Monday, November 5, 2007

A Short One

Just a short one, to let you know, that I haven't been blogging because I've been busy. In fact, I couldn't blog. Why? My room, which is where I go online, my heaven, is currently being rearranged and I'm moving out a few old furnitures, and bringing in new ones, additional ones.

And yeah, I can't blog when I don't have a table to place my laptop, and all the connection lines, wires, were all so messy, it took me a few hours to finally set my whole table up. But no, I'm not done with my stuff yet. So I will return with photos, and a blog post as soon as my room is complete. And yeah, sorry to you who happen to come to my blog to find the same content from days ago.

My blog is not dead. I will be back!

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Bell said...

No worries! I'm patient one! Haha! Show us your new room when it's ready can?

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