Thursday, November 29, 2007

Night at the Port

Went to Tanjung Harapan (somewhere near North Port, Port Klang) on a late night with a few friends, due to extreme boredom and well, we wanted to meet up to crap a little, and have supper. So, after supper, we walked to the port. And naturally I took out my camera. Suddenly, everyone started posing.

IMG_1615 (480 x 360)
Acting Emo

Hmmm, the light around that area was yellow, so the photos I took are all yellowish too. I didn't edit the photos.

IMG_1616 (480 x 360)
Standard V pose

And the two ladies on both sides, no longer acting Emo.

IMG_1620 (480 x 360)
Ummm, I don't know what to say.

She's so thin, I kind of think that she looks like Olive? What's the name of Popeye the sailor's girlfriend?
Then we left the place, and I reach home to find a rather huge moth, the kind that have never appeared around my place before. So I took a photo.

IMG_1553 (480 x 360)
Mega Moth

That's the moth, looking fierce. I love taking photos of stuff like that.

Well, and for your information, I'll be spending my weekend at Penang, so blog will only be updated when I'm back at home, that is on Monday.

And that's it!


De Pianist said...

like the emo pic though,don't know why.haha..btw,that moth looks kinda weird..hmm

Loon said...

me is here
emo pic rox0r
too bad .. the pic a bit dark

Bell said...

I agree... pity some of them are a little dark... otherwise pics very cool ^_^

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