Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ten Feet Off The Ground

*knock knock* "Wake up!", my sister shouted. It was early in the morning, and because I'm the driver of the family, I have to drive her to the cooking academy. So, I did that, and arrived home thinking that I can get back to sleeping, only to receive a phone call from my grandfather, asking me to follow him out. I was like, man, I'm struggling to keep my eyes open! But what the heck, Bah-Kut-Teh for breakfast, so I joined.

Ummm, no Bah-Kut-Teh photos, only photos of the place I went to. A house my parents bought, wanted to move there, but didn't move there due to rather personal reasons. And it's now for rent.

IMG_1604 (480 x 640)
Weird taste of color.

Seriously, blue walls with green gates? Never mind, I only collect the rental and make sure the house is in good condition. And that little head over the roof, that's the head of my grandfather. What were we there for? To fix the freaking leaking roof, and my grandfather thought he could manage, so we went in without calling for help.

IMG_1596 (480 x 360)
On top of the roof.

Normal photo-shooting is not fun enough? I risked my life climbing ten feet off the ground, on a ladder. Well, OK it's not that life-threatening. Anyway, I didn't go there to only take photos, I did help out a little too. A little help makes a lot of difference.

IMG_1589 (480 x 360)
The other side of the street. Very cloudy.

Sure was cloudy. I was hoping for the sky to pour because it was very hot, but that would have been a disaster, because if it had rained, the leak couldn't be fixed, and I couldn't have taken these photos.

IMG_1586 (480 x 360)
My grandfather, fixing the leak.

I was on the roof, a rather fun place to be at. My grandfather, is already 74 years old, and he can still climb up the roof. What a guy! Some people didn't believe me when I told them he's 74. They thought he's only 50-60 years old. I hope I'll be as strong as him if I ever live up to 80.

IMG_1603 (480 x 640)
Did you just tilt your head?

That's it for this post!


Anonymous said...

are you gay ?

Aaron Chua said...

Anonymous: Sorry to disappoint you, I'm not gay.

Bell said...

Why u take photo of your grandpa's kacheng wor? Haha! And the first pic abt blue walls and green gate etc isn't showing...

Wendy said...

LOL~ yealor why you take photos of your grandpa's kacheng! XD And I supposed the house is occupied by Indians? Not that it's a stereotype but the choice of colour..*sweat* and the dead leaves hanging in the first picture! XD

Aaron Chua said...

Taking pics of kacheng means gay meh?
That's the only angle I could take from.

Bell: What do you mean isn't showing? I can see wor.

Wendy: Uh you're right. lol~ The real Indians from India, here to work. So the company rented a house for them to stay.

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