Yes was a War-zone. Better now! :D

Tomagogame: Yes err that, well, I can't design, I suck. LOL~ And yes cleaned. :D

Cherylyn: More pictures coming!

smashpOp: Yes I get that a lot. lol~

Sae Wei: Revamp because it's old lor.

Dexter: Need leh. Old template lor. I know la! :D

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